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PoE 3.22 Best Maps To Farm - Top 10+ Maps To Favorite in Path of Exile 3.22 Ancestors

8/18/2023 10:23:04 AM

Path of Exile 3.22 is finally rolling out, so now what are the best maps to favorite for farming POE currency, sought-after Div cards, and blighted maps in the Trail of Ancestors league? We will get your covered by going over the TOP 10+ Maps to farm.

PoE 3.22 Map Changes

With the PoE 3.22 Expansion, besides new maps being added to replace some old ones, some other notable changes will also affect the map meta in the new league:

  • New Atlas Passive keystones and clusters bring new buffs to some maps;

  • Most maps are now discovered at a different tier than they previously were, as map levels and locations have been rearranged (the 'pin' placements on maps haven't changed);

  • Some of the Map Bosses you are required to defeat to upgrade your Pantheon have changed as a result of these Atlas changes;

  • Some Divination Cards will drop in new maps and locations, so you may now find Scarred Meadow and Tranquillity in the Orchard Map, and Whiteout in the Channel Map; 

  • When rerolling Kirac's missions using an Explorer's Scouting Report, Unique Maps are no longer a possible reward;

  • Maps that have since been deleted from the Atlas may still have Crafting Recipes that were previously unlocked there;

  • Sextant modifiers have been adjusted such that the Final Map Boss in each Map now drops either an extra Shaper Guardian Map, Elder Guardian Map, or Conqueror Map after you complete the Map;

  • and more.

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PoE 3.22 Best Maps To Farm (Favorite) in Ancestors League

The Map and Atlas changes affect the mapping strategies and the Atlas passive tree in the new league. Therefore, what are the best maps to favorite now for the most effective farming? Considering the new map changes in the PoE 3.22 patch, and the aspects such as layout, Div drops, monster density, and boss of each map, we've chosen the Top 10+ PoE 3.22 maps that are good for farming in the Trail of the Ancestors League: 

  • Carcass

Pros: A good map with tile sets based on the Rotten Corn act 9, it's a nice circular map with an extremely easy boss to do, so  we can do Boss Rush, blights. Majoroity of the blight maps outside of a few outliners were two lanes or less, Carcass is a good two-lane map. The main thing makes Carcass appealing is just like last League where we had the Doctor hunt, Carcass offers us the Nurse (it should be more common than the Doctoer in theory). So doing blight and farming blight, and having that light explosion and the mass amount of mobs, we should see some the Nurses, it makes it really good to farm in a high ticket target for Blight farmers. 

Map Type: Liner

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 597

Div Cards: The Nurse, The Hunger, The Dragon's Heart, The Surveyor, etc. 

  • Crimson Temple (Tier 10)

Pros: The map has narrow paths and boss separated, one of the best maps that drops the best div cards.  An ideal map for farming the Apothecary that can be paired with Delirium Mirror; also contains some high-value cards as Defiled Cathedral beside Innocent

Pros: Paths are narrow, easy to kill monsters

Map Type: Liner

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: Mid/End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 485

Div Cards: The Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Luck, The Enlightened

  • Channel (Tier 16)

Pros: Paths are narrow, easy to kill monsters

Map Type: Liner

Map Layout: Straight

Boss Location: End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 641

Div Cards: Whiteout, Humility, The Destination

  • Tower (Tier 10)

Pros: The map comes with a great layout and mob density, but you have to face two bosses with phases. But no worries, the two bosses are separated and not twinnable, so we do think it is still worth running for farming the Nurse Div and Delirium Mirror. 

Map Type: Liner

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: Mid/End of Map

Monster Density (Average): Great

Div Cards: The Nurse, Home, The Soul

  • Atoll (Tier 5)

Pros: one of the easiest maps, straightforward easy, and the boss is always located at the top right

Map Type: Liner

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: Mid of Map

Monster Density (Average): 382

Div Cards: The Dragon's Heart, The Catch Lucky Deck, 

  • Cemetery (Tier 4)

Pros: Good map for farming The Doctor, The Offering, The Gambler and The Nurse cards; also has a decent layout and an easy boss.

Map Type: Liner

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: Mid of Map

Monster Density (Average): 485

Div Cards: Brother's Gift, Hope, The enlightened, Apothecary, Seven years bad luck

  • Dunes (Tier 2)

Pros: Wide and very open map, one of the best to do legion/breach/expedition. Great map for farming The Enlightened, The Encroaching Darkness, The Trial and The Sun cards; also has a simple layout and a fast boss.

Map Type: Wide

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 484

Div Cards: Imperial legacy, The tumbleweed

Note: More maps will be updated here after testing!

