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PoE 3.24 T17 Map Farming Guide (Best Atlas Strategies & Tips)

4/19/2024 10:43:00 AM

In the latest Path of Exile update from Grinding Gear Games, significant changes have been made to Tier 17 (T17) maps, dramatically increasing their drop rates for currency and scarabs. This PoE 3.24 T17 Map guide provides the optimal strategies for farming these lucrative maps efficiently in the Necropolis league.

Path of Exile 3.24 Most Effective T17 Map Farming Guide

Path of Exile's 3.24 update has brought significant changes to the mapping system, particularly to the elusive T17 maps. These maps, due to their scarcity and the high-value drops they offer, have become a focal point for players aiming to maximize their earnings through efficient farming. This guide will delve into strategies for farming T17 maps, the mechanics behind their drops, and tips for optimizing your map runs.

T17 Maps in PoE 3.24 Necropolis

T17 maps are highly rewarding but cannot sustain themselves. You cannot obtain a T17 map from within a T17 map. Instead, you must farm Tier 16 (T16) maps or purchase T17 maps from other players. This creates a valuable market inefficiency for those willing to farm T16 maps. In the latest update from Grinding Gear Games, significant changes have been made to Tier 17 (T17) maps, dramatically increasing their drop rates for currency and scarabs. This guide provides an in-depth look at the optimal strategies for farming these lucrative maps efficiently.

Key Changes to T17 Maps:

  • Increased Drops: T17 maps now drop more currency and scarabs.

  • Non-Self-Sustaining: You cannot obtain a T17 map from within a T17 map itself. Instead, they must be farmed from Tier 16 (T16) maps or purchased from other players.

T17 Map Drops:

  • Drop Mechanism: T17 maps are obtained from T16 maps with a 6.4% chance when all four Void Stones are socketed. This probability diminishes after the first drop, estimated to be reduced by 50% to 75%.

  • Map Specific Drops: Certain T16 maps will specifically drop designated T17 maps (e.g., Dunes will drop Fortress). It's crucial to farm the correct T16 maps to obtain the desired T17 maps.

PoE 3.24 Most Effective T17 Maps Farming Strategies & Methods in Necropolis

Now we provide an in-depth look at three optimal strategies for farming these lucrative maps efficiently:

1. Best Back to Basics Strategy To Farm T17 Maps

When running a T16 map with all four void stones socketed, you have a 6.4% chance to upgrade the map to T17. However, there’s a diminishing return on this probability which isn't fully disclosed but is speculated to be around 50-75% reduced for subsequent drops within the same map.

Map Selection:

  • Different T17 maps have varied drops leading to price disparities. For example, farming different T16 maps will yield specific T17 maps. If you farm a T16 Dunes, you get a T17 Fortress, which is currently less valuable than a T17 Ziggurat that drops from a T16 Toxic Sewer. So choose T16 maps that can drop valuable T17 maps. Maps like Toxic Sewer are preferred because they can drop the highly coveted T17 Ziggurat.

Atlas Passive Tree:

  • Optimize your Atlas passive tree around "Back to Basics," which simplifies the game by removing extra content and influences. This focuses on juicing map mod effects as much as possible.

    POE 3.24 Best T17 Map Farming Strategy - 1

Map Mod Effects:

  • Using "Back to Basics," you can achieve up to 80% more explicit modifier effects on maps. This can sometimes result in extraordinarily high item quantity and pack size, significantly increasing the loot drop rate.

Scarabs and Juicing Maps:

  • Recommended Scarabs: Use Scarabs like the Scarab of Hunted Traders to increase the number of enemies in maps, enhancing the overall profitability.

  • Map Rolling: Ensure maps are well-rolled to avoid disabling modifiers that can affect your build, maximizing the effectiveness of the increased map mod effects.

Selling Strategy:

  • Bulk Selling: Utilize community platforms like TFT for bulk selling. Set bulk prices directly in the map tab to streamline transactions.

  • Pricing Strategy: Set prices for selling maps in bulk to avoid frequent, smaller transactions. For example, setting a price of 50 chaos for 10 maps simplifies the sale process.

Farming T17 maps can be highly profitable, especially with the strategic use of the "Back to Basics" approach. By focusing on farming T16 maps that lead to valuable T17 maps and optimizing your Atlas and map mods, you can maximize your efficiency and profit. Remember, the key to success in any gold rush is not just finding gold, but selling the shovels.

2. Best Strategy For Farming T17 Maps Without Running Them

Here is another effective strategy for farming T17 maps in Path of Exile, that make sure we’re maximizing our returns:

Atlas Passive Tree Setup:

We're using the same Atlas passive tree as in my previous video about the "Back to Basics" farming strategy. For those who need a refresher, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Focus on Quantity Nodes: Maximize the quantity of drops.

  • Enhance Scarab Drops: More scarabs mean better overall loot.

  • Map Sustain Focus: We’re aiming for higher map tier chances and shaping the skies to enhance map drops.

