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Madden 24 Best Playbooks: Top 5 Defensive & Offensive Playbooks in NFL 24

8/17/2023 5:59:11 PM

In Madden NFL 24, again some playbooks are better than others for offense or defense, but you need to choose the one that suits your team and how you play. We'll show you the best playbooks (based on their formations, plays, and effectiveness) for each side of the ball to help you win in Franchise Mode, MUT 24, or Online.

Madden NFL 24 Best Defensive & Offensive Playbooks

Madden 24 is not only a game of skill, but also a game of strategy. You need to have a good defensive playbook and offensive playbook to counter your opponent's moves and score more points. But with so many playbooks to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best? In this article, we will help you answer that question by ranking the top 5 defensive playbooks and the top 5 offensive playbooks in Madden NFL 24. We will also give you some tips on how to use each playbook effectively and what formations and plays to look out for. Ready to take your game to the next level? Let's go!

Top 5 Madden 24 Best Defensive Playbooks

Here we list the top 5 defensive playbooks you should try in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team. These playbooks come with the most effective defensive formations and have a lot of variety and flexibility in their formations.

  • 46 Playbook

The 46 playbook is considered the best defensive playbook in Madden 24 by many players because it has a variety of formations that can stop the run and the pass. It is one of the few playbooks that has both the Nickel 3-3 and the Nickel 3-3 Cub formations, which are very effective in audibling and blitzing. It also has other popular formations such as 3-4 Bear, 46 Normal, 46 Bear, and Big Nickel Over G. The 46 playbook is a specialty playbook that you can unlock with Madden Points or by completing challenges. This playbook has a variety of formations that can stop the run and the pass.

  • Kansas City Chiefs Playbook

The Kansas City Chiefs playbook in Madden NFL 24 is one of the most versatile and dynamic playbooks in the game. It features formations such as Singleback Tight Y Off Flex, Shotgun Spread Dbl Flex Wk, and Shotgun Tight Open that can create mismatches and exploit defenses. This is just a better version of the Raiders in our opinion because you do have a Dollar that you don't have in Raiders, but you do lose some Nickel formations at the same time. Then you do gain Nickel 3-3 which is always one of the best formations in the game because you can have three safeties at linebacker, and it's just a really fast defense that you can Blitz out of or you can play shed defense out of. This playbook has a lot of versatility and flexibility, as it can switch between 3-4 and 4-3 fronts, and also has some unique formations like the Big Nickel Over G and the 3-3-5 Wide.

  • Las Vegas Raider's Playbook

This is a good multiple D, it's a better version of the Patriots Playbook which barely missed the top 5, but the reason for it is it has big Nickel over G which we believe is a great formation this year. And without that, we don't think the Patriots make the cut, this does however have it and it does have the multiple D, so it has 3-4 and 3-4 formations. This is the first defensive Playbook we've gone over in this list that has 4-3 even 6-1 which is an excellent formation right now if you know how to use it. Because sending pressure is King, there are no velocity chems in MUT, so getting the ball out is hard versus heavy pressure sometimes, so 4-3 even 6-1 is a great formation to be using right now. With this playbook, you do have a 3-4 Odd, 3-4 Bear, big Nickel over G. Then for your Nickels, you have2-4 - 24 double a gap, 3-3 odd, 3-3 cub. So this is a good defense if you want to have multiple D as well as have good Nickel and big Nickel over G.

  • Multiple D Playbook

This is always a good defensive playbook, it has almost everything you need in it, however, it is an alternate Playbook. As for the Playbook itself, it's just really good across the board, it has good bass formations such as Nickel, Dime, and Dollar. For the base formations, you probably want to look at 4-3 Odd, this was good a couple of years ago. 3-4 Odd is probably the 3-4 formation that you want to look at as opposed to Cub. 5-2 is very similar to 3-4 Odd in regards to the alignment, the difference is you just have defensive ends instead of outside linebackers. On Nickel, we have the 3-3 to 3-3 Cub that people always love to audible down from, it's always good because you have a lot of speed on the field. Dime Normal might be really good this year, it's worth taking a look at and then of course you have Dollars so you have a lot to work with in this Playbook. And it might not be the best Playbook but it's always consistent, it's always one of the top 5 defensive playbooks in this game and you can definitely find something in here that's going to make you comfortable. 

  • Baltimore Raven's Playbook

This is actually a really good playbook in regards to Nickel. If you use a lot of 3-4 or 4 or 4, this Playbook is actually bad because all you have is 3-4 Under, 3-4 Over, and 3-4 Bear. Bear is the only one that might be usable in certain cases. Traditionally speaking Under and Over just aren't very good. 4-4 probably won't be usable either, but then as far as your nickels you have a lot to work with you have 2-4 - 24 Plays which is double the gap, or 3-3 Cub, 3-3 Odd and triple which might be unique to the Ravens playbook. This playbook also has a couple of DIME formations that have outside linebackers at the defensive end positions. Then you have Quarter overload which probably not going to be good but it's also unique, so it's worth mentioning. But overall this is a really good playbook in regards to having really fast players on defense because you have good formations like 3-3 Odd where you can sub in safeties here at these positions, and get a lot of speed and animate on the ball. What's more,  looping might be back, so it's worth looking at the LB Across 3 Show 2 to see what you can come up with. 

Top 5 Madden 24 Best Offensive Playbooks

Here we list the best offensive playbooks that have a variety of formations and plays that can help you dominate the offense in any Madden 24 match:

  • Chiefs & Commanders Playbook

These two playbooks are identical and have some of the best formations and plays for passing and running. They have Singleback Bunch X Nasty, Pistol Bunch TE, Gun Bunch Str Nasty, Gun Bunch X Nasty, Gun Deuce Close, Gun Tight Open, and Gun U Off Trips.

  • Jets Playbook

This playbook has one of the best tight formations in the game, as well as some great bunch and spread formations. It has Singleback Ace Slot Offset, Singleback Wing Tight U, Singleback Wing Stack, Gun Bunch TE Offset, Gun Tight Slots HB WK, Gun Doubles Y Off Wk, and Gun Empty Trey Stack.

  • Broncos Playbook

This playbook has some unique formations and plays that can create mismatches and confusion for the defense. It has Singleback Flex Y Off WK, Singleback Tight Y Off WK, Singleback Bunch Str Nasty, Gun Bunch Str Nasty, Gun Doubles Y Flex Off WK, Gun Empty Base Flex, and Gun Empty Y Saint.

  • Bengals Playbook

This playbook has some of the best spread formations and plays in the game, as well as some solid bunch and tight formations. It has Singleback Ace Slot Offset, Singleback Wing Tight U, Singleback Wing Stack, Gun Bunch TE Offset, Gun Tight Slots HB WK, Gun Doubles Y Off Wk, and Gun Empty Trey Stack.

  • 49ers Playbook

This playbook is the best for runners, as it has some of the most diverse and effective run schemes in the game. It has I Form Close Flex, I Form Slot Flex, I Form Tight Pair, Strong H Wing, Weak H Wing, Pistol Strong Slot Open Flex, Pistol Weak Slot Open Flex.

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