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POE 3.22 Best Blast from the Past Builds - Top 5 Best Builds for Blast from the Past in Path of Exile 2023

11/3/2023 5:01:22 PM

If you need some ideas to pick up the meta builds for Blast from the Past event in Path of Exile 3.22, we've got you covered here with the Top 5 Best Blast from the Past Builds that are not only gearing budget for early game, but also tanky blaster with high DPS!

Top 5 POE 3.22 Best Blast from the Past Builds

The key is to pick builds for the Blast from the Past event in Path of Exile 3.22 that can take advantage of both Sentinel buffs and Kalandra crafting for damage and defense. Prioritize clear speed, mobility, tankiness, and recovery. When reviewing the recommended skill trees, keep in mind that they have been scaled back to level 90 due to the shorter timeframe of the 7-day event. However, the item builds still assume access to six-link items. For slower-progressing players, you may need to reduce some gem levels and plan for only having a 5-link item within the 7 days. The skill trees are optimized for what an average player should be able to achieve by the end of the 7-day November event. If you progress faster or slower, you may need to adapt the builds accordingly, especially around whether you can obtain a 6-link item in that timeline. Plan your gem links and sockets based on your expected progress through the content within the condensed event timeframe.

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1 -  2H Axe Boneshatter Juggernaut

2H Axe Boneshatter Juggernaut build in Path of Exile 3.22 for the first week of the league.  Boneshatter has great scaling early on and is accessible relatively early in the acts. Easy to craft usable 2H axes. Aim for high DPS with Boneshatter. Don't need a 6-link right away. The 4500 life pool is solid for Boneshatter Juggernaut in SSF. Around 61-62k armor makes it quite tanky. Cap elemental resistances. Gear focuses on life, resistance, armor/evasion. Gear is straightforward to craft/acquire in the first week. The helm and chest just need life and resistance. Passive tree priorities are life, armor, physical damage, and mace/axe nodes. The main skills are Boneshatter, Ancestral Warchief, and Molten Shell. Auras are Pride, Determination, and Defiance Banner. Juggernaut ascendancy provides damage, attack speed, accuracy, and physical damage reduction. The build shines early SSF with easy gearing, good defense, and strong Boneshatter damage scaling. It's a solid league starter for the first week of Path of Exile 3.22.

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2 - Toxic Rain Pathfinder

The Toxic Rain Pathfinder is an excellent choice for the upcoming Blast From The Past event due to its strong synergies with the Sentinel and Kalandra league mechanics. This build received high ratings in many categories including budget, mapping, and defense which makes it ideal as a league starter.  Key strengths of this build include its extremely powerful flask uptime and sustain from the Pathfinder ascendancy which will pair nicely with Kalandra's lake for crafting god-tier flasks. It also provides reliable crowd control through the spreading pod explosions of Toxic Rain which will be enhanced further by Sentinel buffs. It has great all-around viability making it one of the top builds suited for the upcoming Blast From The Past event in Path of Exile 3.22.

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3 - Cold Dot Vortex Elementalists

This Cold DoT Vortex Elementalist is an excellent all-around league starter with tremendous clear speed and great defenses. It has a straightforward leveling and gearing process perfect for beginners but also scales well into endgame. The chilling prolif playstyle provides a fun and satisfying mapping experience. Gearing is very budget friendly, with rares covering resists, life, and spell suppression. The skill tree prioritizes life, damage over time multi, and cold damage. No mandatory unique items makes it great for SSF as well. Leveling is smooth with suggested leveling setups. For these reasons, it's a top-tier league starter choice for Trial of the Ancestors and also ideal option for November events.

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4 - Rain of Arrows Champion

This Rain of Arrows Champion build guide provides a well-rounded league starter that can comfortably do all map content and some endgame bossing. It has easy gearing requirements perfect for SSF. For gearing, a focus on life and resists allows progress on a budget. Unique bows like Doomfletch can carry damage far with added flat phys. The skill tree priorities increase life, armor, evasion, and bow damage nodes. Ancestral Protector boosts single target as well. The tanky Champion defenses combined with solid Rain of Arrows clear speed make it a great choice for beginners in Trial of the Ancestors 3.22.

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5. Heavy Armour Frost Blade Raider

This is a very solid league starter and SSF-friendly build that can comfortably clear all endgame content on a budget under 10 divine orbs. It has excellent clear speed thanks to Frost Blades' projectiles and high movement speed. The heavy armour version trades some speed for tankiness but can still achieve over 5 million DPS. With good piloting, this versatile Raider can take you deep into the Trial of the Ancestors league. By using a two-handed axe and heavy armour, this variant sacrifices some speed in favour of higher damage and mitigation compared to the claw version. Key recommended items include Kaom's Heart, Darkray Vectors, and a well-crafted axe with high physical DPS. The passive tree focuses on life, armour, melee damage, and critical strikes.

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