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PoE 3.23 Affliction Best Ascendancy - Top 3 Best Ascendancies & Skill Trees In Path Of Exile

12/1/2023 10:17:30 AM

Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction Challenge League introduces three brand new Ascendancy classes to all character classes. We're going to be able to ascend once we find the related NPC to each Ascendancy. The biggest meta shake-up in history? Today, we're going to talk about the new PoE 3.23 Afflction League Acendancies, skill trees and how to get them!

Path of Exile 3.23 Best Ascendancy - Top 3 Best Ascendancies For PoE Affliction League

Ascendancy is a major class identity and specialization mechanic introduced in Path of Exile's second expansion, The Awakening. Each of the main Path of Exile character classes (Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, etc.) have access to 4 Ascendancy subclasses when they reach level 35 in cruel difficulty. Ascendancy subclasses provide significant passive skill bonuses and abilities that further specialize your character down a certain playstyle. It's a major part of character planning and progression.

How To Get PoE 3.23 Affliction League Ascendancy?

Go to the Vidiian Wildwood which we're going to wander similarly to delve to cleanse of its Affliction, find new items, new powers, new monsters, new boss fights and the brand new Acendancy classes in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League!To unlock an Ascendancy subclass, you need to complete a long chain of special quests associated with that subclass. This is done after reaching maps.

Best PoE 3.23 Affliction League Ascendancy

1. Warden of the Maji

A Warden of the Maji has sworn to walk the righteous path. This is the best PoE 3.23 Affliction Ascendancy that allows us to craft potions that turn into poisons or venoms that magically affect our weapons and our character abilities, this is the Warden of the Magi. 


Ascendancy Skill Trees

  • Nature's Concoction

Flasks adjacent to applied Tincture gain 3 charges when you Hit an Enemy with a Weapon, no more than once every second

Flasks adjacent to applied Tincture have 30% increased Effect when used if you've Hit an

enemy with a Weapon Recently


  • Oath of the Maji

Defences from Equipped Body Armour are doubled if it has no Socketed Gems

+50% to all Elemental Resistances if you have an Equipped Helmet with no Socketed Gems

25% increased Maximum Life if you have Equipped Gloves with no Socketed Gems

30% increased Movement Speed if you have Equipped Boots with no Socketed Gems


  • Detect Evil

Your Hits against Marked Enemy cannot be Blocked or Suppressed

Rare and Unique Enemies within 120 metres have Minimap Icons


  • Primal Wisps found

10% increased Quantity of Primal Wisps found in the Viridian Wildwood


  • Coated Blade

Can apply Tinctures to your Equipped Weapons


  • Wildwood Blessing

Grants Level 20 Barkskin Skill


  • Enduring Suffusion

Tinctures applied to you have 75% increased Effect per empty Flask Slot


  • Lesson of the Seasons

10% chance to Avoid non Damaging Ailments on you per Bark below maximum

10% reduced Duration of Damaging Ailments on you per Bark


2. Warlock of the Mists

A Warlock of the Mists seeks mastery over the darkness. This is another best Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League Ascendancy class that allows us to work with corpses to become stronger against certain types of monsters which is absolutely wild. 


Ascendancy Skill Trees

  • Cannibalized Faith

Spells you cast yourself gain Added Physical Damage equal to 20% of Life Cost, if Life Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend


  • Blood Hunt

Grants Level 20 Ravenous Skill


  • Sanguimancy

Skills Cost Life instead of Mana

Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana

Removes all Mana

30% increased Life Reservation Efficiency of Skills


  • Wild Wisps Found

10% increased Quantity of Wild Wisps found in the Viridian Wildwood


  • Creeping Lobotomy

Grants Level 20 Pacify Skill

Choir of the Damned

Grants Level 20 Penance Mark Skill


  • Black Mass

Grants Level 20 Affliction Skill


  • Soul Splitting

Grants Level 20 Summon Dark Effigy Skill


  • Crimson Power

Removes all Energy Shield

Gain Maximum Life instead of Maximum Energy Shield from Equipped Armour Items

-6 Maximum Life per Level


  • Foul Pact

Enemies Pacified by you take 20% increased Damage

Minions affected by Affliction have Onslaught

Phantasms from Penance Mark grant 50% increased Flask Charges

Phantasms from Penance Mark have a 50% chance to grant a Vaal Soul on Death

3. Wildwood Primalist

A Primalist of the Wildwood answers to no one. This is the new best PoE 3.23 Ascendancy allows us to build our own Ascendancy class. This is the Wildwood Primalist, we use different body parts and organs that we can smash together and put on our tree that are comprised of different Ascendancy classes abilities. This means you can smash together stuff from the Juggernaut and stuff from the Occultist to make the ultimate ascendancy class. 

Ascendancy Skill Trees

  • 3 Charm Sockets

    • Howl of the Wolf

    Your Warcries attempt to shake extra items from Corpses

    Your Warcries open Chests


    • Vivid Wisps found

    10% increased Quantity of Vivid Wisps found in the Viridian Wildwood


    • Might of the Bear

    5% increased Character Size

    Equip a Wildwood Rucksack which has 20 Inventory Slots

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