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EA FC 24 Black Friday Event: Date, Promos, Packs, SBCs, Market Crash & How To Prepare

11/7/2023 10:14:44 AM

Here we break down the EA FC 24 Black Friday promotion event, as well as talk about the market crash caused by the event to tell you how to prepare for the best investments!

FC 24 Black Friday Promos & Market Crash Guide

The highly anticipated EA FC 24 Black Friday Event is approaching, and football fans everywhere are preparing for the big day. As with every year, this event brings both opportunities and challenges for players looking to strengthen their squads. With some planning and strategy, managers can navigate the market chaos to their advantage.

What is the Black Friday Event in EA FC 24

As football fans know, Black Friday always falls on the day after Thanksgiving in North America, coinciding with the beginning of the holiday shopping season. In EA FC 24, this real-world sales phenomenon is recreated through special promotions and offers within the game's transfer market. For three days only, managers will be able to grab exceptional deals on player packs, coins, and more. The Black Friday event is one of the most highly anticipated promotions in FIFA Ultimate Team each year. Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November, marking the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. In FUT, Black Friday brings a host of special packs, SBCs, players items, and market crashes. EA aims to ramp up the hype and action and entice players to keep logging in over the busy weekend. With bigger discounts than normal, it's the perfect time for managers looking to bolster their starting XI or rebuild their reserves

FC 24 Black Friday Event Release Date

Based on previous years, we can estimate that the EA FC 24 Black Friday event will take place from Friday, November 24th until Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. The event typically kicks off at 6 pm UK time on Friday.

FC 24 Black Friday Promos

Players can expect special promo packs to be released every hour with lightning rounds. There will also be numerous flash SBCs with lucrative reward packs. EA may re-release highly rated TOTW players and introduce a new promo team. Upgrade and position change SBCs are almost certain. Dynamic objectives will reward players with packs and special cards.

Here are the key promos featured in the FC 24 Black Friday event:

Hourly FUT Pack Offers:

A new promo pack or lightning round will be released every hour, with pack types ranging from 10k to 150k coin packs. This includes the release of 100k and 125k packs for the first time in FC 24.

Flash Themed Squad Building Challenges:

Time-limited SBCs themed around Black Friday that reward packs up to 50k in value. These SBCs require quick completion.

Best of TOTW Items:

A selection of highly-rated player items from previous Team of the Week releases will be re-released in packs during the event.

Themed Player Items:

New special player cards centered around the Black Friday theme, like Road to the World Cup items, will be released in packs. This includes items split into teams/mini-releases.

Icon Items:

A batch of classic Icon player items, like Pelé and Eusébio, will be available in packs. These are also split into teams/mini-releases.

Squad Building Challenges and Objectives:

SBCs and in-game objectives that reward unique Black Friday player items not available in packs.

In addition, typical FUT promotions like upgrade SBCs and pack offers are also expected to feature. The promos aim to drive engagement with new content releases and pack openings during the event period.

What is the Black Friday Market Crash in FC 24?

As packs are ripped open massively during the event, the market gets severely flooded with players. This results in rapid price drops across the board, especially for highly used gold cards. Prices often hit their lowest points during this market crash. It presents a great opportunity for savvy traders.

How To Prepare For The Black Friday Market Crash in FC 24?

Sell any tradable items in your club a few days before to avoid losses.

Stack up on consumables to complete upgrades.

Save your coins and FIFA Points for promo packs.

Buy popular meta cards that slump during the crash to profit on their rebound.

Complete cheap SBCs that provide tradeable packs.

Snipe deals during the crash matches on Sunday/Monday to make coins.

Careful preparation is key to make the most of the massive EA FC 24 Black Friday event. Players who time the volatile market correctly can greatly boost their club's value.

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