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PoE 3.22 Blast from the Past Kalandra Strategy: Tablet & Reflecting Mists Guide

11/10/2023 4:43:26 PM

The Blast from the Past event is bringing back the 3.9 Kalandra mechanics to Path of Exile 3.22, so in this guide, we want to recap the Tablet Mechanic and Kalandra-Exclusive Jewellery that is being put out in the second November event, in order to help you do the most effective running for rewards!

PoE 3.22 Blast from the Past Kalandra Mechanics in PoE 3.19 Patch

Kalandra was released in a terrible state, GGG shifted loot from magic monsters to rare monsters in 3.19, but this was done very poorly - you lost 1000 items from magic monsters, gained 100 from rares and the other 900 items were only there if you had a magic find culler. So lots of players quit early. By week 4 things had changed but the damage had been done. The player base's collective memory of 3.19 is of the day 1 experience.

Loot placement in the Lake of Kalandra is counterintuitive. League-specific nodes like this Harbinger one are mostly trash. Rewards mostly come from killing map bosses inside the Lake, and rare miracle drops. It took players a while to figure this out in the league. This increased player perception that the mechanic drops no loot. By the end, it was actually quite lucrative.

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1. Tablet Mechanic in PoE Kalandra League

Let's take a quick overview of the Tablet mechanic in the Kalandra League:

  • Each zone in the game will have a Kalandra interactable tablet. Ignore these in the Acts, but at endgame they are worth doing.

  • Your goal is to make a fully connected, long, windy, and linear path.

  • Zones further from the origin will be harder and more rewarding. This is measured by walking distance. Chests get WAY better once you hit

  • difficulty 5, which means it takes 5 steps to walk out of the Lake.

How To Avoid A Bad Tablet?

Let's start by looking at a full tablet that is particularly bad:

PoE 3.22 Blast from the Past Kalandra - Bad Tablet

  • This is a full tablet. This Reflection of Tyranny node (top left) has 4 notches. These notches indicate higher-quality nodes.

  • For non-league mechanic tiles, the more notches, the stronger the bias toward uncommon (and good) reward types like Scarabs. With

  • fewer notches, it is more common to see bad rewards like a rmor. This is a bad tablet. Branching paths are bad. The entry being in the

  • middle is terrible. You want a 'snake' layout instead.

How To Get A Good Tablet?

What are better Tablets look like? Here are some tips you should remember for getting a good one:

  • More notches = bias toward rarer/better loot types

  • Further from entrance = higher quantity of loot, and Kalandra exclusive items (if you get one which is RNG) are better.

  • There are also two VERY rare tiles you should watch for - Reflection of Paradise, and Reflection of Kalandra. The former is much more common and is the best tradeable XP item" ever to exist.

  • Tablet Tactics - Long Snakes, Entry at One End, Precious Tiles At The Other

This tablet is a work in progress:

PoE 3.22 Blast from the Past Kalandra - Good Tablet

There is an uncommon (not truly rare) option to swap the entrance tile with an empty tile. Using this to move the entrance to the bottom middle would create a 12-length path. This should be your goal.

Tablets in red tier maps (and maybe yellow) have about a 50% chance to roll as 4x5 layouts, and about 50% to roll as 5x5. The latter is far superior, as it can allow paths of length up to 16.

Tablet Optimization - 3 Special Tiles, Using 'Swap' to get a 'free' skip

Blow the "Reflection of Chaos" text, there are three buttons: Reroll, Skip, and Exile (Ban). These are special unlocks that improve your Tablets by a lot. Here are some important tips to help you optimize the tablet:

  • The third one allows you to 'ban' a tile. That option will never be offered again for this tablet. You should always use this upon "Defeat Packs Of Infested Creatures" nodes. These are mediocre and common.

  • Once you unlock 3 bans, you can ban 3 of the 5 types of these nodes.

  • Once you ban these common and bad nodes, you will get many more of the rarer tiles. Many (not all) of these rare tiles are better.

