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WotLK Classic Arena (PvP) Tier List & Best 3v3 Comps For Each Classes (Specs) in WoW Wrath of the Lich King

8/4/2022 5:01:09 PM

In this guide, we present the WotLK Classic Arena PvP Tier List by going over every single class and specialization for the arena in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as far as what changes they get from WoW Classic TBC to Classic Wrath as well as overall performance, and what are the best comps each spec go well with.

WotLK Classic Arena S+ Tier PvP Classes & Specs

1 - Elemental Shaman

This class is absolutely insane in Wrath of Lich King, mainly due to their absurdly high damage, they get lava burst which is a brand new ability for this expansion and this spell absolutely demolishes people by itself. To top that off, they get a 33% chance on all their lightning casts to instantly cast the same spell again. So if a shaman hits you with chain lightning, sometimes it will instantly cast second chain lightning on the same exact global which does double the damage which obviously is insane. They also pick up elemental mastery which allows them to have an instant cast spell when activated, so a common lineup of spells you will see as shaman is they will bloodlust, lava burst and instantly chain lightning from elemental mastery, which can proc another chain lightning making you take a lava burst and two chain lightning all in one global and all of these hit for monster numbers. So obviously as you can see, elemental does tons of damage in Wrath of Lich King along with that damage they get a brand new escape and also offensive ability which is called Thunderstorm - this is an instant cast ability that knocks enemies near them very far away. It has a fairly short cooldown and is very powerful. 

Best Arena Comps for Elemental Shaman

Elemental is a very versatile spec allowing them to partner with almost any class in the game, but some solid comps are:

  • Thunderclave (Ellie shaman, arms warrior, and a healer), usually holy paladin seeing as they have lots of mobility from the H pala, unlimited damage, and MS. 

  • LSD (locked, shaman, druid), you can literally flip around any of the casters for this comp. But the most common version of LSD you're going to see is Ellie shaman, resto druid, and Destro lock this gives them the capability to literally one shot anybody with lava burst and chaos bolt as well as tons of control.

2 - Arms Warrior

The most famous version of the PvP warrior - Arms Warrior gets a ton of changes going from TBC to Woltk, which are much needed you are mainly in battle stamps instead of berserker, and you're using MS rend overpower and execute as your general rotation, because you're picking up the taste for blood talent along with sudden death. On top of that, you are now able to swap around stances fairly frequently which is often referred to as stance dancing for warriors. You do this since warriors spec into tactical mastery since it has been moved to the arm street. Mace stun has also been completely removed from the game which is a great change, it has now been changed to armor penetration. Arms warriors also picked up a huge talent which is called Unrelenting Assault, this is a massive ability seeing as it reduces all spell damage and healing on the target, you must use overpower while they're casting to make this happen this does stack with mortal strike be aware. They also smack into a talent that reduces their disarm duration by 50%. Lastly a very important ability they pick up in Wrath is the very famous blade storm, when you combine this ability with sweeping strikes, can absolutely destroy an entire team by yourself and that is if the entire duration lands.

Best Arena Comps for Arms Warrior

Since arms have a ton of damage and great healing reduction, they pair well with any high damage class, some famous comps that you can see them run are:

  • Thundercleave (Ellie shaman, arms warrior, and holy paladin), the burst damage is just unbelievable in this comp along with the fact that they have that MS and even unrelenting assault and hex and of course freedom and then also Hodge. 

  • TSG (arms warrior, unholy DK, and holy paladin), this is just like a meat grinder composition if you both get on the target, the person is just basically dead, it's just so much damage and basically unhealable.

3 - Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin spec gets so many buffs from TBC to Wrath, it's actually insane for starters. They get beaten of light which duplicates all of your heals on the target, this ability doesn't double heal on one target, so for example let's say you cast this on yourself and you heal yourself there's no extra healing from Beacon of Light, but if you put beacon of light on your teammate and then heal yourself. They also get Infusion of Light which makes their flashlight cast instant after critting with a holy shock along with giving their holy light an additional 20% chance to crit. Aurora Mastery gets a total rework and is now absolutely insane seeing as it makes yourself and all of your teammates immune to tips and silences for six seconds. Improved Concentration Aura has also received a buff in the holy talent tree giving your entire team 50% less spell pushback which was already almost non-existent in wrath anyway, along with reducing all ticks and silences on themselves and teammates by 30% on the duration. Combining that with the fact that holy paladin's base healing is insane, they wear plates making them super tanky, have the sacred shield, along with freedom cleaning magic, poisons, and diseases with one button, as well as divine shield and hand of protection they are a monster force to be reckoned with in the arena. 

