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The Fastest Way to Farm Divines in POE 3.22 - Boss Rushing & Mapping Strategy in POE Ancestors League

10/18/2023 9:53:12 AM

In Path of Exile's 3.22 League, maximizing efficiency is key when it comes to farming divines. This article will outline a strategy that focuses on speed and map efficiency to maximize your chances of obtaining Divines. By following these steps, you can optimize your farming method and increase your chances of acquiring valuable items.

The Fastest Way to Farm Divines in POE 3.22 - Boss Rushing, Deleting Maps & the Fastest Map Strategy 

This strategy revolves around one key principle: speed. The goal is to open a map, quickly progress to the boss, defeat it, and move on to the next map. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the strategy:

1. Pick 2 maps you enjoy running (crimson temple/city square, beach/strand, mesa/dunes) etc

Select two maps that you enjoy running and are comfortable with. Some popular choices include Crimson Temple/City Square, Beach/Strand, and Mesa/Dunes. By choosing maps you enjoy, you'll maintain a higher level of engagement and efficiency.

2. Pick red or blue influence

Determine whether you want to pursue red or blue influence for your mapping sessions. This decision largely depends on your build and the specific divines you're seeking. Red influence may provide more boss drops, while blue influence could yield valuable rewards from completing the Atlas.

3. Open the map

Once your map selection and influence preference are decided, open the chosen map promptly. Minimize any unnecessary delays to optimize your farming efficiency.

4. Rush to Boss

Your main objective is to reach the boss as quickly as possible. Focus on clearing a straight path towards the boss area, bypassing non-essential enemies and loot along the way. Use movement skills or high-speed builds to your advantage for rapid traversal.

5. Ignore loot that doesn't tink or remap you

Only pick up loot that appears valuable and directly contributes to your farming goals. Prioritize items that "tink" or have significant value, such as Awakener's Orbs, Perandus Coins, and Splinter of Tul. Disregard lower-value items or ones that distract from your primary objective.

6. Kill boss and loot maps

Defeat the boss and quickly loot any maps that drop. These maps will be crucial for sustaining your farming process and acquiring additional Divines.

7. Leave map

With the boss defeated and the desired loot secured, leave the map immediately. Wasting time in areas that don't offer substantial rewards hampers your farming efficiency, so be prompt in your departure.

8. Go back to 3

Return to step 3 and repeat the process with your chosen maps. Continuously cycling through this streamlined strategy will allow you to farm divines at an accelerated pace.

Are There Any Specific Strategies for Sustaining the Farming Process and Acquiring Additional Divines?

Harvest Lifeforce Farming

  • Harvest Lifeforce has multiple uses, including selling for Divine Orbs or re-rolling Essences, Scarabs, and Fossils.

  • Collect different Essences and re-roll them using Harvest to obtain valuable ones.

Black Scythe and Knights Expedition:

  • Tujen is a great source for filling up your currency tab with various items, including Divine Orbs.

  • Burial Medallion is particularly valuable as it can give you multiple re-rolls of Exotic Coinage and Expedition Maps.

Collecting Stacked Decks:

  • Collect Stacked Decks at high levels from Tujen, high-level Heists, or maps.

  • Opening a large number of Stacked Decks increases your chances of obtaining Divine Orbs.

Eldritch Altar Farming:

  • Grab all the Eldritch nodes from the Atlas, including the Keystone Passives, as they can provide free Chaos Orbs and even Divine Orbs[1].

  • Choose the Eldritch Altar that is opposite to your build type for better rewards.

Jun and Alva Master Missions:

  • Running Jun and Alva Master Missions can earn you Divine Orbs every couple of maps.

  • Focus on specific Syndicate members and rooms in the Temple to maximize your chances of obtaining valuable items.

Current League Mechanic:

  • Participate actively in the current league mechanic, as it often offers the best rewards and opportunities to acquire Divine Orbs.

  • In the Crucible Challenge League, for example, actively participating can yield valuable items and gems that can be sold for Divine Orbs.

Double Corrupting Medium Value Items and Gems:

  • Double corrupting items that are less than three Divine Orbs in value can yield significant returns, potentially earning you 10 to 80 Divine Orbs.

Farming 6-Links with Sextants:

  • Utilize sextants, specifically the "unique monsters drop corrupted items" and "beyond" sextants, to farm unique monsters that drop corrupted items, which can include six-linked items.

  • Juicing the map with valuable scarabs and using the "beyond" sextant can spawn numerous unique beyond monsters, increasing your chances of obtaining six-linked items.

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to farming divines in Path of Exile's 3.22 League. By adhering to this speedy strategy, which involves running enjoyable maps, prioritizing boss encounters, and making conscious loot choices, you can maximize your farming potential. Remember to focus on valuable items such as Awakener's Orbs, Perandus Coins, and Splinters of Tul to further optimize your divine acquisition. 

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