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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Leveling Class & Build Tier List (1.4.0)

5/13/2024 5:11:15 PM

With Diablo 4 Season 4 right around the corner, it's time to look at the best classes and builds for quickly leveling up once the new season starts. We've spent countless hours testing all the classes on the PTR to determine which have the fastest and strongest leveling potential in the early game. Here is our Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Leveling Class & Build Tier List!

Diablo 4 Season 4 Leveling Tier List - Best Start Class & Builds for D4 S4

Season 4 of Diablo 4 is introducing new class set items that will give players builds to start leveling with. With each season bringing balance changes that shake up the meta, the question arises - what are the best classes and builds for quickly leveling up in Season 4? In this article, we provide a tier list ranking the best classes and builds for fast leveling at the start of Season 4. We will analyze the new class set items coming in Season 4 and how they will impact early leveling, and also share leveling build guides and leveling strategies for each class, with the Necromancer's minion build coming out on top as the fastest leveling class. The tier list and build guides will help players pick the best class to start with for fast 1-100 leveling and success when Season 4 launches.

1. Necromancer (S Tier)

Necromancers excel in leveling due to powerful minion builds that are effective in both crowd control and single-target scenarios. The minions' ability to inherit 100% of player stats and the availability of specific legendary items during the season journey make them exceptionally strong. While not explicitly mentioned as weak in any area during leveling, the complexity of managing minions might be the only minor challenge for some players.

Best Necromancer Leveling Build - Minion Necromancer

This build stands out as the strongest for leveling, offering easy gameplay with powerful minions that can handle both bosses and mobs effortlessly. The inclusion of corpse explosion and options like Blight or Sever add versatility and strength, making it the top recommendation for a smooth leveling experience.

2. Barbarian (A Tier)

Despite changes and nerfs, Barbarians remain strong due to their ability to utilize multiple weapons and the inherent power of builds like Dust Devils. The season journey provides key items in Diablo 4 that support effective leveling builds. Leveling speed may still lag slightly behind other classes without the right gear, specifically if the provided seasonal gear set is not optimally utilized.

Best Barb Leveling Build - Dust Devils Barbarian

With options like Double Swing and Upheaval, this build offers good damage and utility. Upheaval, in particular, provides range and crowd control, which can be very effective during group play in Hell Tide events.

3. Sorcerer (A Tier)

Sorcerers benefit from strong area-of-effect spells and low-cooldown teleports, making them fast and efficient levelers. Builds like Chain Lightning and Firewall allow for rapid clearing of mobs. They fall off a bit in endgame scenarios due to weaker single-target capabilities, which might not directly impact leveling but could affect overall progression speed in later stages.

Best Sorc Leveling Build - Firewall Sorcerer

Enhanced by the latest buffs to pets, this build combines Firewall with Hydras that inherit player stats. This synergy allows for effective area control and high damage output, making it a strong choice for efficient leveling.

4. Druid (B Tier)

Druids have potential in endgame with builds like Werewolf Tornado but are generally slower in the leveling phase. The season's changes and buffs to minion damage indirectly benefit Druids through their companion animals. But general mobility and speed issues during leveling keep Druids from ranking higher, despite improvements.

Best Druid Leveling Build - Pulverize Druid

While not the fastest, this build offers significant AoE damage and the potential to transition into very powerful endgame builds. It's more group-dependent but can perform well in Hell Tide scenarios where players are frequently in groups.

5. Rogue (C Tier)

Rogues possess excellent mobility and decent damage output with skills like Barrage, which is supported by seasonal gear packages. They require precise gameplay and specific endgame builds to maximize their potential. Leveling efficiency is good but not outstanding compared to other classes.

Best Rogue Leveling Build - Barrage Rogue

Known for solid performance throughout the leveling process, this build leverages the Barrage skill enhanced by shadow imbuements for energy recovery and high mobility, which are crucial for fast-paced gameplay.

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