Best Arena Comps for Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin pair very well with any class in the game since they have such a wide diversity of what they can run with and what they benefit as far as team compositions, some famous comps you will see are:

  • TSG (holy paladin, unholy DK, and arms warrior), this has tons and tons of damage

  • Thundercleave (Ellie shaman, holy paladin, and arms warrior) giving them lots of damage and control and healing

  • Spell cleaves like LSP (Destro locked, Ellie shaman, and holy paladin)

WotLK Classic Arena S Tier PvP Classes & Specs

1 - Marksmanship Hunter

Thanks to the whole host of buffs that hunters received in Wrath of Lich King they are now a very strong class when they respect into marksmanship. They pick up readiness which instantly resets all the hunter's abilities when activated, this allows the hunter to deter two times, also double trap, and even burst two times back to back with double rapid fire. On top of that, they also get chimera shot which not only hits for a ton of damage but can also disarm a target which is a great peel and a nice addition to the hunter. Their pet can even intervene your teammates to eat blinds if you're insane kidney shot sheep sap etc, just from your pet. You usually run the crab allowing them to pin enemies in place, you can then shoot it and use the crab trap on top of all that they still have aim shot which reduces 50 of the healing done to the target you hit it with, making them a very strong class in Wrath of The Lich Classic chain arena. 

Best Arena Comps for Marksmanship Hunter

Since they have so much utility and are so versatile, you can play a ton of different comps with the marksmanship hunter, some strong comps you'll see are:

  • Junglecleave (marksmanship hunter, feral druid and healer), this has lots of control and insanely high bursts since ferals have berserk now as well as lots of instant cast cyclones.

  • Cupid Cleave (rep paladin, marksmanship hunter, and healer), this has tons of survivability, two freedoms double dispel who is usually played with the disc priest, and overall they just have an extremely high skill cap and if used correctly are a complete terror in the arena.

2 - Unholy Death Knight

This is the strongest spec for arena that DKs have, since they pick up more survivability from their tree along with a lot more utility, they now have desecration which is an AOE slow on the ground that slows everybody in it who's an enemy by 50% and this happens pretty much any time the Death Knight uses their basic abilities, so desecration is literally all over the arena constantly making it very difficult to get away from them. On top of that, they have chains of ice which is basically a snare it's a 90% slow and then slowly tapers off from there. They also get anti-magic zone from unholy which is a really great team defensive against spell cleaves, this is basically a big purple bubble that will go down in the arena and it will reduce all in tummy damage up to a certain amount. Another massive cooldown that unholy gets and probably their biggest one is gargoyle, this summons a flying gargoyle that comes out of the sky and constantly tasks into a target. 

Best Arena Comps for Unholy DK

They pair well with a variety of classes, some famous comps that they run are:

  • TSG (Arms Warrior, Unholy DK, Holy Paladin), this comp has an unhealable amount of damage on top of two ticks, grip stuns, etc, and nightmare for healers. And if both DPS connect the unholy DK and the arms warrior, whatever they hit is pretty much dead. So you got to be super careful with TSG make sure you're feeling that.

  • Shadowcleave (affliction warlock, unholy DK, healer), this comp has a ton of overall damage since they just dot up the whole team and then just rot them, they will eventually just whittle down the enemy team, so anytime you're fighting a shadowcleave, you're pretty much on a timer until the raw damage just kills all of you.

