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Best POE 3.22 Currency Making Tips - 10 Easy Ways to Make Currency on League Start 3.22

8/18/2023 10:04:50 AM

Every few months, Grinding Gear Games releases a new league in Path of Exile that introduces new mechanics, items, and challenges, alongside a fresh economy. With the arrival of Path of Exile's 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors league, players are eager to discover the best methods for earning currency at the start of the league. In this article, we'll explore some of the best POE 3.22 currency-making tips.

Best POE 3.22 Currency Farming Strategy - 10 Easy Ways to Make Currency on League Start

There are many different ways to make currency at the start of POE 3.22 league. By utilizing efficient atlas and map strategies, focusing on profitable league mechanics, crafting, flipping items, farming divination cards, selling valuable items & more, you can quickly accumulate wealth in POE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors league. Check the 10 ideas for making currency in the first two days of the Trial of the Ancestors League. 

1. Chrome and Chaos Recipe

Starting from act 1, you can and should pick up the highlighted items for Chromatic Orb recipe, always get as many as you can and sell them to the NPC when you go back in town. Later you can do the Chaos Orb recipe that requires a full set of items between item level 60 and 74. If they are identified, you will get 1 chaos and 4 unidentified.

2. Identified Rare Items

Another best way to make currency in POE 3.22 is to pick up rare items, identify and put them in one or two kill steps. They may seem bad, but there is always someone in need. If they don't sell, just NPC them.

3. Buy Low Level Contracts

Once you get your first Rogue Markers, go to the highest zone and buy the contracts because they will reset after you level up and you can run them fast for easy currency before or after you reach maps. 

4. Linked Items

Starting from Act 3, you can get 4 or 5 link items, which you can easily sell for up to 3 chaos because of the specific socket colors you get. If they don't sell, just lower the price.

5. Selling Maps

On the first two days of Trial of the Ancestors League, always make a lot of currency by simply trading maps. Set the exact price tabs and just throw in the maps you don't run. Red maps are up to 8 chaos sometimes. So for 10 sold maps, you can get a divine.

6. Vaults of Atziri

There is a map called Vaults of Atziri and it has only chests. You can get a lot of cool items including 6 links when you open those chests. So for players who can't even kill magic monsters in a normal map, this is an alternative. Open the chests, do the chaos recipe and pray for divines and 6 links.

7. Ilvl 85+ Bases

Once you reach tier 16 maps, everything you pick up is valuable in the first two days of the league. You can sell item level 85+ base items in bulk for one or two chaos each and sometimes even more. At this point, the chaos recipe isn't as profitable as just picking up random items. However, there are some really expensive but common items and those are the utility flasks. They go up to 8 or 10 chaos a piece if their item level is 85 or above, make sure you pick them up.

8. Influenced Items

Another effective method of making currency in the first few days of POE 3.22 is to sell influenced items. This is a bit hard for the new players because you have to be able to kill guardians. But some items can be very expensive as influenced bases without even crafting them. 

9. Flipping Currency

For the hideout enjoyers, flipping currency can make you rich in no time. It can be faster than crafting with almost no risk involved because the prices are always going up on the first two days of the league and you don't even need that much game knowledge to do that. Just buy currency and sell it in bulk.

10. Farming Divination Cards

Farming divination cards can be a reliable way to make POE 3.22 currency, especially if you know which cards are valuable and where to farm them. By running maps with a high drop rate for specific divination cards, you can accumulate a large number of cards that can be traded in for valuable items.

Should I Buy Enough POE 3.22 Currency for Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors?

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