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Diablo 4 Season 3 Vault Tier List - Best Nightmare Vaults Ranked in D4 S3

2/16/2024 6:19:10 PM

A new type of dungeon mechanic is being introduced in Diablo 4 Season of the Construct. Which ones you should be running in which scenario? We made a D4 Season 3 vault tier list, ranking the best nightmare vaults for leveling, glyph upgrading, tuning stone, and governing stone farming.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Vault - D4 S3 Nightmare Vault Tier List

There are 5 total vault dungeons: 4 regular "baby vaults" each tied to a different element (Fire, Lightning, Ice, Poison), and 1 final "Daddy Vault" called Vault of Loom. Vault dungeons have a much higher concentration of deadly traps designed specifically for the season. Players will have to learn to navigate the traps. The 4 baby vaults each contain a "Death Room" filled with traps and respawning elites that players must survive in for 30 seconds.

The Daddy Vault contains the boss Malphas, who has taken control of a deadly construct. It does not have a Death Room. Players use Vault Sigil keys obtained from the Occultist to open and enter the different tiers of vault dungeons. Vault dungeons introduce new mechanics like Zultan's Warding buffs and Wardwoven chests that reward survivability through the traps. Next, we're going to break down the best D4 Season 3 nightmare vault!

D4 Season 3 Vault Tier List

S Tier

  • Cinder (Fire) – Dry Steppes

A Tier

  • Stone (Ice) – Fractured Peaks

  • Ink (Poison) – Hawezar

  • Copper (Lightning) – Scosglen

You should be running Nightmare vaults as soon as you unlock Nightmare difficulty in World Tier 3. The loot and rewards are very good at this stage. The Vault of Cinders is the best vault for glyph XP and tuning stone farming when you are level 100. It's the clear winner for those objectives. While stone, ink and copper are not as good but are still totally fine to run. Vault of Stone and Vault of Cinders are the best for overall character XP/leveling. They provide the greatest experience per minute. We tracked stats from running each vault 8+ times to determine the optimal vaults based on XP, loot, and time. Vault of Cinders came out on top of our Diablo 4 Vaults ranking for glyphs and tuning stones.

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How to Unlock Vaults in Diablo 4 Season 3?

Players must progress far in the Season of the Construct questline storyline. Specifically, you need to reach the Vault of the Loom and defeat the boss Malphas, Keeper of the Vaults.

After defeating Malphas, speak to Ayuzhan in Gatehall. Completing this dialogue will also finish the quest "The Span of Our Arms", which is the 10th quest in the Season of the Construct line.

Upon completing that quest, four initial Vaults will become unlocked and available: Vault of Copper, Vault of Cinders, Vault of the Loom, Vault of Stone.

Continuing to level up a bit further will unlock access to the 5th Vault, the Vault of Ink.

Players should participate in new Arcane Tremors events by interacting with Obelisks, accumulating materials needed to summon monsters that reward Pearls of Warding.

Pearls of Warding are used in Zoltun Statues inside Vaults to get stacks of Zoltun's Warding buff for bonuses and additional rewards.

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