3 - Feral Druid

This class gets some pretty serious buffs for Wrath of Lich King, they get predatory strikes which is an absolutely bonkers abiliy, this ability gives your finishing moves a 20 chance per combo point to make the next nature spell instant cast. That means if you are using a move with a 5 combo point, it is a 100% chance to instant cast an ability which is almost always going to be cyclone. So every time that they use a 5 point finisher, they're going to be instantly cycloning somebody, just giving them more momentum and putting them even more ahead. Another very important cooldown that is absolutely monstrous for them is called Berserk this allows them to cast mangle at half cost allowing them to get four mangles off and one go, which does an absolute truckload of damage. On top of that ferals are fully immune to fear while berserk is active and they can even break themselves out of fear that they are in already. They have also changed mame now, so maime is actually a stun that doesn't break on damage and TBC main will breakdown damage, and they also pick up survival instincts which is a nice health boost if they are close to dying giving ferals an actual defensive.

Best Arena Comps for Feral Druid

Overall ferals are incredibly powerful in Wrath of Lich King, some combs that are popular with ferals:

  • Junglecleave (Feral, marksmanship hunter, healer), this comp has a ton of CC with the instant sight phones, traps scatter shot silences shot etc, as well as aim shot reducing healing taken by 50% and then of course some massive bursts with their aim to americombos paired with berserk. 

  • Kkittycleave (arms warrior, feral druid, healer), this is a very simple comb that you just full send at their healer since you have mortal strike and truck loads of damage, you can also clone and fear their DPS to help relieve pressure.

WotLK Classic Arena A Tier PvP Classes & Specs

1 - Affliction Warlock

This spec is very very strong in Wrath of the Lich King Classic and also the most versatile. You now spec all the way into unstable affliction as well as picking up the ability haunt, these two abilities combined with your other dots do an absolute truckload of damage if they have uptime. Unstable affliction specifically is an extremely dangerous spell seeing as every time it is dispelled it will not only chunk the dispeller's health but also silence them for four seconds. On the other hand, if you don't dispel the unstable afflictions then you're just going to melt their entire team, the lock does have some downsides though. You're going to be tunneled a lot as a warlock seeing as they know you only have demonic circle to get away and you're not as tanky anymore, they do pick up instant howl of terror and affliction and when you gliff it is a 32 second cooldown, so that combined with shadow flame, coil and port does give you some chances to get away and kind of give yourself some breathing room. 

Best Arena Comps for Affliction Warlock

Affliction locks can partner with virtually every class in the game, however some comps that they can run are very strong:

  • MLD which is a ton of control seeing as clone, polymorph, and fear, don't have any DR's along with two ticks and a bash and roots so just insane control on a magellan druid. Shadowplay (shadow priest, warlock, healer or shaman), this comp has tons of dot damage as well as big bursts from the shadow priests and gets only stronger in wrath of lich king thanks to shadow priest buffs and warlock buffs.

2 - Frost Mage

This spec is extremely powerful in Wrath just like it is in TBC. They now pick up deep freeze which is extremely strong seeing as it is a five second stun but also a freeze allowing the mage to shatter the person for the full five seconds without it breaking under any amount of damage. This is a great ability because you can actually not only do damage with it, but you can also set up healers to get polymorph out of it. They also get Fingers of Frost which is a 15% chance on their chill effects to act as if the target was frozen aka shatter them with no nova. They can also deep freeze a target who isn't no good with this making it extremely powerful. Lastly they get brain freeze which allows them to cast frostfire bolt instantly (Frost Firebolt does over three times more damage than Ice Lance), so if they get this brain freeze proc, and then they use a deep freeze into a frostbolt and frostfire bolt shatter combo, destroys people. Other than those abilities they still have the same kit from TBC classic which is already wildly strong. 

Best Arena Comps for Frost Mage

Frost Mage works well with very many comps since they have such good control and high burst, you can play RMP (broke, mage, priest), MLS (mage, loc and shaman), Shatterplay (shadow priest, frost mage, healer) and the list goes on. 

