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Diablo 4 Best Gauntlet Build - Top 3 S-Tier Builds For Gauntlet In D4

2/17/2024 10:56:25 AM

With the Gauntlet coming soon in Diablo 4 Season 3, what’s the best build for that? Read our D4 Gauntlet build guide, we’re bringing you the top 3 best Gauntlet builds! Breaking down their gear, skill trees and stats.


Diablo 4 Gauntlet Build Guide - Top 3 Best Gauntlet Builds in D4

Gauntlet is a fixed endgame dungeon that will rotate on a weekly basis. It features its own scoring system within the dungeon. It has leaderboards for each weekly rotation that categorize players based on their class, party size, and whether they are playing softcore or hardcore. Players can compete on the leaderboards for top positions and receive rewards like seals and cosmetics based on their ranking. The rewards provide players with a competitive outlet and motivation to improve their characters to achieve better scores/rankings. It's a challenge dungeon where players will test their builds and compete against others through the leaderboard scoring system each week. Therefore, you’ll need our top 3 Diablo 4 best Gauntlet builds!


No.1 Best D4 Gauntlet Rogue Build

This is truly the final form of Rogue, the reason being it is extremely fast and where the old builds seem to lack in the single target damage. However, what the build can do single target. Not only that but it completely clears a screen of a tier 100 sigil without changing a single skill or paragon point. You one-shot a P4 Duriel and clear entire screens with the click of the button while constantly resetting cool down and dashing from enemy to enemy. This is the epitome of Rogues and exactly what the best Diablo 4 build for the Gauntlet!

Penetrating Rogue Build Stats

  • Strength: 583

  • Intelligence: 582

  • Willpower: 406

  • Dexterity: 937

Penetrating Rogue Build Gear

  • Helm: Godslayer Crown

  • Armor: Juggernaut’s Runic Mail

  • Gloves: Rapid Runic Gloves

  • Pants: Resistant Assailant’s Runic Leggings

  • Boots: Runic Cleats of Quickening Fog

  • Weapon: Edgemaster’s Warcaster

  • Offhand Weapon: Condemnation, Obsidian Blade of the Expectant

  • Amulet: Icy Alchemists’s Necklace

  • Ring: Accelerating Ring, Trickshot Ring

Penetrating Rogue Build Skills

  • Basic: 1 Puncture (Enhanced, Fundamental)

  • Core: 9 Rapid Fire (Enhanced, Advanced), 9 Penetrating Shot (Improved, Advanced), 3 Sturdy

  • Dash: 6 Weapon Mastery, 1 Dash

  • Subterfuge: 5 Concealment, 3 Exploit, 3 Malice

  • Imbuement: 8 Shadow Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), 3 Shadow Crush

  • Ultimate: 1 Shadow Clone (Prime), 3 Innervation, 1 Adrenaline Rush, 3 Haste, 3 Impetus

  • Passive: Precision

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No.2 Best D4 Gauntlet Necromancer Build

This D4 Necro Gauntlet build uses the power of the updated Ring of Starless Skies, Black River, and Ring of the Sacrilegious with the other Season 3 content to turn our Corpse Explosion into nuclear bombs that deal 6-10 million damage that covers half the screen while losing very little optimized bone spear dps. The key advantages center around maximizing AoE damage, crowd control and range through synergized skills and new seasonal Diablo 4 items. This is by far the best performing Necro Build to date, and enables fast and safe Gauntlet clears.

Bombardier Necro Build Stats

  • Strength: 301

  • Intelligence: 903

  • Willpower: 451

  • Dexterity: 484

Bombardier Necro Build Gear

  • Helm: Harlequin Crest

  • Armor: Runic Mail of Shielding Storm

  • Gloves: Splintering Runic Gloves

  • Pants: Tibault's Will

  • Boots: Adventurer's Boots of Slaughter

  • Weapon: Black River

  • Offhand Weapon: Lidless Wall

  • Amulet: Amulet of Grasping Veins

  • Ring: Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul, Ring of Starless Skies

Bombardier Necro Build Skills

  • Basic: 5 Bone Splinters (Enhanced)

  • Core: 13 Bone Spear (Enhanced, Paranormal), 1 Unliving Energy, 3 Imperfectly Balanced, 6 Hewed Flesh

  • Corpse & Macabre: 5 Blood Mist, 19 Corpse Explosion (Enhanced, Plagued), 3 Grim Harvest, 5 Fueled by Death

  • Curse Skill: Decrepify (Enhanced, Abhorrent), 3 Amplify Damage

  • Corpse & Macabre: 15 Corpse Tendrils (Enhanced, Plagued), 3 Serration, 3 Compound Fracture, 6 Evulsion

  • Ultimate: 1 Bone Storm (Prime, Supreme), 3 Stand Alone, 3 Memento Mori

  • Passive: Ossified Essence

No.3 Best D4 Gauntlet Barbarian Build

Charged Bleed Barbarian is the best Diablo 4 Season 3 Gauntlet build for speed running. The build leverages the Ring of the Sacrilegious legendary item to apply bleeding damage through Charged attacks. Charging into groups of enemies applies massive area of effect bleeding damage over time through skills like Rend and Corpse Explosion. This allows enemies to rapidly be taken down, even if they don't die instantly on the initial charge hit. Synergizing attack damage, cooldown reduction, and area of effect clearing abilities through skills and items like Ring of Starless Skies enables very fast and efficient clearing of packs. Testing in Tier 100 dungeons and against bosses like Dario showed this build melting enemies at a rapid pace suitable for competitive Gauntlet runs.

Charged Bleed Barb Build Stats

  • Strength: 1108

  • Intelligence: 610

  • Willpower: 770

  • Dexterity: 719

Charged Bleed Barb Build Gear

  • Helm: Harlequin Crest

  • Armor: Juggernaut’s Runic Mail

  • Gloves: Boneweave Gauntlets of Ancestral Charge

  • Boots: Ghostwalker Aspect

  • Weapon: Aspect of Ancestral Charge

  • Offhand Weapon: The Grandfather

  • Dual-Wield Weapon: Brawler's Bloodsucker, Ramaladni's Magnum Opus

  • Amulet: Melted Heart of Selig

  • Ring: Ring of the Ravenous, Bear Clan Berserker's Band

Charged Bleed Barb Build Skills

  • Basic: 1 Flay (Enhanced, Battle)

  • Core: 5 Rent (Enhanced, Violent), 9 Penetrating Shot (Improved, Advanced), 3 Sturdy

  • Defensive: 1 Rallying Cry (Enhanced, Strategic), Imposing Presence, Martial Vigor

  • Brawling: 5 Charge (Enhanced, Power), 1 War Cry (Enhanced, Mighty), 3 Aggressive, 3 Battle Fervor, 3 Prolific Fury, 3 Booming Voice, 3 Swiftness

  • Weapon Mastery: 1 Thick Skin, 3 Counteroffensive, 3 Pit Fighter

  • Ultimate: 1 Wrath of the Berserker (Prime, Supreme), 3 Wallop

  • Passive: Gushing Wounds

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