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Player Auction Player Auction
MUT 20 Coins Trade Process:
1. List player card in your Auctions with setting a random numbers as Start bid. Please Do NOT put Solid Number as a bid.
2. Put up your player card for 24 Hours in Auctions is Strongly recommended
3. Please input player card information in AH correctly.
Custom Coins Num:

Kinput coins number

0 USD   
Madden20 PC Coins 200K
Madden20 PC Coins 300K
Madden20 PC Coins 500K
Madden20 PC Coins 600K
Madden20 PC Coins 800K
Madden20 PC Coins 1000K
Madden20 PC Coins 1500K
Madden20 PC Coins 2000K
Madden20 PC Coins 2500K
Madden20 PC Coins 3000K
Madden20 PC Coins 4000K
Madden20 PC Coins 5000K
Madden20 PC Coins 6000K
Madden20 PC Coins 8000K
Madden20 PC Coins 10000K
Madden20 PC Coins 12000K
Madden20 PC Coins 15000K
Madden20 PC Coins 18000K
Madden20 PC Coins 20000K

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