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When Does TOTY Come Out in EA FC 24? Release Date, Vote, Nominees for FC24 Team of the Year

11/3/2023 6:48:27 PM

With this EA FC 24 Predicton, we talk about the release date (schedule), vote, nominees for FC 24 UT Team of the Year!

FC 24 TOTY Predictons - Release Date, Vote, Nominees for EA FC24 Team of the Year

Team of the Year (TOTY) is one of the most anticipated promotions in EA Sports FC. This highly coveted event celebrates the standout football players from the previous year by releasing special upgraded player items in FUT. With FC 24 set to release its first edition of TOTY in January 2024, fans are already speculating which superstars could earn a spot in the elite TOTY squad. While the official list of nominees won't be revealed until early January, we can make some educated guesses as to who the top contenders are for FC 24 Team of the Year. In this article, we'll discuss when TOTY will arrive in FC 24, how voting works, and which players are likely to feature based on real-world performance in 2023. Whether you're eager to vote for your favorite players or keen to pack a TOTY item, read on for our FC 24 Team of the Year predictions!

What is TOTY in EA FC 24?

TOTY (Team of the Year) is an annual promotion in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team that celebrates the best performing footballers over the past year. Special TOTY player items are released with boosted stats and ratings, making them among the most coveted cards in FUT.

When Does TOTY Come Out in EA FC 24?

The exact release date for TOTY in EA FC 24 has not been officially confirmed. However, based on past FIFA releases, TOTY will likely come to EA FC 24 in mid-January 2024, most likey on begin on Friday, January 19, 2024. This prediction is based on the release date of TOTY attackers in the previous year, which was Friday, January 20, 2023. EA Sports typically releases promos on Friday evenings, so it is expected to follow a similar pattern.

When Can We Vote for the TOTY on EA Sports FC 24?

Voting for the EA FC 24 TOTY will likely open in early January 2024, around January 8. The voting usually lasts for about a week, closing sometime around January 15. Fans can cast their votes on the official EA FC website and app.

EA FC 24 TOTY Release Schedule Prediction

The promo normally lasts around a week, with different positions being released each day:

  • January 8 - TOTY Nominees Announced (TBC)

  • January 19 - TOTY Attackers Released (TBC)

  • January 22 - TOTY Midfielders Released (TBC)

  • January 24 - TOTY Defenders & Goalkeeper Released (TBC)

  • January 26 - Full TOTY Team Released (TBC)

FC 24 TOTY Nominees Predictions - Which Players Could Be In Team of the Year?

Though the full nominees list won't be known until January, these are some predictions for players who could make the FC 24 TOTY:


Kylian Mbappe

Lionel Messi

Karim Benzema

Neymar Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Kevin De Bruyne

Luka Modric


Federico Valverde


Virgil van Dijk

Achraf Hakimi

Antonio Rudiger

Thiago Silva


Thibaut Courtois

Emiliano Martinez

The FC 24 TOTY will feature the best 11 players at each position along with additional 12th man and honorable mentions. Look out for the full list of nominees in January!

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