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PoE 3.22 Best Atlas Strategy - Best & Fast Way To Reach Red Map In Path Of Exile

8/23/2023 6:01:15 PM
Tag: POE Atlas

How to accelerate your Atlas progression in Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors? In this PoE 3.22 Atlas progression guide, we talk about the best way to reach red maps before everyone. What can you potentially be 12 plus hours to t16 to it being 8 plus hours from the very start of the League depending on how fast you complete the x? The answer to that is the wandering path. You might think wondering path is one of those things that's tied to all the end game sort of farming strategies where you're farming divination cards quantity but no. That is not just it.


PoE 3.22 Atlas Progression Guide - Best Way To Reach Red Maps In Path Of Exile

How to kill bosses to t16 then fight the endgame bosses and get two watch stones in 4 hours? The benefit of that is you will get your two watch stones as soon as possible as long as your build can actually handle killing those bosses. The second benefit of that is that those watch tones will actually give you an additional chance to drop t16s. From this map, you'll be dropping a ton of maps and you will be guaranteed one adjacent map for every map you run. If you spec into this Atlas, you'll get additional chances for those maps to be duplicated. No matter what you're doing, you will drop an adjacent map, it's basically going to naturally progress your Atlas very quickly and you're going to be getting to endgame maps faster than you've ever done.


The premise of this Atlas is that you want to be rushing the wandering path as soon as possible. Wandering path is a keystone that makes your small Atlas passive skills be doubled. What that means is that also that your notables will not take effect. So you won't be able to spec into any mechanics that require those notables to be good in some cases expedition was thought of to be one of those mechanics in other cases. We are not going to be farming any league mechanics whatsoever as we're progressing the atlas this early. Our goal is to get T14 plus maps as fast as possible, kill the two watch stone bosses or an exarc. 

From there, we want this back into something else. The atlas progression will go straight through the middle of the atlas passive tree. You'll take these notes that give you a 2% chance for each monster to drop an adjacent map. These notes grant you a 1% chance to grant additional Kirac missions. That is because Kirac is going to provide you with a lot of the maps that you need to start off your Atlas and accelerate your progression that way. Then we go through the middle, you will take these keystones which do not do anything really right now since we won't be getting used to it. We want to pass through these notes which have a 5% chance for maps to be one tier higher which will be very useful later on. Then we want to spec into the wandering path. So now you have your base Atlas.


From here, we want to build up as many of these nodes as possible. Now because of the wandering path doubling this, that is 4% per node. For stat summary, make sure that you’re getting as close to 100 as possible. We will do that by specing however you want. You’ll have a 100% chance to drop an adjacent map as long as you have killed all the monsters on the map. Essentially what you'll be doing is going into your maps and you're going to search for that adjacent map. From there, you kill the map boss and you do not even have to complete the rest of the map as that will be your plus one and you can go on to the next map. From here on out your Atlas passive tree, what you want to do is you want to spec into a 5% chance for one thing higher to get as many of those as possible. Because that is going to give you a higher chance to get plus ones rather than it being one tier lower.


From here, you can spec into any mechanic. One of the very nice things about this Atlas passive tree as well is that nodes like Legion Monolith Chance are going to be doubled so it's going to give you a very high chance to spawn legions if you want to do that. You can also grab blight encounters, and get additional chances to spawn blights. You can still use Keystone Scream of Consciousness. Another thing you can do is Expedition, you'll have a 4% chance to gain additional Expedition that turns into 8% thanks to the wandering path. It's also going to give you also increased quantity of artifacts dropped by monsters.


Imagine you want to do an expedition tree, you would grab all of those nodes and then the new Keystone that increases the radius. So it's going to make losing the notables worse than what it was before. You'll spec into all of the other small nodes, then you will build up your map base and set yourself up in T14 plus. That is at that point when you probably want to unspec wandering path once we have 20-16s or so and you've completed a lot of your Atlas. You want to unspec out of that and then at this point, you probably want to grab all of your notables and continue on with the atlas as you normally would. You can still keep these notes as they will give you a lot of sustain but little by little early as you progress you're going to be dropping a ton of maps. You can start to respect all of these and gain more passive skills to specialize in a mechanic you really enjoy.


Another really nice tip that you can have for an early Atlas passive tree is the fact that you can have a new passive All Hands. All Hands is going to increase the chance for a random master encounter by 40% depending on which one you would spec into. It's also going to give you 150% of the value. These are the basic tips that you can have and the things that will make your early mapping experience very nice and much smoother than what you would normally have if you didn't spec into them. Essentially, the most important thing is to get the D14 plus and that's the wandering path that is going to accelerate you to that stage. From there, you do any mechanic that you please and you respect your Atlas in a certain way.

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