POE 3.22 Map Tiers & Location

Here we list the full list of Path of Exile 3.22 Maps, and where each map is on the passive atlas tree:

POE 3.22 Map Tier List & Locations

  • Map Tiers

  • Bone Crypt (Tier 1)

  • Arena (Tier 1)

  • Barrows (Tier 1)

  • Plateau (Tier 1)

  • Dunes (Tier 2)

  • Stagnation (Tier 2)

  • Primordial Blocks (Tier 2)

  • Estuary (Tier 2)

  • Grave Trough (Tier 2)

  • Beach (Tier 2)

  • Wasteland (Tier 2)

  • Mineral Pools (Tier 2)

  • Overgrown Shrine (Tier 3)

  • Strand (Tier 3)

  • Cold River (Tier 3)

  • Lookout (Tier 3)

  • Residence (Tier 3)

  • Bog (Tier 3)

  • Forking River (Tier 3)

  • Mesa (Tier 3)

  • Cemetery (Tier 4)

  • Moon Temple (Tier 4)

  • Vaal Pyramid (Tier 4)

  • Primordial Pool (Tier 4)

  • Malformation (Tier 4)

  • Iceberg (Tier 4)

  • Graveyard (Tier 4)

  • Cage (Tier 4)

  • Atoll (Tier 5)

  • Courtyard (Tier 5)

  • Volcano (Tier 5)

  • Bazaar (Tier 5)

  • Cells (Tier 5)

  • Tropical Island (Tier 5)

  • Leyline (Tier 5)

  • Alleyways (Tier 5)

  • Shore (Tier 6)

  • Promenade (Tier 6)

  • Thicket (Tier 6)

  • Acid Caverns (Tier 6)

  • Dark Forest (Tier 6)

  • Arachnid Tomb (Tier 6)

  • Academy (Tier 6)

  • Cursed Crypt (Tier 7)

  • Pit (Tier 7)

  • Precinct (Tier 7)

  • Pen (Tier 7)

  • Pier (Tier 7)

  • Lava Chamber (Tier 7)

  • Frozen Cabins (Tier 7)

  • Port (Tier 8)

  • Castle Ruins (Tier 8)

  • Factory (Tier 8)

  • Chateau (Tier 8)

  • Arcade (Tier 8)

  • Waterways (Tier 8)

  • Terrace (Tier 8)

  • Haunted Mansion (Tier 9)

  • Racecourse (Tier 9)

  • Summit (Tier 9)

  • Arachnid Nest (Tier 9)

  • Carcass (Tier 9)

  • Flooded Mine (Tier 9)

  • Underground Sea (Tier 10)

  • Orchard (Tier 10)

  • Basilica (Tier 10)

  • Crimson Temple (Tier 10)

  • Tower (Tier 10)

  • Vault (Tier 10)

  • Coves (Tier 11)

  • Colonnade (Tier 11)

  • Dungeon (Tier 11)

  • Geode (Tier 11)

  • Excavation (Tier 11)

  • City Square (Tier 11)

  • Museum (Tier 12)

  • Necropolis (Tier 12)

  • Mausoleum (Tier 12)

  • Courthouse (Tier 12)

  • Palace (Tier 12)

  • Sulphur Vents (Tier 12)

  • Caldera (Tier 13)

  • Lava Lake (Tier 13)

  • Colosseum (Tier 13)

  • Sunken City (Tier 13)

  • Glacier (Tier 13)

  • Temple (Tier 14)

  • Maze (Tier 14)

  • Wharf (Tier 14)

  • Reef (Tier 14)

  • Fungal Hollow (Tier 14)

  • Underground River (Tier 15)

  • Mud Geyser (Tier 15)

  • Phantasmagoria (Tier 15)

  • Siege (Tier 15)

  • Spider Forest (Tier 15)

  • Channel (Tier 16)

  • Infested Valley (Tier 16)

  • Silo (Tier 16)

  • Ivory Temple (Tier 16)

How to Pick a Good Favorite Map in Path of Exile 3.22?

Every league, the maps change, but you can use these criteria to pick a good one:

  • Layout: Linear is better than circular. You can run faster to the boss and avoid the fog in Leader or Delirium challenges.

  • Divination Card: Some cards are rare and valuable, but others have lost their worth. Check the market before you farm them.

  • Boss Location: Killing the boss spawns altars that can duplicate currency, items, and cards. The player altars are the best, so look for maps with easy bosses.

  • Monster Density: More monsters mean more loot and XP. Pick maps with high density.

These are some general tips, but your favorite map may depend on your build and goals. Experiment and find what works for you.

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