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Madden 24 Best Playbook for Passing - Top 5 Passing Playbooks in Madden 24

7/18/2023 11:07:36 AM

Madden 24 is about to arrive in almost a month, players got a chance to play the content in beta and have a basic understanding of the game's features. Before the game actually launches, we want to talk about the best Madden 24 playbook for passing, there are five greatest options you can consider in the game. 

Madden 24 Best Playbook for Passing - Top 5 Passing Playbooks in Madden 24

Running the right playbook and formations will help you get powerful and successful, below we’ll show you five Madden 24 passing playbooks recommended by Kettix to do better offense in the upcoming game. 

5 - Denver Broncos Playbook

The number five playbook we have is the offensive Denver Bronco, with this playbook, you can get Flex Y Off WK, Tight Y Off WK, and Bunch STR Nasty, which is pretty good, the tight is really good as well, it's probably the second best tight behind the Jets. You also get Spread DBL Flex and some other good empty slots, it has a lot of depth, and this is one of the reasons that the Denver Broncos playbook is put on the list instead of the Jets. 

4 - Green Bay Packers Playbook

Coming at the number four spot, Green Bay Packers is also a pretty good passing playbook in Madden 24. It got good Trips, such as the Trips TE (Tight End), then you have the Bunch STR Offset and Bunch TE, Tight Open is pretty decent as well, it could get glitchy, some crossroads, some good corner routes, etc. 

3 - Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook

The next playbook to pick is Pittsburgh Steelers, you got a great Tight Doubles, you got a great Bunch, the top three, and maybe the best Bunch in the game. You can also get some great empty sets, if you can master the playbook in most of the formations, you could become of the most unstoppable players in Madden 24. 

2 - Buffalo Bills Playbook

Moving on to the number two, Buffalo Bills is a good try in Madden NFL 24. You get Normal Y Off Close, which was a meta in previous Madden games, it is going to be this year, the Y Off X Close is also pretty decent, you also get good Trips TE and some unique plays in there, a decent Bunch, Tight, Spread, etc. Overall, you have a bunch of formations that have lots of good plays in them. 

1 - New England Patriots Playbook

Finally, the number one playbook is going to be New England Patriots, its offense is typically heavily focusing on passing in the game. When it comes to formations and plays, you got Y Off Trips Pats, which is a dangerous formation, then the Trips TE, the best Trips Tight End in the game every year, a decent Bunch, Tight Slots, Double Y-Flex and a lot of good empty sets as well. 

There are some other good playbook options to use, the New York Jets Playbook is one of them, it might have the best tight formation in the game, tight was meta last year, one of the most used formations. In addition, it has almost every single play you could possibly think of, it has many glitchy plays in it from last year, which is going to work this year as well.

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