3 - Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest spec gets loads of buffs going into Wrath. Rapture is a new talent that gives you 4.5 of your mana back, every time your power word shield breaks or is dispelled, it does have an internal cooldown though. It also gives your teammates some of their resources like energy, rage or runic power. Renewed Hope also gives them a three percent damage reduction after being powered shielded for one minute, this is actually non-dispellable and does stay on after the arena doors open which is one of the only abilities in the game to do this, since in Woltk, they remove pre-healing and pre-hotting before the doors open. Divine Aegis gives an extra shield for critical heals and grace now increases the targets healing received by 9% when fully stacked. Borrowed time is another great buff this gives them 25% spell haze for a few seconds after casting a power word shield on any target. If you cast a spell that isn't an instant cast, it will instantly take this buff off, so a very common thing you'll see priests do is they will shield to get the spell haze buff then prayer mending renew and then use penance, so that way they can maximize their spell haste before using penance. For disciplined priests, the most iconic ability they have is Penance, this is an insane heel that has a very short cool down and is the bread and butter of discipline priests in Wrath of Lich King, this ability will give you three stacks of grace guaranteed if you get a full channel off on it along with likely getting some divine aegis procs on the target. Since this is only a 10 second cooldown, you almost never have to flash heal seeing as you're running through power word shield, prayer mending renew, and penance.

Best Arena Comps for Discipline Priest

Discipline Priests can run very many different combs in Wrath of The Lich King, some good comps that you'll see are, Cupied Clevave (disc, unholy hunter and rep paladin), RMP and Junglecleave (feral druid, disc priest and hunter), they also pair very well with paladins since both paladins and priests tend to spell magic.

4 - Preg Paladin

This is a hybrid spec that goes into the retreat for sheath of light and art of war just like rep paladins, but they use a one-hander with a fast attack speed and they run a bunch of crit gear, giving them art of war procs extremely frequently. The one-handed weapon they use is actually a spellblade not only giving them more crit, so they can get more art of warprocks but also lots of spell power allowing their heels to be even stronger. They do all of this so that way they get lots of crits procking their art of war giving them tons of off heels with instant flash of lights, as well as instant exorcisms giving them extra damage. The amount of crits that pregs get is insane, and it seems in some arenas that they're almost always just throwing out flash of lights instantly every global. They also go into the protection tree to increase their one-hander damage and pick up reckoning which gives them a chance on their next four weapon swings to have another attack, this only increases their art of warp rocks even more. Combining those are to warp rocks and off heels with the fact that they never run out of mana, seeing as they have judgment of wisdom and are just constantly hitting that target makes them a very powerful specialization. The main concept of the spec is that, it has good damage with tons of off-healing and utility thanks to hand of freedom, cleanse, blessing of protection, and two sacrifices. 

Best Arena Comps for Preg Paladin

Preg Paladin is hands down the best support DPS in the entire game some comps that you will see this spec run with: SPP (Ellie shaman, prank paladin, and disc priest), this chomp has double dispel tremor totem and all three classes can heal along with having a lot of control and good burst. PWP (preg paladin, arms warrior, and disc priest), this chomp also has double dispel but adds loads of damage from the warrior along with mortal strike.

5 - Retribution Paladin

This class gets some nice buffs. For example you no longer seal twist for random crits and have a much more sustained damage. You also picked up divine storm which is an extra attack that deals AOE damage along with a talent called Art of War. when this procs it gives you an instant flash of light heal and or an instant cast exorcism this helps them off heal their teammates, as well as give them extra bursts with an instant exorcism. They also have two sacrifices which is fantastic for helping their teammates and also breaking themselves out of CC.  Since they can dispel poisons, diseases and magic, along with having freedom bop, and off heels rhetts, are an absolutely fantastic support class. They also have high bursts to go along with it. 

Best Arena Comps for Retribution Paladin

Some comps that you'll see rets run is:

Cupid Cleave (ret paladin, marksmanship hunter, disc priest), this comp has double dispel along with a mortal strike effect coming from the aim shot combined with loads of CC damage and healing. 

Vanguard Cleave (red paladin, unholy decay, and healer), this comp has lots of damage combined with a very good amount of survivability. 

6 - Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest gets some nice buffs for Wrath of the Lich King. Pain and Suffering is a new talent they get which allows their shadow word pain to instantly be refreshed by mine flight, making it so that they never have to re-dot targets after they put their first shadow word paint up. 