  • The other two buttons reroll your options. The first one rerolls without penalty, the second rerolls but costs you one use of the

  • current in-map Kalandra event. It's strictly worse but still good.

  • Note - You can use“Swap a Reflection with another Reflection" on two tiles just to "waste" amove, if there are no available good moves.

Tablet Building For Kalandra League Start

So what's your first priority at league start for Kalandra? Unlocking all three Exiles/Bans as follows:

  • Beeline for unlocking all 3 bans. This will be a large multiplier to the amount of good options you will be offered in Kalandra events.

  • Ban number 1 comes from doing any tile at difficulty 8+.

  • Ban number 2 comes from doing a Legion tile at difficulty 8+.

  • Ban number 3 comes from doing a Beyond tile at difficulty 10+. Don't underestimate these monsters, difficulty 10 adds a lot of monster stats, and Beyond monsters are strong. You need to full clear the tile.

  • In trade -buy this milestone. It's the Kalandra equivalent of getting another Voidstone, and it might take 100 maps to hit Beyond 10.

  • Reroll and skip unlocks are worth doing, but less essential.

More Tablet Building Tips

There are more notes for building up your Tablet in Kalandra league:

  • There's an uncommon option to convert a water tile into an empty tile. You'll get it a few times per Lake.

  • Do not use this if you already have at least 13 non-water tiles (4x5 lake) or at least 17 (5x5 lake). You cannot undo it.

  • Your Lake will become too crowded to avoid loops.

  • You'll have more tiles, but worse ones.

  • Also, if you get a 4x5 tablet and very early in rolling you have the rare "Destroy This Tablet" option, you should use it. 5x5 tablets are miles better.

2. Kalandra Exclusive Jewellery (Reflecting Mists)

The Kalandra exclusive jewelry and the reflecting mists are the two major rewards that are Kalandra exclusive and they are a big deal:

There are two mechanics that offer jewelry with stats scaled beyond normal limits, the relatively common“RNG Reflecting Mist" and the extremely rare "Ethereal Reflecting Mist" The numbers on RNG mists are higher, but the items will not have synergistic mods.

RNG Reflecting Mist

Here are a couple of items that existed in the Kalandra league. Death Scarab is an item that is listed for trade in Standard League at the moment and it's very expensive as you might be able to guess even though it only has one positive mod on it, the other three mods are all negative.  Corruption Choker is underwhelming, but we think it's indicative of what you will normally get out of the RNG Reflecting Mist.

  • The RNG Reflecting Mist will spawn a random piece of jewelry and a reflected version of that jewelry, it seems to pop up about one in 10 tiles that you complete within the Lake of Kalange, sometimes you go an entire Lake without getting one, sometimes you'll get 3 of them in the same Lake.

  • You also have a small chance of getting 2 RNG Reflecting Mist at once as your reward for completing a particular tile. The way this works is that both of the different rings are rolled as though with a chaos orb but they'll be the same as each other, and then numerical modifiers on each are scaled up by a lot, on a difficulty 13 tile they'll be scaled up by a factor of 3. And Death Scarab is an example of one that came out of exactly a difficulty 13 tile, you could actually get slightly higher scaling again, had Death Scarab come out of a difficulty 16 tile instead then it would actually be worse, the -69% to damage overtime multiplier might be -72% instead. What we do know is that it is 13 where plus 3 to the level of all skill gems becomes an option there.

  • Some modifiers will be inverted on each of these items and they will be polar opposites of each other. So when Death Scarab was pulled out of the Reflecting Mist, there would have been another copy of Death Scarab and the other Death Scarab would have had +69% do multi, +54% global Critical Strike chance, +60% maximum energy shield, and -3 to the level of all skill gems. So these two items would form a mered pair.

