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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Uber Boss & The Pit Builds Ranked | D4 S4 Uber Lilith Tier List

5/17/2024 10:56:06 AM

Season 4 introduces significant updates including a complete itemization rework and new crafting systems, which have significantly impacted the class meta. Our Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Class & Endgame Tier List will help you navigate the changes and select the best class and build for slaying Uber Bosses and running the Pit effectively!

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best The Pit & Uber Lilith Tier List

Season 4 brings major systems changes like a complete item rework with new tempering and masterworking crafting, nerfs to Whirlwind barbs, buffs to minion builds, reductions to overpower and the armor cap, the introduction of endgame Pit bosses, leveling gear rewards on the season journey including strong necro minion and barb dust devil setups, auto-salvage updating the Codex of Power, faster sacred/ancestral unlock, and new top-tier greater axes as endgame chase items in Diablo 4 Season 4. Overall, the changes shake up the meta substantially and provide new crafting options, leveling perks, and endgame content.

Our tier list is based on extensive testing on both the test server and analysis after the patch notes. We assess classes based on their performance in various aspects of the game:

  • Leveling (1-50): How quickly and easily a class can level up.

  • General Endgame Farming: Efficiency in farming various content like Hell Tide and lower Nightmare Dungeons.

  • Boss Killing: Ability to take down Uber bosses and the new Tormented bosses.

  • High-End Challenges: Performance in the Pit and High Nightmare Dungeons.

  • Casual: If you don't have a lot of game time gear or skill, how well will the classes perform for you.

Then we'll combine all of that into an overall ranking.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Endgame Class Tier List

1. Necromancer (S Tier)

The necromancer stands alone in the S-Tier for its unmatched versatility and multiple top-tier builds across all content. Major buffs to minions boost the minionmancer to excellence at bossing, pushing, and general farming. The season journey also rewards minion gear making this a top choice for beginners. For boss bursting, Bone Spirit can potentially one-shot with its insane damage. Other great options are Bone Spear for speed clearing and Blood Surge for tanky AoE farming. No matter your preferred playstyle, the necromancer has an optimal build and excels at everything Diablo has to offer.

Strengths: Versatility with multiple viable builds, exceptional at both mob clearing and boss fights due to strong minion builds.

Best Builds: Minion builds dominate this tier, capable of massive damage outputs and good survivability.

2. Rogue (A Tier)

The rogue specializes in speed but lacks the scaling to keep up at the highest difficulties compared to druid. Barrage, penetrating shot, and shadow step offer excellent speed clearing builds. Rapid fire enables rogue success against bosses. With very strong leveling as well, rogue remains versatile across categories but needs specific endgame setups to push to its full potential.

Strengths: Excellent mobility and good at farming with decent survivability.

Best Builds: Barrage and Penetrating Shot, offering good area damage and mobility.

3. Druid (B Tier)

While suffering from the slowest leveling, druid is redeemed by its werewolf tornado endgame build which dominates bossing, pit runs, and high tier content. However, it relies on specific legendaries like Tempest Roar. Lightning Storm and Shred provide alternatives for farming. The pulverize starter set is usable until respec. Overall, druid peaks in the late game given time to farm gear.

Strengths: High damage output with specific builds and great survivability.

Best Builds: Werewolf Tornado and Hurricane builds, both offering immense damage and utility.

4. Sorcerer (C Tier)

After nerfs, sorcerer lacks a top build and falls behind in single target, but offers decent options for farming like frozen orb, blizzard, and ball lightning. Firebolt is serviceable for bosses. With excellent leveling from chain lightning and firewall, the sorcerer is easy to start but requires heavy investment to push endgame.

Strengths: Best mobility in the game with high-speed farming capabilities.

Best Builds: Frozen Orb, Ball Lightning, and Blizzard builds, all of which are excellent for general farming and some endgame scenarios.

5. Barbarian (C Tier)

Major nerfs to hammer of ancients and charge barb weaken its bossing potential. But whirlwind and double swing still enable success across content. Though they lost survivability, barbs remain hardy. Plenty of speed build options exist, but they require respecting to push. Barbarian is no longer top-tier but still a decent well-rounded choice.

Strengths: Robust and versatile with a range of builds suitable for different aspects of the game.