Psychic Horror can be used both offensively and defensively, this spell horrifies the target just like death toil for three seconds, except they stand in place and just like death toil it also doesn't break down damage. The only difference is that it actually disarms the target as well so that's why you can use it offensively and defensively

Dispersion is another great spell they get which gives them a much needed defensive, it reduces all damage taken by 90% and is usable in all forms of CC. On top of that it gives you 36% of your total mana back and for the duration of dispersion you have a hand of freedom effect moving impairing effects on you, and not allowing you to be slowed, this helps them not only mitigate damage but also get a lot of mana back, seeing as shadow priests are a very mana hungry class.

Best Arena Comps for Shadow Priest

They pair very well with casters but can play a variety of combs, some strong comps that you'll see them run is:

RPD or RPS (rogue, shadow priests, shaman or druid), this comp has a ton of control and damage making it very dangerous. 

Shatterplay (shadow priest, frost mage, and healer, this comp has a ton of control as well and then of course has the infamous shatter where they mind blast death and frostable icelands in the same time into a deep freeze which usually will one shot somebody.

7 - Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety Rogue now gets even more changes going into Wrath that basically force it to completely play around its cooldowns, seeing as it won't do very much damage if it's just sitting there auto attacking a target and hemoing. Subtlety Rogue now gets a waylay which makes your backstab slow the opponents by 50% as well as reducing their attack speed. Honor Among Thieves gives them extra combo points whenever their teammates fit. Lastly their most famous ability they get is shadow dance, this ability allows them to use all of their stealth abilities while out of stealth for 6 seconds and it only has  1 minute cooldown. Keep in mind subtlety rows still have preparation and vanish, so they have two vanishes and a shadow dance giving them a huge window to set up kills saps, blinds etc. On top of that, you do spec into improved ambush so when you pop shadow dance if you get some ambushes off you can absolutely destroy somebody

Best Arena Comps for Subtlety Rogue

Some very strong comps that you will see subtlety rogues run in WOTLK  is:

RPD or RPS (shadow priest, rogue, healer), very strong with  insane burst and good control. 

Scooby Doo Cleave ( ret paladin, rogue, healer), this comb has very good burst and survivability along with double dispel since it's usually ran with a disc priest making it very powerful

8 - Restoration Shaman

This class gets massive buffs in Wath Class which are very needed making them a much stronger healer, for example a big one they get is riptide, this is not only an instant heal but also a healing over time effect with a very very short cooldown. On top of that, Earth's Shield has gotten a full rework, it acts the same way, however in TBC if you were to dispel earthshield, you hit one dispel key and it removes the entire earth shield all charges etc. They have changed the snap for wrath so what happens is if you dispel the earth shield, it will only take off one charge out of the eight on the earth shield, making the shaman doesn't have to just constantly hit his ear shield cheat over and over again.

Best Arena Comps for Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman is an extremely versatile healer and can be paired with almost any class, some very strong comps are:

MLS (Magellan Shaman) having lots of control, damage, bursts

Winfrey Cleave (red paladin, arms warrior, and resto shaman)

9 - Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shaman now get feral spirit which summons two wolves that attack their target and also heal them, on top of this the wolves actually have abilities - they get a stun and also can cast spirit walk, this ability breaks all roots and slows on the shaman as well as giving them a 60 movement speed increase for 15 seconds and the wolves which allows enhancement to actually have some mobility now. They also get maelstrom weapon which is another talent that allows them to task spells extremely quickly. This stacks just by auto attacking and allows you to get instant cast spells sometimes which is really nice for the shaman especially for hex. 

Best Arena Comps for Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shaman generally favor cleaves seeing as they offer wind fury totem combined with bloodlust and purge, making them very good at killing healers and putting massive pressure on whoever they are hitting. You can run enhancement shaman with some casters for different comps, but generally speaking, you will see enhancement shamans partnered with most melees specifically warriors as well as hunters, both of these have a non-dispellable ms effect like aim shot and mortal strike which is absolutely huge when you stack that with the blood lust and the purge. 

