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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best 1-100 Build - Top 2 Most OP Leveling Builds In D4 S4

5/14/2024 4:22:34 PM

Are you looking for the best Diablo 4 Season 4 leveling build that can blast all the way to level 100? Read our D4 Season 4 leveling build guide, we break down the best 1-100 leveling builds. Level 1 to 100 is more efficient, survivable, resourceful, versatile, and enjoyable.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best 1-100 Leveling Build - D4 Season 4 Leveling Build Guide

A good leveling build is essential in Diablo IV Season 4, starting with efficiency. A well-optimized leveling build allows you to progress through levels quickly, reducing the time it takes to reach higher levels. Faster progression means you can unlock more game content sooner, including end-game activities, advanced dungeons, and more powerful gear. By maximizing your leveling speed, you make the most of your playtime and achieve your goals more rapidly. Next, we break down the gear and skills for D4 Season 4 best  leveling builds for quick and efficient leveling from Levels 1 to 100. Several factors contribute to these including playstyle difficulty, damage output, survivability, mobility, resource management, and gear dependency.

1. D4 Season 4 Best Leveling Build - Frozen Orb Sorcerer Build

The Sorcerer is looking to be incredibly powerful in Season 4. Not only this build is the second or first best leveling build, but also in the end game, Frozen Orb Sorcerer absolutely dominates! It is just unbelievably powerful, it's very similar to what we've been using on Sorcerer for leveling but it's actually gotten better with this update. The only other leveling build that is as strong as this is going to be Necromancer with Minions and Blood Surge. Moreover, it is a ridiculous amount of fun. Firewall is exceptionally powerful from the start and stands out as the Sorcerer's top initial skill. With the latest adjustments in Season 4, Hydra has become an excellent complement to the build, offering significantly increased raw damage with minimal investment. The remaining skills serve as supplementary options and can be swapped out as needed. This build is crafted to perform superbly from the beginning, without depending on any specific gear.


Aspects & Uniques

  • Helm: Juggernaut's Aspect

  • Armor: Aspect of Concentration

  • Gloves: Edgemaster's Aspect

  • Pants: Aspect of Might

  • Boots: Flamewalker's Aspect

  • Weapon: Serpentine Aspect

  • Amulet: Conceited Aspect

  • Ring: Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop, Prodigy's Aspect


Skill Trees

Basic: 1 Arc Lash (Enhanced, Flickering)

Core: 5 Fireball

Defensives: 1 Flame Shield (Enhanced, Shimmering), 1 Teleport (Enhanced, Shimmering), 1 Elemental Attunement, 3 Glass Cannon

Conjuration: 5 Hydra (Enhanced, Summoned), 1 Ice Blades (Enhanced), 1 Align the Elements, 3 Mana Shield, 3 Protection, 3 Conjuration

Mastery: 5 Firewall (Enhanced, Mages), 3 Inner Flames

Ultimate: 3 Fiery Surge, 3 Soulfire, 3 Warmth, 1 Endless Pyre

Key Passive: 1 Combustion


2. Diablo IV Season 4 Best Leveling Build - Necromancer Minion Build

In Season 4 of Diablo 4 Necromancer minions are officially awesome not only because of the massive stat boost they're receiving but also because they're actually getting a ton more useful utility in the Book of the Dead. It will allow you to be able to customize them how you want and also even change out their abilities on the fly. These changes make minions almost a must have for a Necromancer leveling up. Because they enable you to be able to pick the things that you really want to focus on and improve on and even show up some of your weaknesses as you ress in the game. With that, you can also very easily complement whatever build you decide to pvot to for the end game with minions as well. This is the most optimal Diablo 4 S4 league start build for leveling 1-100.


Aspects & Uniques

  • Helm: Runic Skullcap of Hardened Bones

  • Armor: Hulking Runic Mail

  • Gloves: Unyielding Commander's Runic Gloves

  • Pants: Aphotic Runic Leggings

  • Boots: Flickerstep

  • Weapon: Obsidian Blade of Frenzied Dead

  • Amulet: Amulet of Occult Dominion

  • Ring: Ring of Mendeln, Ring of Grasping Veins


Book of the Dead

  • Skeletal Warriors: Reapers 1

  • Skeletal Mages: Shadow 2

  • Golems: Iron 1


Skill Trees

  • Basic: 1 Reap (Enhanced, Acolyte's)

  • Core: 3 Hewed Flesh

  • Macabre: 1 Blood Mist (Enhanced, Ghastly), 1 Grim Harvest, 3 Fueled by Death, 3 Spiked Armor, 5 Skeletal Warrior Mastery

  • Curse: 1 Decrepify (Enhanced, Abhorrent), 3 Amplify Damage, 3 Death's Embrace, 7 Skeletal Mage Mastery

  • Corpse: 1 Corpse Corruption (Enhanced, Plagued), 3 Necrotic Carapace

  • Ultimate: 1 Army of the Dead (Prime, Supreme), 5 Golem Mastery, 3 Inspiring Leader, 3 Hellbent Commander, 3 Death's Defense, 2 Bonded in Essence

  • Key Passive: Kalan's Edict

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