Best Builds: Double Swing Dust Devils, Thorns, and Bash builds. Each offers unique advantages based on the content.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Endgame Build Tier List

Based on the latest 1.4.0 patch notes and how these builds perform under hypothetical maximum pressure scenarios, we rank the the top-tier builds that stand out for their exceptional performance in high-stakes environments like the Pit and Uber boss encounters in Season 4:

S-Tier Builds

Bash Barbarian: Simple yet powerful, providing solid damage with basic gameplay mechanics.

Minion Necromancer (Golem Variant): The ultimate build for boss killing, capable of hitting for billions of damage. Best choice for high-end content where boss DPS is critical.

Minion Necromancer (Skeleton Mages Variant): Excellent for dungeons and leveling, providing high damage and utility. A versatile choice for various endgame scenarios.

Werenado Druid: Combines massive damage output with effective area control, making it ideal for both boss fights and clearing mobs quickly.

A-Tier Builds

  • Frozen Orb Sorcerer: Despite nerfs, still offers great mobility and damage, particularly effective in fast-paced scenarios.

  • Ball Lightning Sorcerer: Remains powerful against large bosses due to its unique damage mechanics.

  • Blizzard Sorcerer: Strong against stationary targets, benefiting from recent buffs to ice damage.

  • Frosty Stride Sorcerer: High damage potential but requires careful play; not beginner-friendly but exceptionally powerful in skilled hands.

  • Dust Devil Barbarian: Fast and effective for speedrunning, though slightly nerfed in its area effect and twister size.

  • Thorns Barbarian: Extremely tanky with newly enhanced damage capabilities, suitable for the toughest content where survivability is key.

  • Bone Sprit Necromancer: Manage to spent & generate 275 Essence per hit for Banished & it goes nuts

  • Shadowblight Necro (Lazymancer): Pit 200, S-Tier Potential insane Wither triple int damage scaling

  • Rapid Fire Rogue: Requires a Unique but very solid overall build for every activity in the game, Pit 200

  • Hurricane Druid: Crit & OP snapshot possible & +40% dmg Buff, 100m+ DPS

B-Tier Builds

  • Fire Bolt Sorc: Half a Billion DPS, decent single target but bad AoE, Multi Split bug fixed

  • Hurricane Druid: Strong AoE capabilities but overshadowed by other Druid builds this season.

  • Rapid Fire Rogue: A significant improvement for Rogues, offering viable ranged damage.

  • Meteor Sorcerer: Effective in releasing powerful AoE attacks, slightly reduced in size but still impactful.

  • Nova Ice Shard Sorc: Good for both AoE and single-target scenarios, especially against bosses.

  • HotA Barb: Still solid after nerfs, Huge Quake AoE,

  • Deathblow Barb: Can potentially hit close to a billion once in awhile vs Bosses

  • Charge Barb: Still strong with good utility, Boss Fight is staff Pit 200

  • Leapquake Kick Barb: Leapquake with strong damage multipliers, Pure Kick with Banished Possible as KIck is now a Core Skill

  • Barrage Rogue: Pit 200, Good for Leveling (Starter set)

  • RF/Penshot Rogue: Good Bosses Kill, Up to 1-2 billion hits

  • Bone Spear Necro: Insane Tendril Size, Extra cast from new Minions

  • Boulder Druid: Potential to move into A-Tier

  • Lightning Storm Druid: Thunderstruck remains uncapped but has no double cast Temper like other builds, Duration is useless.

C-Tier Builds

  • Fireball Sorc: Great in group speed content with enchant

  • Arc Lash Sorc: Decent Overall, Hectic Nerf

  • Incinerate Sorc: Starter build but you have to stand still to do medium dmg, Pit 200

  • Pulverize Druid: At slow kill, speed limited OP procs, Good for Leveling

  • Rand Barbarian: Previously stronger, now limited by nerfs to its AoE capabilities.

  • Upheaval Barbarian: Offers unique gameplay with potential power but is hindered by recent AoE nerfs.

F-Tier Builds

  • Pure Whirlwind Barbarian: Severely nerfed, lacking in damage output, and no longer viable for serious gameplay.

  • Call of the Ancients Barbarian: Underperforms significantly due to a lack of effective damage multipliers and overall impact.

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