  • It's our experience that the RNG mist is trash about 95% of the time, a bit more than 4% of the time you get something out of it that is somewhat solid, that you could see someone using for a while but that probably isn't perfect for anyone. A good example of what you might expect here would be a ring that has +112 to one attribute, +97 to another attribute, -175 maximum life, and one other undesirable mod such as monsters attacking you and dealing 17 additional lightning damage.

However, you can get absolutely god-tier items out of the RNG reflecting Miss on rare occasions. It's like opening stacked decks average value can be quite high, but you almost always get nothing. The big hits raise the average a lot.

Kalandra Exclusive Bases - 5-for-1 recipe (trade only)

Secondly, you can get some special bases out of the RNG Reflecting Mist, this is quite rare but you can get Kalandra-exclusive bases in the RNG Reflecting Mist. Even if the explicit mods on these are bad, they're actually quite good and that's because you can vendor 5 Penumbra Rings that are all merged to get a rare Penumbra Ring back that is not mered, and as a result is craftable. It's one of those bases that not all that many people want but for the people who do want it it is really important to them and as a result, these end up being really good.

There are five different versions of these bases and they're all rare. If you're in solid SSF, we don't think there's any real prospect of you being able to use the 5-for-1ing recipe, this is something that's much more trade-only. Whatever you do though, always take these and don't vendor them for anything other than the 5-for-1ing vendor recipe.

Ethereal Reflecting Mist - What It Does & Why It's Valuable

The Ethereal Reflecting Mist is the jackpot, this allows you to pick which item to put into the Mist, and so can grant items with more synergistic modifiers. It also allows“flipping” some modifiers to negative that can't normally be negative, Whilst it's not as strong now as it was in 3.19, you can“flip" the Delve exclusive ring modifier“10% of physical damage converted to fire" into“-24% of physical damage converted into fire", which has some niche uses.

Ethereal Mist can be used on fractured items, but not influenced, synthesized, or items with sockets.

Generally, you want to use this on items with mods where the negative version can be an asset(e.g."-94% lightning resist" is a great mod on Doryani's Prototype builds), or is at least easy to ignore, such as "-2 to minimum Frenzy charges".

Fair Warning: The Ethereal Reflecting Mist is EXTREMELY rare and valuable. Think of it as akin to Hinekora's Lock, not akin to more common crafting tools like the Corruption Chamber.

Ethereal Reflecting Mist Numerical Scaling

The Mist's magnitude scales with the difficulty of the tile it is found on. At difficulty 4, it's x1.8. Each difficulty above 4 adds 0.05 to this multiplier. 8 is a massive breakpoint.

Ethereal Reflecting Mist is Better in Blast From the Past Event

Ethereal Reflecting Mist will be way better in Blast From The Past than it was in Kalandra, as in Blast it is much cheaper to make exceptionally good candidates for Ethereal Reflection. No Harvest Augments are required. Expect the rare tablets with it to be even more precious than they were in Kalandra league.

3. Best Strategy For Blast From the Past Kalandra (Trade Only)

Here is a simple and effective strategy from the 3.19 Kalandra league you can use for the Kalandra short league in the Blast From the Past event:

In 3.19, we often bought tiles other people had made without premium tiles on them. We would pick an anon-premium tile like "Reflection of Tyranny (4-notch map boss tile) and search trade for difficulty 14+ versions of that tile.

Pay up to 50C, then run the whole tablet. POE Currency drops alone recovered costs, but the RNG Reflecting Mists gave us 3 drops that were each 1+ mirror shard in value during the league.

Lastly, Kalandra goes well with fast mapping, you want to hit a lot of in-map Kalandra events per hour in order to maximize your use of this particular mechanic. You can sell your tablets in trade if you're uninterested in running them or if your character performs poorly against the mechanics of the Kanadra expansion. Note that Sentinel also goes really well with fast mapping and the mechanics match up well, so hopefully that's been a useful little recap for those of you who played in Kalandra or a bit of a heads-up as to what to expect for those of you that didn't play Kalandra in the Blast From the Past event!

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