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PoE 3.22 Best Atlas & Map Strategies for Currency Farming | Path of Exile Ancestors Start Atlas Guide

8/14/2023 12:21:12 PM

Want to quickly get enough or a lot of currency to create your league builds in the first week of PoE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League? We get you covered with this Path of Exile 3.22 Fast Atlas Passive Tree and Map Delving Guide for Fast Early-League Currency Farming. 

Best & Fast Early Atlas Skill Tree Strategies For Path of Exile 3.22 Ancestors

Here we share the best and fastest atlas tree strategies and mapping tips for early PoE currency farming and leveling in Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League, which basically never failed anyone:

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PoE 3.22 Early-League Atlas Strategy 1

The first Atlas passive tree strategy helps any build to progress your Atlas very fast and get to these T15 and 60 Maps very early on, and even make a bunch of money by selling all the extra maps that you will drop to other people. 

Atlas Passive Tree Setup (Main Nodes To Pick Up)

POE 3.22 Atlas Passive Tree Strategy 1

Here we go over how to progress the atlas passive tree fast and the main nodes to pick up for early currency farming:

  1. Select 3x Adjacent Map Drop Chance nodes (Right Side) - the keystones that we are going to select are on the right, we have to be Trail nodes very close here, and you encounter different gang members and if you kill them they drop certain items that have special modifiers on them that you need to unlock if you unlock these modifiers you very often get them as a crafting recipe for your crafting bench.

  2. Stream of Consciousness -  it basically improves the base chance that we have to encounter Contour.

  3. Wondering Path - it basically increases the effect of all these small nodes (Item Quantity) ) by 100%

  4. Entire item quantity wheel and  3 nodes in the middle (highly recommend) - Different options to get into the middle, you can either use the Essence nodes - the Harbringer ones or the Harvest ones.

  5. 3x Item Quantity and Rarity

  6. 2x Higher Map Tier Chance (Item Quality) -> Choose back into the maps found to have a 10% chance to be one tier higher nodes

  7. Map Drop Duplication -> 3x Higher Map Tier Chance - This brings us to a 50% chance for maps that we dropped to be on tier higher. 

  8. 2x Higher Map Tier Chance (Adjacent Map Drop Chance)

  9. 3x Adjacent Map Drop Chance + 2x Higher Map Tier Chance  (Left Side) - Brings use to a whopping 90% chance for maps to be one tier higher

  10. 12x Adjacent Map Drop Chance (Middle) - 100% chance for Monster in each of your Maps to drop an additional connected map

  11. Map Drop Duplication Nodes (Both Sides) - Get a 37% chance for map drops to be duplicated. That is basically where the money comes from because all the extra maps that you will drop, you can then sell to other people who progressing the atlas.

  12. Map Modifier Effect (Optional) - Spec into the increased effect modifiers on your non-unique maps if you want to.

  13. Stronbox Additional Pack Chance (Optional) - Add a bunch of new monsters to your map means an increased chance to get map drops

  14. Shrine Nodes (Optional) - Give your character a buff, make you easier to clear the map or at least it makes the monsters harder to kill you

  15. Extreme Archeology (Optional) - With the new keystone node, get a 200% increased Explosive Placement Range in your map. 

PoE 3.22 Early-League Atlas Strategy 2

The second strategy is doing low-tier mapping with Essences and Beasts, this is a strategy that is foolproof, there's no RNG involved in it and you're always making money on every single map, it's a very consistent and easy strategy to do.  In PoE 3.22 league, it was confirmed that Essences will be on the map device which is going to be very important if this is not here the total value of our Essences is going to go down by 50% or so as the essence option is where we get the bulk of our essences. 

Atlas Passive Tree Setup (Main Nodes To Pick Up)

POE 3.22 Atlas Passive Tree Strategy 2

Now we go over how to progress through maps to get to 85 points ASAP into how to actually pick up all these points to be able to progress even faster:

  1. Bestiary Beast Duplication Chance

  2. Shaping the Mountains -> Cryptic Gateway

  3. Shaping the Skies -> Cryptic Gateway

  4. Left Side of the Kirac Wheel

  5. High Map Tier Chance -> Shaping the Valleys/Seas

  6. Prolific Essence

  7. Amplified Energies

  8. Imprisoned Monster Additional Essence Chance / Remnant of Corruption Essence Chance -> Crystal Resonance 

  9. Crystal Lattice

  10. Great Migration / The Hunt for Craiceann / Natural Selection / Big Game

  11. 2x Bestiary Beast Duplication Chance right at the start of the atlas tree

Mapping for Currency Farming

  • Maps To Run: Tier 1-4 Maps with good layouts (Such as the Belfi in Crucible)

  • Map Sustain: Breasted or Polished

  • Map Setup: Polish Scara to get 2 additional red beasts

  • Get every single Voidstone out of your map

The changes that are going to affect us are going to be some of the nodes moving around, for example on the left and right, shaping the mountains and shaping the skies is moving over to the Gateway. The other change is that the essence node will be moving from ride the start over to there by the Beyond and the Delirium node. Otherwise, there are no changes to the Atlas tree that affect us at all, and realistically none of these changes matter.

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