10 - Restoration Druid

Resto does get some changes in Wrath Classic making them more focused on healing. Tree of life is also now a requirement pretty much for any comb, they pick up wild growth as well as nourish which are nice extra heals. Wild growth is an instant cast that hots the entire team and gives them some rapid healing over seven seconds. Nourish is also a nice spell for healing high damage, this is basically an ability where you would hot somebody first and then spam nourish them, if they're taking a ton of damage, this is very helpful because druids don't really have this in TBC. They also get Glyph of Swiftmend, this is huge because swiftmend will not consume a hot now, but it still heals as if they did. They have lots of control just like they do in TBC, which makes them partner very well with casters seeing as they can give them space.

Best Arena Comps for Restoration Druid

  • MLD (mage, lock, wrestle druid), this comb has unreal CC seeing as fear poly and clone DR

  • LSD has very many variants but the most famous of course is the destro lock, ellie shaman and rest of druid, which has monster burst and control.

WotLK Classic Arena B Tier PvP Classes & Specs

1 - Destruction Warlock

This spec has some of the highest bursts in the entire game thanks to chaos bull and conflagrate, they also use the succubus pet now which is buffed thanks to glyph of seduction, this removes all dots on the target every time they get seduced, making it very easy for the warlock to just swap seductions around. The reason they use the succubus is because they need to make distance for themselves. Overall destro is a very strong spec its only downfall is the fact that you need to cast pretty much constantly to be effective, you are also extremely prone to getting tunneled because everybody knows if you get your chaos pulled out you're going to destroy somebody

Best Arena Comps for Destruction Warlock

Destro locks have a decent range of comps that they can run but are restricted slightly to classes who can help them control:

LSD (locked, shaman, druid), the most common variant of LSD that you will see is destro locked, ellie shaman, and resto druid, this has tons of control, tons of damage and gives you the opportunity to get your chaos bolts off, as well as the shaman to get lava bursts out. 

You can also play an assortment of spellcleaves as jesterlock and even with rogues and stuff like that. Whatever you play with just be aware that you're going to need somebody who can help you make room for yourself because you need to get your casts out.

2 - Fire Mage

This spec gets a complete rework from TBC, it now revolves around dots however it does have some burst. Living bomb is a very powerful spell, it is an instant task damage over time effect that will allow the mage to get procs off of it to give them other abilities. This dot can actually trit on its dot effect which is the only ability in the game that does this, that's thanks tthe o glyph of living bomb which also helps them get procs.  On top of that, it will explode dealing damage to everybody in the area, it is very strong if you're able to stack it on a whole team.  Dragon's Breath also gets a big buff going from a three second disorient to now a five second disorient, which is absolutely huge for setting up polymorphs.  Blast Wave has a nice AOE knockback that can completely scramble the enemy positions of the team if used directly at the right time. Fire mages also keep blazing speed from TBC which is great for their mobility, another passive they picked up is fiery payback which reduces all damage taken after doing under 35 health, along with giving them a 1.5 second pyroblast when that is active and also a 10 chance to disarm the attacker. Burning determination makes them immune to the next silence or interrupt for 20 seconds after getting interrupted or silenced. They get Hot Streak which allows them to cast an instant pyroblast after getting two trits in a row with any of their main abilities including living bomb ticks.

Best Arena Comps for Fire Mage

Combs - Overall fire mages have the best sustained damage out of all three specializations but do lack a second ice block as well as not having deep freeze they repair very well with dot combs like affliction, lock mage, healer, or spicy chicken cleave which is boomkin, fire mage, healer.

3 - Balance Druid

In WotLk Classic, they do pick up Starfall which is a monstrous ability. This ability when activated causes stars to fall on the enemies who are within 36 yards, basically what it does is you have 20 stars available and then it's going to start raining them on nearby targets. it does do it randomly in the area but it does affect the line of sight. So if you have somebody behind a box just one target and you pop Starfall on them is going to literally demolish them because all 20 stars are going to hit that one target.

