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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Nightmare Dungeon Tier List (Solo/Group Farming)

5/14/2024 3:44:45 PM

Though Helltides become one of the most efficient methods to level up fast in Season 4 of Diablo 4, Nightmare Dungeons are still offering massive XP farming and fast early gearing. So here we update the Diablo 4 NM Dungeon Tier List for Season 4 which will show you the best ones for farming XP, Glyphs, and Runeshards. 

Diablo 4 Season 4 NM Dungeon Tier List for XP/Glyph/Runeshard Farming in 1.4.0 Patch

With the launch of Diablo 4 Season 4 “Loot Reborn,” a new rotation of challenging Nightmare Dungeons is now available for players to test their skills. These dungeons feature powerful monsters with dangerous affixes that enhance abilities and pose additional threats. To help players strategize which Nightmare Dungeons are most rewarding and survivable for solo and group play, we have compiled a tier list ranking all the Nightmare Dungeons based on difficulty, experience gains, glyph/runeshard and legendary item drop chances. This guide provides an overview of the Nightmare Dungeon rotation in Season 4 and factors to consider when deciding which dungeons to run, whether going solo or in a group. Use our tier list to maximize your farming efficiency in the dangerous Nightmare Dungeons of Diablo 4 Season 4.

D4 Season 4 Best NM Dungeons Ranking For Solo XP Farming

The following Diablo 4 Season 4 Solo Nightmare Dungeons Tier List is based on the XP earned and clear speed per running:

Diablo 4 Season 4 NM Dungeon Tier List
NM DungeonTierScore
Sirocco CavernsS74.42
The Pit Level 1S71.94
Light's WatchS68.91
Sarat's LairS67.74
Blind BurrowsS67.04
Champion's DemiseS65.08
Komdor TempleS64.59
Sanguine ChapelS63.82
Guulrahn CanalsS63.31
Uldur's CaveA61.48
Mariner's RefugeA61.46
Akkhan's GraspA61.02
Steadfast BarracksA60.30
Howling WarrenA60.05
Deserted UnderpassA58.31
Yshari SanctumA58.24
Carrion FieldsB57.93
Buried HallsB57.26
Mercy's ReachB57.18
Flooded DepthsB56.99
Serpent's LairB56.75
Dead Man's DredgeB56.44
Shivta RuinsB56.03
Kor Dragan BarracksB54.63
Jalal's VigilB53.33
Whispering VaultB53.14
Collapsed VaultC52.47
Wretched DelveC52.27
Sepulcher of the ForswornC52.19
Fetid MausoleumC52.11
Bloodsoaked CragC51.80
Shifting CityC51.09
Vault of the ForsakenC50.87
Path of the BlindC50.17
Tomb of the SaintsC49.58
Tormented RuinsC49.57
Broken BulwarkC49.50
Hallowed OssuaryC49.22
Forbidden CityC48.54
Ghoa RuinsC48.33
Garan HoldC48.21
Faceless ShrineC47.45
Rimescar CavernsC47.34
Maugan's WorksC46.91
Luban's RestC46.65
Forgotten RuinsC46.32
Crusader's CathedralC46.31

D4 Season 4 Best NM Dungeons Ranking For Group XP Farming

The following Diablo 4 Season 4 Group Nightmare Dungeons Tier List is based on the XP earned and clear speed per running. Keep S-B Tier Dungeons as key ones to farm, and only run B tiers if you run out the S & A Tier dungeons. 

