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Diablo 4 Season 4 PvP Tier List - Best PvP Builds for Each Class In D4

5/13/2024 10:10:13 AM

As the Diablo 4 Season 4 is approaching, you might be deciding what class to play in PvP. We want to provide you with an updated D4 PvP tier list for season 4, we ranked the best classes and builds for PvP.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best PvP Class & Build - D4 Season 4 PvP Ranking

PvP in Diablo 4 is a fierce competition where players vie for supremacy and bragging rights. Having a well-optimized build gives players a competitive edge, increasing their chances of victory against skilled opponents. PvP encounters in Diablo 4 can be fast-paced and unforgiving, requiring players to adapt quickly to aggressive playstyles. A strong PvP build is designed to withstand the relentless assault of opponents and thrive in high-pressure situations. Also, a good PvP build not only increases a player's chances of winning matches but also enhances their ability to farm for valuable gear and D4 items. Next, let's check Diablo 4 Season 4 best PvP builds.

Barbarian - A Tier

The Barbarian class historically had several build options in past seasons, including Bleed, Thorns, Charge, Double Swing, and Pet Damage. The focus might shift away from Thorns builds due to certain limitations and restrictions in competitive play. Barbarians are known for their tankiness, but it's noted that they will lose some of their innate tankiness and class-integrated damage reduction in Season 4. This loss of DR will also extend to gear, as they won't have as much damage reduction available. Despite these losses, Barbarians are still expected to be the tankiest class in the game due to their ability to stack high amounts of health points (HP).

Best Barb PvP Build

  • Bleed Build: Bleed Barbarian build will remain strong in Season 4. With options to increase the size of the Rend area and potentially stack high amounts of HP, the Bleed Barbarian could be a viable and enjoyable build option, especially for those interested in PvP.

  • Thorns Build: While Thorns builds have been powerful in the past, they might face challenges in Season 4 due to certain restrictions in competitive play. Thorns Barbarians could still be effective in PvE content, but they might not be as favored in PvP or competitive dueling scenes.

Druid - B Tier

Druids have some hidden mechanics that can result in significant damage output, such as a poison one-shot combo. This combo involves applying poison to the enemy and then triggering an ability that retrieves all the poison, dealing a significant multiplier damage. This mechanic can potentially make Druids a threat in PvP encounters. Despite the damage potential, Druids might face challenges in Season 4, particularly due to counterplay options available to opponents. For example, the "Bushwack meta" with pets breaking barriers can counter certain Druid setups. Druids might have an advantage in terms of survivability compared to other classes due to their reliance on barriers. While the poison one-shot combo might be powerful, it could also be predictable and avoidable by opponents

Best Druid PvP Build

  • Poison One-Shot Build: This build focuses on utilizing Druid's poison abilities to set up a devastating one-shot combo. It involves applying poison effects to enemies and then triggering abilities that deal significant damage based on the accumulated poison. This build can be particularly effective in PvP scenarios where burst damage is crucial.

  • Barrier Tank Build: Emphasizing Druid's barrier mechanic, this build prioritizes defensive abilities and talents that enhance barrier strength and durability. By maximizing barrier effectiveness, Druids can become highly resilient tanks capable of soaking up damage in both PvE and PvP encounters.

Necromancer - A Tier

Necromancers in Diablo 4 Season 4 is a strong PvP build in Diablo 4 Season 4, especially in terms of having fun while playing. Particularly with the Shadow Wave build for PvP content while the Minion build remains viable, it might not be as dominant as the Shadow Wave build due to potential counters and drawbacks. The lack of damage reduction (DR) in the game will actually benefit Necromancers due to their focus on dealing high damage and utilizing immunity.

Best Necro PvP Build

  • Shadow Wave Build: Performed exceptionally well in PvP duels during PTR testing, winning the majority of matches against other experienced players. 

  • Minion Build: While the Minion build is as viable and potentially strong, it might not surpass the effectiveness of the Shadow Wave build. Drawbacks of the Minion build, such as healing opponents due to the crowded sage aspect and potentially being countered by high DoT damage from other classes.

Rogue - A Tier

Rogues in Season 4 are anticipated to face some adjustments due to changes in itemization, particularly the significant nerf to the Elemental Surge tempering option. This could impact their ability to deal damage, especially for builds that heavily relied on this mechanic. Despite the nerfs, Rogues have potential strengths such as high poison damage and the ability to deal damage from range, particularly with the Rapid Fire build. This could make them a strong option in a meta focused on burst damage and avoiding hits. Rogues still possess certain defensive capabilities, including momentum stacks, high dodge chance, and the ability to stack health points (HP). These attributes contribute to their overall survivability and ability to withstand incoming damage.

Best Rogue PvP Build

  • Rapid Fire Build: This build centers around the Rapid Fire skill, which allows Rogues to unleash a barrage of rapid shots at enemies from a distance. Rapid Fire can be augmented with poison-enhancing talents and gear to maximize poison damage output.

  • Poison Focus: Invest heavily in talents and gear that boost poison damage, as poison effects can be particularly potent in PvP scenarios. Look for items that increase poison damage or apply additional poison effects to attacks.

Sorcerer - S Tier

Sorcerer class in Diablo 4 Season 4 is anticipated to be an S-tier class on this D4 Season 4 PvP tier list, top of the food chain. The staggering damage numbers that firewall spells can achieve, with potential ticks reaching up to 100 million on elite dummies. This immense damage output presents a significant threat to opponents in PvP encounters and raises questions about how other classes will manage to counter it effectively. Aside from firewalls, Sorcerers have a range of other powerful spells and abilities at their disposal, such as teleportation, immunity spells, and high damage conjuration spells. This versatility gives them multiple avenues for dominating the battlefield and makes them a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP content.

Best Sorc PvP Build

  • Firewall Sorcerer: Firewall Sorcerers are expected to be particularly formidable in PvP due to the sheer damage output of their firewall spells. With the removal of damage reduction (DR) mechanics, countering firewalls becomes more challenging, as traditional defensive strategies like stacking HP or resistance gear may not be as effective.

  • While certain builds, like the Perma Flame Shield build, may be banned in tournament and dueling scenes due to their overwhelming power, Sorcerers still have plenty of viable options for competitive play.

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