They also pick up typhoon which is a knockback that launches enemies whichever way the boomkin is facing, this is AOE, so if you're on blade's edge, you can launch the entire enemy team - off the edge or way back wherever you want to send them. Same thing with Dalaran Sewers, it can be a completely game-changing ability, if you can land a good typhoon. Wrath of Elune is also a new ability they pick up this comes from their four-set which allows them to get a 1.5 second Starfire, giving them one shot potential if they land this with Starfall. Since boomkins use a lot of dots but also have good bursts they pair very well with other casters, because they do need people to peel them as well.

Best Arena Comps for Balance Druid

Some examples of some strong comps that boomkins can run are:

Spicy Chicken Cleave (fire mage, boomkin, healer), this has unlimited dot damage since you're living bombing everybody as well as all the dots, and then when you pop starfall and your fire mage gets a proc for instant pyroblast, you can literally two shot somebody. 

LSD (affliction lock, boomkin, wrestle shaman), gives you lots of control as well as same idea just tons of dots, damage and overall just rots the enemy team.

4 - Beast Mastery Hunter

This spec actually received some nerfs going into Woltk, their beast wrath is now only a 10 second duration as it used to be 18. And on top of that, you can now disarm them during B steel wrath which removes their ranged weapon, whereas in TBC if you disarmed a hunter, it would only remove their melee weapon and allow them to still shoot. However, you still can't see them with anything else while being still Wrath is active, you also get the ability to tame exotic pets now like the tour hound, allowing them to have even stronger bursts when they pop their Beastial Wrath. 

Best Arena Comps for Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunters and Wrathless King are fairly one dimensional, however, they do have one very strong comp which is called beast cleave since hunters have aim shot which reduces the healing by 50% percent on the target you hit it with, you pair them with an enhancement shaman that gives them bloodlust and massive damage as well as a purge. The basic strategy is that you get both DPS into position pop blood lust be still wrath and then try to one shot something whether it's a healer or a DPS, it's usually paired with a holy paladin to provide maximum up time for the shaman.

5 - Protection Warrior

This class does actually have some niche uses for arena, the reason they're strong is that they stack a bunch of Armor Pen and then they do a ton of burst damage on a target. They, of course, don't have Mortal Strike or unrelenting assault, but they make up for that with massive burst as well as a lot of stuns, some of the abilities they have is shockwave which is an AOE stun and a cone. If you can land on the whole team, they also get a Silence on their kick and get a five second single target stun which is tall to touch and blow. They also get the Warbringer talent which removes all movement and pairing effects if they intervene in a target so, they can break themselves out of novas. They can also use charge intercept and intervene in any stance while they don't have Mortal Strike.

Best Arena Comps for Protection Warrior

There is one popular comp you can run with them which is referred to as Turtle Cleave (prop warrior, marksmanship hunter, and holy paladin). You do have the ms effect from the marksmanship hunter as well as lots of damage from the warrior, this comp is viable and pretty strong actually however, it's one of the only comps that you can run as a protection warrior, there are a few more but that's basically the strongest one.

6 - Frost Death Knight

This spec has a very high amount of burst damage, they also get Hungering cold which will freeze all nearby targets for 10 seconds, however, any damage other than diseases will actually break this. Now with frost, they will freeze the entire team with hungering cold, hopefully, they'll already have their trinkets and then they'll try to kill somebody in that Hungering cold freeze, it's only a one-minute cooldown so if they get your trinkets the first time, they can just do it again in a minute and hopefully land a kill, it's fairly easy to predict seeing as that's pretty much all they get they also don't have a ghoul pet and they lack survivability that unholy would have.

Best Arena Comps for Frost DK

Frost DK pairs well with other melees and definitely needs a good healer seeing as frosty DK are the squishiest of all three specs.

7 - Assassination Rogue

Assassination also known as mutilate, this spec has the highest sustained damage out of all three specs but does lack mobility and burst. The main appeal for assassination is Mutilate giving it good sustain and also stronger poisons you do pick up Cold Blooded which helps a little bit for bursting but it is only one attack. This spec is all about just keeping sustained damage or pressure on a target and it does play the closest to a TBC rogue. However, it does have some serious drawbacks seeing as you don't have cheat death or shadow step making it lack survivability along with mobility.

Best Arena Comps for Assassination Rogue

You can play Assassination Rogue with pretty much any normal rogue comp, however it doesn't have as high of a steel ceiling or a setup window as subtlety will give you, this puts assassination into the bottom of the b-tier.