  1. Sarat's Lair (S Tier)

  2. Champions Demise (S Tier)

  3. Blind Burrows (S Tier)

  4. Uldur's Cave (S Tier)

  5. Sirocco Caverns (S Tier)

  6. Ghoa Ruins (S Tier)

  7. Mariners Refuge (A Tier)

  8. Belfry Zakara (A Tier)

  9. Sanguine Chapel (A Tier)

  10. Dead Man's Dredge (A Tier)

  11. Deserted Underpass (A Tier)

  12. Flooded Depths (A Tier)

  13. Guulrahn Canals (A Tier)

  14. Mercy's Reach (A Tier)

  15. Aldurwood (A Tier)

  16. Komdor Temple (B Tier)

  17. Shivta Ruins (B Tier)

  18. Kor Dragan Barracks (B Tier)

  19. Light's Refuge (B Tier)

  20. Howling Warren (B Tier)

  21. Akkhan's Grasp (B Tier)

  22. Jalal's Vigil (B Tier)

  23. Renegades Retreat (B Tier)

  24. Steadfast Barracks (B Tier)

  25. Heathens Keep (C Tier)

  26. Leviathan's Maw (C Tier)

  27. Maugan's Works (C Tier)

  28. Serpents Lair (C Tier)

  29. Collapsed Vault (C Tier)

  30. Conclave (C Tier)

  31. Crusaders Cathedral (C Tier)

  32. Fetid Mausoleum (C Tier)

  33. Inferno (C Tier)

  34. Rimescar Cavern (C Tier)

  35. Tormented Ruins (C Tier)

  36. Forbidden City (C Tier)

  37. Hallowed Ossuary (C Tier)

  38. Carrion Fields (C Tier)

  39. Charnel House (C Tier)

  40. Path of the Blind (C Tier)

  41. Whispering Vault (C Tier)

  42. Yshari Sanctum (C Tier)

  43. Broken Bulwark (C Tier)

  44. Light's Watch (C Tier)

  45. Zenith (C Tier)

  46. Earthen Wound (C Tier)

  47. Faceless Shrine (C Tier)

  48. Oldstones (C Tier)

  49. Forgotten Ruins (C Tier)

  50. Renegade's Retreat (C Tier)

  51. Sepulcher Of the Forsworn (C Tier)

  52. Tomb of the Saints (C Tier)

  53. Garan Hold (C Tier)

  54. Betrayers Row (C Tier)

  55. Shifting City (C Tier)

  56. Underroot (C Tier)

  57. Vault of The Forsaken (C Tier)

  58. Wretched Delve (C Tier)

  59. Betrayer's Row (C Tier)

  60. Bloodsoaked Crag (C Tier)

  61. Buried Halls (C Tier)

  62. Lubans Rest (C Tier)

  63. Endless Gate (F Tier)

  64. Prison of Caldeum (F Tier)

  65. Bastion of Faith (F Tier)

D4 Season 4 Best NM Dungeons for Glyphs/Runeshards Farming

Glyphs and Runeshards are valuable resources in Diablo 4 Season 4 that can greatly enhance your character's power. Nightmare Dungeons are a great place to farm these items. Here we rank all dungeons for Glyphs and Runeshards farming in terms of Ancestral and Sacred:

Diablo 4 Season 4 NM Dungeon Tier List for Ancestral Glyphs/Runeshards
NM Dungeon
Komdor Temple66


Ghoa Ruins84
Sirocco Caverns90
Tormented Ruins90
Blind Burrows105


Howling Warren110
Flooded Depths110
Collapsed Vault115
Maugan's Works115
Bastion of Faith120


Buried Halls120
Carrion Fields120
Crusader's Cathedral120
Dead Man's Dredge120
Guulrahn Canals120
Rimescar Caverns120
Hallowed Ossuary120
Mariner's Refuge120
Path of the Blind120
Steadfast Barracks120
Uldur's Cave120
Mercy's Reach123
Akkhan's Grasp130
Serpent's Lair130
Whispering Vault130
Heathen's Keep140


Leviathan's Maw140
Vault of the Forsaken140
Deserted Underpass147
Charnel House150


Fetid Mausoleum160
Kor Dragan Barracks170
Luban's Rest170
Sanguine Chapel170
Forbidden City175
Bloodsoaked Crag180


Broken Bulwark180
Prison of Caldeum180
Shivta Ruins180
Yshari Sanctum180
Wretched Delve180
Zenith (Sacred)190
Endless Gates>9000
Diablo 4 Season 4 NM Dungeon Tier List for Sacred Glyphs/Runeshards
NM Dungeon
Jalal's Vigil80


Belfry Zakara90
Faceless Shrine105


Sarat's Lair105
Light's Refuge120


Betrayer's Row120
Sepulcher of the Forsworn130
Earthen Wound145


Garan Hold145
Shifting City150
Forgotten Ruins150
Tomb of the Saints160


Light's Watch170
Renegade's Retreat180


Champion's Demise240

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