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Diablo 4 Season 3 Leveling Tier List - Best Leveling Builds for All Classes in D4 1.3

1/25/2024 3:25:36 PM

Fast leveling lets you experience all the new seasonal content most quickly and competitively. In this Diablo 4 Season 3 leveling build tier list 1.3, we’re ranking the best Rogue, Sorc, Barb, Druid and Necro builds for leveling.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Leveling Build - D4 1.3 Leveling Tier List 

Choosing the best Diablo 4 Season 3 leveling build is crucial for any player looking to maximize their experience. A well-designed leveling spec allows a character to rush through the leveling process from 1-50 as smoothly and quickly as possible, unlocking the full power of their class and access to endgame activities much sooner than suboptimal builds. Join our D4 Season 3 leveling build ranking as we dissect the S, A, B, C, and D tiers for each class, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their respective builds. Discover which skills propel you to the upper echelons of leveling supremacy and which ones may require a more nuanced approach or additional support to reach their full potential.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Rogue Leveling Tier List

S Tier

  • Penetrating Shot Rogue - Great single target damage with Penetrating Shot. Very smooth leveling experience thanks to strong mobility and ranged attacks.

  • Twisting Blades Rogue - High AoE damage with Twisting Blades makes this very fast for clearing packs of monsters. Mobility from skills like Vault keeps you safe.

A Tier

  • Flurry Rogue - Solid combination of single target and AoE damage through abilities like Flurry and Fan of Knives. Slightly below S tier in early level clearing speed.

  • Barrage Rogue - Decent AoE damage output from Barrage, but lacks mobility or defensive skills of top builds. Ability to multi-shot packs of enemies makes it a viable leveling option.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Sorcerer Leveling Tier List

S Tier

  • Ice Blades - The new aspect of Ice Blades allows you to apply vulnerability and do up to 25% more damage so that's crazy.

  • Arc Lash+Chain Lightning Sorcerer - With leveling, you're going to have fewer resources. You're not going to have all the legendaries that you need but you do have the codex of power. We’re going to put Arc Lash and Chain Lightning together so you're going to use those two skills together. You're going to get the aspect the utility aspect where you get chain lightning, once it bounces, it creates 1.5 mana and that's going to make everything very easy in World Tier 2 to blaze through. Also, you're going to able to get a crazy stun build when you pair it with Lightning Spear.

  • Ice Shards + Frost Bolt Sorcerer - Ice Shards + Frost Bolt Sorcerer is the best D4 1.3 leveling build. With the Aspect of Adaptability, it's going to be very strong. Once you use a cool down to regain mana, so we're going to have a lot of mana. Putting Tempest and the Registered stones into this build is going to be so dangerous.

  • Hydra Sorcerer - Hydra is going to be a good late game. When we get the max burning potential, you'll see some cool things with Hydra. But Hydra is not going to be the way to level, so we're also going to put that in the D tier on this D4 Season 3 Sorc tier list.

  • Meteor + Firewall Sorcerer - If you pair Meteor with Starfall Cornet, this thing is going to be insane. You're going to able to use this with any core skill and there's going to be combinations. You are going to do massive damage and you're going to want to pair it with Firewall. The reason why is that Firewall Enchantment and then Meteor Enchantment both have lucky hits, so you're going to stack a lot of lucky hits, and lucky hits are going to continue to make explosions. Put Juggernaut’s Aspect on and this build is going to be insane since we can spam that build for a while.

A Tier

  • Spark + Charge Bolts Sorcerer - Spark and Charge Bolts Sorc build is going to be a fun build to play especially if you get some of the uniques with it. It’s an A tier build if you get the Staff of Lam Esen. 

  • Fireball + Firebolt Sorcerer - Fireball is going to be in the A tier but it's going to be paired with Firebolt, that's if you're utilizing the Aspect of Adaptability. This is going to all pair well together and the build's going to synergize nicely.

B Tier

  • Ball Lightning Sorcerer - Ball Lightning is still going to be strong if you stack attack speed.  

  • Frozen Orb + Frostbolt Sorcerer - Not much change in Frozen Orb. If you get this Aspect of Ad you could partner that with the Frostbolt. Frostbolt and Frozen Orb are not as strong as Spark and the Charge Bolts, because they’re going to have that wide radius and you're going to able to kill a lot more mobs a lot more faster.

C Tier

  • Blizzard Sorcerer - Blizzard is going to be cool because it's going to last longer but it's not a very good leveling build.

D Tier

  • Incinerate Sorcerer - In Diablo 4 1.3 patch notes, we didn't see anything that would make this a good leveling build.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Barbarian Leveling Tier List

A Tier

  • Upheaval Barbarian - Great AOE damage and mobility with Upheaval makes it very fast for clearing packs.

  • HotA Barb - Strong single target and AOE with Hammer of the Ancients. Sustained damage output is effective.

  • Double Swing Barbarian - Constant damage from these attacks plus self-healing capabilities provide safety and clearing speed.

B Tier

  • Rend Barbarian - Effective damage over time but lacks mobility or strong burst damage compared to A tier builds.

C Tier

  • Whirlwind Barbarian - Whirlwind has poor damage at low levels and requires other skills/gear to be effective. Lacks mobility without ancillary skills.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Necro Leveling Tier List

S Tier

  • Blood Surge Necromancer - Generates huge amounts of resources through Blood Surge, allowing near-constant uptime of skills. This provides incredibly fast and smooth leveling.

A Tier:

  • Sever Necromancer - Strong single target damage from Sever, along with mobility from skills like Nova, makes this a quick leveler.

  • Blight Necromancer - Excellent AoE clear speed thanks to the damage over time from Blight abilities. Mobility keeps the Necromancer safe.

  • Bones Spear Necromancer - The new robot companion generating resources significantly improves Bones Spear's leveling potential by solving its main resource issue.

B Tier

  • Summoner Necromancer - Summons provide effective damage during leveling up to around World Tier 3 when they start to fall off versus other builds.

D Tier

  • Blood Lance Necromancer - Lacks the consistent, high damage or mobility of top leveling options and is better suited for endgame.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Druid Leveling Tier List

A Tier

Lightning Storm Druid - Constant AOE damage from Lightning Storm provides very strong and safe clearing ability. Near 100% uptime makes it the fastest leveling build.

B Tier

Tornado Druid - Tornado has good mobility and damage, but lower damage potential than Lightning Storm.

Pulverize Druid - Consistent damage and stun from Pulverize, but lacks AOE abilities of top builds.

Landslide Druid - Landslide brings good mobility and damage, though its damage falloff later caps its potential.

C Tier

Shred Druid - Over-reliance on one damaging ability lowers overall damage potential compared to others.

D Tier

Companion Druid - Summons lack damage early on and the build requires synergy it doesn't have until later. Gear dependent.

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