WotLK Classic Arena C Tier PvP Classes & Specs

1 - Arcane Mage

This spec is extremely one-dimensional since all it does is it stacks arcane blasts on a target until they get a missile barrage proc, which causes arcane missiles to shoot very fast and then after the RK missiles go off, they just shoot an arcane barrage at the target. They do get Presence of Mine just like in TBC, so they can usually instantly cast an ability, most of the time our chain mages will instantly cast polymorphs to land them when the healer doesn't have a trinket, so that way they can try to get a kill. They only have one ice block since they don't have Cold Snap and also run out of mana very quickly since you spam arcane blast. If they are able to cast, they do lots of damage but require multiple arcane blast tasks to get them going.

Best Arena Comps for Arcane Mage

You could run a few spells cleaves like MLS, MLS, but generally speaking, arcane is the worst out of all three since it's so dependent on landing those arcane blasts and you're overall just not giving as much utility as fire or frost, this lands it in the C tier up.

2 - Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin picks up a couple of new things that are helpful for it in the arena. Your avenging shield silences the target for three seconds, you also get Hammer of the Righteous which is a damaging ability with a six second cooldown, and you are very tanky to physical damage since you're obviously a tank with a shield. However your burst isn't as high as the ret and your healing is not as great, you are essentially a worse ret with Silence, the way that you get kills with respect is by using your avenging shield to silence the target and then right before the silence ends you use Hammer of Justice and then try to kill them in that. You do fewer bursts than a Rhett so obviously not a great spec, it's a very one-dimensional specialization and overall lands itself a spot into the C tier.

3 - Survival Hunter

Unfortunately, this spec lacks damage since they trade Camaro Shot for black arrow and explosive shot which tend to underperform, and have less utility since it can't disarm they do have wyvern sting, which is a nice CC but does DR with a lot of spells. They also have Counter Attack which is a root but requires you to already been parried, so it's pretty useless since you just use your bow all the time.

But we do imagine that they could pair well with a lock and a healer and threes giving them some dot damage, they do have aim shot as well which is nice, but generally speaking, have less burst than marksmanship as well as less burst for BM all of this lands them into the C tier.

WotLK Classic Arena D Tier PvP Classes & Specs

1 - Blood DK

This one is an extremely one-dimensional spec seeing as all you're doing is you're trying to get random crits with death strike and just land a kill, you are the tankiest out of all three but you trade a lot of damage and have you know minimal utility. Overall it's a borderline memes back in Wrath, we've only ever seen one blood decay like even close to high rating in 3v3 and this lands the blood spec into the D-tier now moving

2 - Demonology Warlock

This spec unfortunately is not great in Wrath, it has the felguard pet which does decent damage and also gets metamorphosis. But realistically your only strength is using metamorphosis as demonology which lasts 30 seconds, and it's pretty strong for 30 seconds but after you do it, you're just a way worse version of affliction or Destro because you have no damage and you. So not too much to be said here demonology is a D-tier specialization.

3 - Fury Warrior

This spec, unfortunately, doesn't have mortal strike, also can't charge in combat and doesn't have blade storm or unrelenting assault, so overall they're just like a worse version of arms and they go into the D tier.

4 - Holy Priest

This spec doesn't really have a place in an arena seeing as a discipline has pain suppression, penance, straits, divine, aegis, and rapture plus more, while all you're getting from holy is just Body and Soul which gives you a speed buff for your powered shield as well as light well and then circular healing. This spec also relies very heavily on casting flash heals which is like impossible to do because you're just always going to get tunneled as a holy priest. Since you have no pain suppression, you're just going to die pretty much in the open every time. It doesn't really have any viable combs because discipline is just better than it. Overall so it just puts this into the D Tier obviously

5 - Combat Rogue 

This is an extremely one-dimensional spec seeing as its entire plan is to try and kill somebody in a killing spree. Once you have used that cooldown as a combat rogue, you are now just a worse version of assassination and subtlety for the next two minutes, this goes into the d-tier seeing as that's literally all it does.

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