  • Increased Map Modifier Effects: This makes maps harder but increases rewards—higher Quant, better pack density.

    POE 3.24 Best T17 Map Farming Strategy - 2

Map Selection Strategy:

For sustaining and profiting from high-tier maps:

  • Favor Maps: Use connected nodes to favor maps like Burial Chambers and Val Pyramid which have biases for dropping high-value maps like Sanctuary and Ziggurat.

  • Map Difficulty: Be prepared for tougher maps due to increased map modifier effects. Adjust your Atlas points if it becomes overwhelming.

  • Monitor Modifiers: Avoid mods that could brick your run, especially reflect damage or excessive cooldown reductions.

Selling Strategy:

  • Bulk Selling: Maps like Burial Chambers can be sold for around five Chaos each. Selling in bulk can fetch a better price.

  • Pricing: Set your stash tab to bulk prices to attract buyers looking for multiple maps.

Scarabs and Modifiers:

Use a combination of scarabs to enhance your runs:

  • Map Duplication Scarabs: For a chance to double the map drops.

  • Hunted Traders: An affordable option to increase pack size.

  • Cartography Scarabs: Essential for increasing overall map drops.

Tips for Running Maps:

  • Chisel Your Maps: Always aim for high-quality maps before running them.

  • Choose Your Scarabs Wisely: Depending on your budget, choose scarabs that offer the best return on investment.

  • Watch for Lantern Rewards: These can provide additional bonuses like currency or scarabs.

While T17 maps offer great rewards, they come with increased difficulty. It’s crucial to be selective with map mods to ensure you're not setting yourself up for failure. Adjust your strategy based on the performance of your build and the specific challenges of each map.

3. Best Strategy To Max Drops From T17 & Guardian Maps

Now we will share a powerful Atlas strategy that's been extremely effective in farming T17, Guardian, and synthesized maps in Path of Exile 3.24. This guide will cover the essentials, including the setup, map choice, and tips to maximize your earnings. This strategy focuses on maximizing drops from T17 and Guardian maps, leveraging the increased rewards from Conqueror-influenced maps. With the right setup, you can sustain these maps without needing to purchase additional ones, significantly boosting your profit margins.

Requirements and Setup:

  • High DPS: Essential for quickly dealing with Conquerors and bosses.

  • Atlas Configuration: Optimizing your Atlas with specific passives enhances map and scarab drops, and increases overall profitability.

  • Scarabs and Influences: Using the right scarabs and influences can dramatically increase the rewards from each map run.

Key Atlas Passives:

  • Remarkable Relics: Increases the quality of scarabs found.

  • Finbus' Wealth: Each map has a 25% chance to drop an additional scarab.

  • Conquered Conquerors & Vivid Memories: Crucial for enhancing drops from map bosses.

  • Destructive Influence: Focused on maximizing Maven's influence as other influences are not utilized.

  • Mounting Modifiers & Shipping the Skies: Boost map modifiers for increased rewards.

    POE 3.24 Best T17 Map Farming Strategy - 3

Scarab and Influence Setup:

  • Map Duplication Scarab (30% Chance): Increases the number of maps dropped, maximizing map sustain.

  • Shrine and Boss Scarab: Ensures shrines in the area are guarded by an Atlas boss, increasing the challenge and reward.

  • Monster Pack Replacement Scarab (15% Chance): Every seventh pack could be replaced by a random Atlas boss, enhancing drops.

  • Unique Map Drop Scarab: Useful initially but can be swapped out as unique maps decrease in value.

Map Selection:

  • Rotate through different maps under Maven’s influence to maximize map drops and ensure variety.

Performing the Runs:

  • Ensure every monster pack and boss is cleared to maximize drops.

  • Use domination on your maps to add additional bosses, increasing loot drops.

  • Be prepared for high boss density which might increase the risk of dying, particularly in hardcore modes.

Selling Strategy:

  • Bulk selling maps, especially unique and Guardian maps, tends to yield higher returns.

  • Stash maps and list them slightly above the market rate for bulk buyers.

Cost Analysis:

  • Scarabs used in this strategy range from 1 to 25 chaos orbs depending on the type and quantity purchased.

  • The overall investment per map run can be about 50 chaos orbs, including the cost of scarabs and map crafting.

Benefits of the Strategy:

  • High Reward: Significant potential for high returns in terms of both currency and items like exalted orbs and awakened gems.

  • Sustain: Effective sustain of high-tier maps ensures a steady flow of valuable maps and items.

  • Flexibility: While this strategy is optimized for Conqueror maps, it can be adapted to non-Conqueror maps with some modifications.

This approach to farming T17 and Guardian maps in PoE 3.24 can be incredibly profitable, especially if you have the capacity to handle high-difficulty content. With the right preparations and understanding of the Atlas mechanics, you can significantly boost your earnings and enjoy a lucrative mapping experience. Remember, the key to success is not only in killing monsters but also in understanding and manipulating the Atlas mechanics to your advantage. Give this strategy a try, and see how your profits soar. Happy farming, and take care!

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