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Rocket League Best Player 2022 - Who Are The Best Rocket League Players In The World

8/5/2022 11:20:21 AM

Rocket League is by far one of the most competitive games in the world. with the booming esports scene and millions of active players competing to one-up each other to reach that next rank. Rocket League is the closest possible game to real-life sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, or football. But who is truly the best Rocket League player in the world? There's gotta be someone, one player that has no competition and one can certifiably be crowned the best of the best. Let's talk about the best player in Rocket League 2022.


Who Is The Best Player In Rocket League?

This guide is essentially just a journey to narrow down the best player in Rocket League based on stats and other factors. Now Rocket League has a lot of different ways to differentiate who is truly the best of the best. On the one hand, we have the in-game Rocket League leaderboards which tell us which players are the highest ranked in the world. But does this mean they are certifiably the best players Rocket League? Not really. The reason the leaderboard isn't really the best indicator of who is the best in the world is that it really just shows who puts in the most hours into ranked game modes. 

Although these players are absolutely amazing at the game and play literally at the highest level. The leaderboards don't indicate who is the best player in the world because the leaderboards change every single day. If a player has a bad day or takes a day off, they can easily be overtaken by another player who just went on a winning streak. This method also discounts players who don't play ranked as much such as Justin who prefers scrimmages and casual much more. 

Rocket League Best Player Of All Time

Looking back in history it was pretty easy to determine who was the best player in the game. When Rocket League was first released, everyone was generally pretty bad at the game because there really was no other game like it. Except for a few players. Now a lot of people might not realize this but Rocket League is actually the sequel to a previous game called supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars. This game had an incredibly small player base with only around 10 to 15 games going on at one time at some points.



However, Kronovi fell in love with the game and became insanely good. With the release of the Rocket League, he was already instantly a god at the game because he had ground out the prequel to Rocket League. He was already familiar with the mechanics of the game to a point where he could basically score at will on other players. Kronovi was quickly recognized as the best player in Rocket League by early fans of the game and he proved it too. At one point he streamed himself against the other two best players in the world and won. When the pro scene began to form shortly after its release Kronovi absolutely dominated everyone. 

In the first year or so after Rocket League's release, Kronovi won basically everything. Kronovi and his team won 7 out of 8 of the first weekly tournaments hosted in the pro c, coming second in the one he lost. Eventually, when the first rlcs world championship rolled around, Kronovi's team steamrolled their way to winning the whole thing. Kronovi was the face of the Rocket League. Other players began to quickly catch up to Kronovi so the gap between him and other players became smaller and smaller until eventually he was just seen as a legend. At one point Kronovi was for sure seen as the best player in Rocket League but now that he hasn't really seen the successes he has had previously, it would be unfair to call on the best player as of right now.



One really good way to figure out the true best player in Rocket League is just to look at their accomplishments. Turbopolsa is the best of the best players who are able to consistently win against other pro players and only the most elite are able to win world championships and majors. He is the one player who has been so consistent that they have won 4 world championships, the most out of any player in Rocket League that player. Starting off as the substitute on northern gaming when Maestro was unable to play, Turbo ended up being a key player in helping his team win the rlcs world championship in season 3. 

He then won another championship right after that under gale force gaming the very next season, winning the season 4 MVP. He did it yet again the very next season under team dignitas, three back-to-back championships under three different teams. Unfortunately the next season Turbo lost in the finals to cloud9. But in season 8 under nrg, Turbopolsa went again absolutely crazy and helped their team to win yet another rlcs championship. Bringing his total to an insane 4 championships. He literally won half of all the championships ever hosted up to that point and was in 5 of them. He also won that tournament's MVP and his supportive play helped every single team he played on win a championship. 

This definitely holds him in contention for one of the best players of all time. But now he's a substitute now.


Rocket League Best Player 2022

Rocket League has gotten to a point competitively where anyone and everyone in the pro scene can have a good enough season to be considered the best player in the world.



However, with this past season, we now have a little bit better understanding of just who the best player seems to be Firstkiller is one player many people regard as the best player in Rocket League right now. With his insanely aggressive playstyle backed up by his world-class mechanics, he is an unstoppable force on the field. He is by far the most stat-heavy player in the game right now. Playing with faze in this rlcs season, he was first in half of the stats measured coming in first place in one of the most competitive regions with the most goals per game, most goals scored, most assists per game, and most shots were taken. Firstkiller is just so good that faze essentially lets him pick his own teammates to play with him. He is an unstoppable force on his team but some say that he is too aggressive. His team performance this season doesn't really reflect the skill that Firstkiller has with a few lackluster performances in previous tournaments.



Atomic is the MVP of the North America region. Atomic won MVP over Firstkiller this season despite having considerably fewer hard stats to back it up. The reason for this election was because of just how much of an impact Atomic had on his team. Before Atomic joined g2 this season, g2 was a mid-tier esports team with subpar performances compared to where they were previously in rlcs. However once Atomic was added to the roster, g2 became a powerhouse. Toppling teams left and right and winning the winter major this season. His impact can't be overstated with g2 winning 50% of the events they participated in since Atomic joined. His former team envy has performed significantly worse since his departure as well. So he is truly a key player in his teams. However Atomic didn't put up nearly the same stats as Firstkiller.



Vatira is also other regions besides North America that have extremely talented players as well. Vatira is coming from the other most competitive region Europe. With two other world-class players, Joyo and Rise the team got all the way to the winter major finals, losing out only to Atomic's team in the second series. The next major under moist esports with the same team, Vatira won this major making this the appearance of the back-to-back final this season and winning one of them. It is undeniable the impact Vatira has had on the team. 

But the general consensus is that Vatira is the most impactful player on the roster. In less than a year Vatira has gone from playing as a substitute on a low-tier European team to being selected as this season's European MVP. Vatira is widely regarded as the best defensive player in the game right now and his results back it up. In the EU, he was first in total points and total sage and he was also selected as the MVP.


Yanxnz & TRK511

However, North America and Europe aren't the only regions we have to consider. Yanxnz and TRK511 of the middle east are also in contention for the best players in the world. Yanxnz is an offensive powerhouse and TRK511 is regarded as the best 1v1 player in the world. These players both won the MVP in their respective regions pretty clearly. But some could argue that their regions are a lot easier compared to Europe and North America.



Firstkiller is a stat monster putting up huge numbers across the board. Atomic is a complete game changer for the team he plays on. Vatira is regarded as the world's best defensive player. Yen and TRK511 both hold huge mechanical prowess and offensive ability. Is there even really a clear answer to who is truly the best player in Rocket League? Maybe Rocket League has gotten to a point where any player with a high enough skill level and a good enough team can be called the best player at any given time.

Right now Rocket League best player 2022 is Vitira of moist esports. His ability to save his team out of any situation and his mindfulness to control the game around him makes him better than anyone else in the game right now. He has both shown his skill in the game and has proven himself to be the best player on the best team in Rocket League. 

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