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Madden 24 Best Rookie Premiere - Best Rookie Premiere Cards by Position in MUT 24

7/26/2023 5:07:37 PM

The Rookie Premiere players you earned in Madden 23 will get a new overall rating in Madden NFL 24, which one is worth picking in MUT 24? Let’s look at the Madden 24 best Rookie Premiere cards for every single position. 

Madden 24 Best Rookie Premiere - Best Rookie Premiere Cards in MUT 24

All of the Rookie Premiere players along with Ultimate Rookie have been revealed in Madden 23, who is still going to be overpowered with a refreshed rating? Based on the predictions of This Is Popular Stranger, below is the list of best Rookie Premiere cards in MUT 24.  Not only overall and abilities, their archetypes might not be the same in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, so the meta in MUT 23 would not be the best option in the next Madden. 

1. Quarterbacks: QB - Will Levis, C.J. Stroud

Starting with the quarterback position, Will Levis is probably the best rookie to choose. Levis is a Strong Arm archetype quarterback and those archetypes tend to get better passing abilities at the beginning of the Madden 24. While for C.J. Stroud, his Scrambler archetype is not guaranteed to be the same in MUT 24, he's less likely to get good passing abilities. If you like to run with your quarterback, C.J. Stroud is the Rookie Premiere you want to go with, but if you are looking for a pure passer, Levis would be better. Overall, C.J. Stroud is better in Madden 23, while the best Madden 24 quarterback is going to be Will Levis.

2. Running Backs: HB - Bijan Robinson, Jahmyr Gibbs

Based on the current information, Bijan Robinson is going to be your best choice at running back, he's probably going to have better Trucking and Break Tackle than Jahmyr Gibbs who's another HB contender. If you need a speed running back that is fast, you are going to want to go with Jahmyr Gibbs, Bijan Robinson is a little bit slower, but he is a more well-rounded Rookie Premiere card as far as trucking, break tackle, spin move and catching.

3. Wide Receivers: WR - Jonathan Mingo, Zay Flowers

Moving on to the wide receivers, Jonathan Mingo is six foot two, compared to Zay Flowers, he is more well-rounded and probably going to have better catching and route running, but a little bit slower, his speed may be about the mid-80s goes for his Madden 24 Rookie Premiere card, he gives you more height. The faster player when it comes to receivers is going to be Zay Flowers, who is only five foot ten but has a higher speed rating. You can get both because you're generally going to have at least two receivers. 

4. Tight End: TE - Darnell Washington

At the tight end position, Darnell Washington is a no-brainer you are going to want to go with, he is six foot seven and gonna have a decent speed in MUT 24, which is the tallest and fastest of the tight ends that got Rookie Premiere items. 

5. Offensive Line: LT - Paris Johnson JR., RT - Darnell Wright, RG - Anthony Bradford, C - John Michael Schmitz

If you are limited in Madden 24 coins or don’t want to spend money, building your own team via Rookie Premiere is the route to going in the first month of the game. For left tackle, Paris Johnson JR. Is a very good option, and at right tackle, we're going to have Darnell Wright, Secure Protector on both of them from Madden 23 is the best ability, Then the right guard out is going to be Anthony Bradford, he also gets secure protector and he gets threat detector for zero AP, which is a really good ability he's one of the few cards still in MUT 23 that gets that for zero AP. Finally, we have John Michael Schmitz at the center position, if you get four out of the five offensive linemen to start the year, all of your other currency can be spent towards skill position players.

6. Linebackers: ROLB - Byron Young, LOLB - Nolan Smith, MLB - Dorian Williams

For outside linebackers, the first one is going to be Byron Young, his best abilities to go with are going to be Double or Nothing and No Outsiders, and he's the fastest outside linebacker for Madden 24, and if you're looking to do a pass rusher, this is the one you need to do. Nolan Smith is also fast, with his abilities, he's gonna get double or nothing and Edge Threat Elite. They are probably going to be your two fastest Rookie Premiere cards to start out MUT 24 and speed is always something that everybody's looking for. If you want a middle linebacker, Dorian Williams isn't a bad idea, he gets Lurker and Secure Tackler which is really good and high speed in MUT 23, middle linebackers and linebackers in pass coverage are pretty much irrelevant without that lurker ability, and early on in the year, this card does not get that, he is put here because he's the only middle linebacker.

7. Defensive Line: RE - Tyree Wilson, DT - Bryan Bresee

As for the defensive end, Tyree Wilson would get a decent card. There is only one defensive tackle, Bryan Bresee, so he's going to make this list by default but he is a solid option.

8. Safeties: FS - Jay Ward

We only have one free safety, which is Jay Ward, this card might not be bad, he's six foot one, he has a really good speed and he's the taller of the two safeties, if you can only get one safety, you're going to want to go with Jay Ward, the other option is a strong safety Ji'Ayir Brown who's only five foot eleven and height is also important. 

9. Cornerbacks: CB - Christian Gonzalez

The best cornerback of all rookies might be Christian Gonzalez because he's six foot two and he's gonna have 93 speed in REGS and he's more of a man coverage player and man coverage seems to be the meta early in MUT. In Madden 23 he gets Inside Shade and Deep Route KO for zero AP, if you play a lot of Zone you can still use this card, you're going to want to add Deep Out Zone KO. With all of those man coverage formations, if he gets good abilities and he's a man-to-man archetype, he could play very well with that height.

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