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PoE 3.22 Best Shifting Stones Builds - Top 5 Builds for Shifting Stones Event in Path of Exile 2023

11/5/2023 6:33:14 PM
Tag: POE Builds

Here we recommend top 5 best budget OP builds for Shifting Stones Event, which will surely help you leveling up and unlock all rewards fastest!

Top 5 Builds for Shifting Stones Event in Path of Exile 3.22 League

The Shifting Stones event features rotating enhanced league mechanics every 15 minutes - Torment, Blight, Legion, Delirium, and Beyond - boosted by specific Atlas keystones. Players need strong builds and adaptability to handle the deadly random threats. Mastering the chaos by optimizing each 15 minute area rotation is key to maximizing rewards in this challenging and dynamic event. The key is picking builds with minions or ongoing persistent damage over time effects, so you can focus on mechanics. Prioritize recovery, mobility, tankiness, and avoiding being surrounded, to survive the shifting chaos in the Shifting Stones event!

  • 1 - Righteous Fire Jugg

This Righteous Fire Juggernaut build is an excellent league starter and suitable for new players due to its simple playstyle, high defense, and easy gearing. The key strengths of the build stem from the Juggernaut ascendancy, allowing it to reach very high armor levels upwards of 80,000 and achieve strong physical damage reduction. Combined with high life and life regeneration, the build is extremely tanky and durable, able to facetank most content. The main damage comes from Righteous Fire's burning AoE, supplemented by Fire Trap and Infernal Cry explosions for single target. While the damage may not reach ultra high levels, it is more than sufficient for all early and mid-tier mapping. Gearing the build is straightforward, with a focus on getting high armor/life on all slots plus life regeneration on belt and gloves. Unique items like The Brass Dome can help cap resistances. The skill tree priorities increase life, armor, fire damage, and DOT multipliers. No mandatory unique items makes it SSF viable for the November events!

  • 2 - Splitting Steel Champ

The Splitting Steel Champion's combination of strong defenses through Fortify, Molten Shell, endurance charges, life leech, and other layers makes it durable against the rotating league threats. Its permanent Onslaught and Call of Steel shatter provide speed. Impale and aura effect boost its physical damage output across all content. With well-rounded offense and defense, this is a very solid melee build for quickly adapting to and surviving the rapid shifts between enhanced league mechanics in the Shifting Stones event.

  • 3 - Zoomancer Necromancer

The Zoomancer's sheer quantity of minions provides excellent distraction and damage across all league mechanics, allowing the player to focus on dodging threats. Its recovery options keep it sustainable, while options like Bone Offering and Surrender shield provide strong defensive layers. With smart play, the army of minions can adapt to any shifted league mechanic and clear effectively. The build's well-rounded offense and defense makes it a very solid starter that can comfortably handle the rapid shifts of the Shifting Stones event.

  • 4 - Ignite Detonate Dead Elementalist

The Ignite Detonate Dead Elementalist provides strong area damage that can adapt to the rapid shifts between enhanced leagues. Its recovery, defense layers like Golems, and ignite proliferation help it sustain through the chaos. With smart play and corpse targeting, the spreading burns can thrive in any shifted mechanic. And the satisfying explosions make it engaging to play. The well-rounded offense and defense of this Elementalist make it a great option for the intensity of the Shifting Stones event.

  • 5 - Essence Drain Contagion Shadow Trickster

The Essence Drain Contagion Trickster's combination of ranged damage over time and proliferation allows it to quickly clear through dense packs regardless of the active league mechanic. Its recovery and evasion-based defense provide sustainability and avoid one-shots. With speed, chaos damage, and ghost shrouds, the Trickster can adapt smoothly to any shifted content. And Contagion auto-spreads Essence Drain's damage around. The well-rounded offense and defense of this Shadow make it a great all-around starter for the rapid shifts of the Shifting Stones event.

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