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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Druid Build - Top 3 New Best Druid Builds in D4 Season 4

4/18/2024 2:51:00 PM

Diablo 4 Season 4 is looking to completely revolutionize companions for Druids as well as minions for Necromancers bringing them from once pretty much meme status into the meta spotlight. Not only were their companions significantly buffed but there were some other cool things at it as well such as the potential Shout Druid. In our D4 Season 4 Druid build guide, we talk about the gear and skills of the top 3 new Druid builds.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Shout Druid Build

There's a big change coming to the Druid that might have been overshadowed by these companion changes is that Druids can use and benefit from the Bold Chieftain's aspect which was previously only usable by Barbarians as well as the aspect of Echoing Fury which is getting its name changed to aspect of Vocalized Empowerment. Alongside another couple of changes which is first of all Debilitating Roar becoming a shout skill, getting a new shout tag to be able to benefit from these aforementioned aspects. Also with Blood Howl's, Nighthowler's aspect also adds on the shout tag to that skill. Druid essentially will have two different shouts potentially to work with. 

If you equip them on your rings, benefit from the Bold Chieftain's aspect which will reduce the cooldowns on your Shouts whenever you cast it with enemies around. More notably, the aspect of Echoing Fury will give you a ton of primary resources per second while any of your shouts is active which will greatly address some of the resource hunger issues. Couple with the Fleshrender unique, a lot of the static damage on legendaries and uniques will be buffed. If the damage can scale higher on Fleshrender as well, then we have a fully functioning Shout build for Druids, as well as the potential to combo Shouts with other skills. Without further ado, let's dive into top 3 best Shout Druid builds in Diablo 4 Season 4.

No.1 Shouts + Companions + Rabies

Starting with the Companion Druid and hybridize it with the Shout Druid to give it more AOE. Because as a baseline, the Companion Druid seems to be slightly weaker on the AOE front. So having Fleshrender and being able to then spam your shouts. With blood howl becoming a shout with the Nighthowler's aspect and the Debilitating Roar just being a shout on its own, you'll be able to deal a lot more AOE damage in theory. Coupled with how the flat damage scaling on these uniques and legendaries should be scaling with weapon damage in Season 4. 


  • Helm: Virulent Runic Skullcap

  • Chest: Juggernaut's Runic Mail

  • Gloves: Runic Gloves of the Stampede

  • Pants: Storm's Companion

  • Amulet: Amulet of the Alpha

  • Ring: Ring of the Wildrage, Ancestral Ring

  • Left Weapon: Fleshrender

  • Right Weapon: Nighthowler's Ancient Effigy


  • 5 Ravens

  • 10 Wolves

  • 3 Blood Howl

  • 3 Debilitating Roar

  • 1 Poison Creeper

  • 2 Rabies

No.2 Shred + Shapeshifting + Companions

Shred + Shapeshifting + Companions may be one of the best Diablo 4 Season 4 Druid builds that buffed. We put in Lacerate because Lacerate was also hugely buffed in Season 4 as it'll also give you a damage buff to your Shapeshifting skills after you cast it. It's really strong for Shred and the cooldown can also be reduced. Running Bestial Rampage and Maul to be able to shift in and out quickly. Moreover, a lot of shapeshifting passives were also buffed which will be pretty powerful.


Helm: Godslayer Crown

Chest: Juggernaut's Runic Mail

Gloves: Runic Gloves of the Changeling's Debt

Pants: Storm's Companion

Amulet: Shepherd's Amulet

Ring: Ring of the Unsatiated, Stormclaw's Ring

Left Weapon: Bearded Axe of the Blurred Beast

Right Weapon: Ancient Effigy of the Wildrage


5 Poison Creeper

10 Wolves

1 Ravens

1 Lacerate

1 Maul

5 Shred

No.3 Landslide + Shouts + Companions

Lastly, is a new Landslide Pet build and Shout build that might be one of the best D4 Season 4 Druid builds. Especially with the new unique that they added for Landslide called Earthbreaker which will cause your Landslide to deal extra AOE damage in the ground and then also proc additional Landslides whenever you cast landslides in that small zone. For this non-trampleslide version of Landslide or you'll just be spamming Landslide on its own. You need a lot of resource generation and to alleviate that, run the new aspect of Echoing Fury. So the first ring will be the unique ring for Landslide, and the other ring placeholder is going to be the aspect of Vocalized Empowerment which will generate your primary resource whenever one of your Shouts is active. 


  • Helm: Godslayer Crown

  • Chest: Ballistic Runic Mail

  • Gloves: Runic Gloves of the Aftershock

  • Pants: Juggernaut's Runic Leggings

  • Amulet: Shepherd's Amulet

  • Ring: Ancestral Ring

  • Left Weapon: Nighthowler's Breaded Axe

  • Right Weapon: Subterranean Ancient Effigy


  • 5 Poison Creeper

  • 1 Wolves

  • 1 Blood Howl

  • 1 Debilitating Roar

  • 1 Ravens

  • 1 Landslide

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