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Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Seneschal Build For Each Class - D4 Seneschal Companion Build Guide

2/16/2024 2:29:35 PM

How to build the best pet in Diablo 4 Season 3? In this Diablo 4 Season 3 Pet build guide, we show you the best Seneschal Construct builds for every class! 


Diablo 4 Seneschal Build Guide - Top 5 Best Pet Builds In D4 Season 3

The Seneschal Construct is a highly customizable pet like the seasonal companion. The pet unlocks during the seasonal quest line. Once acquired, it follows the character everywhere until Season 3 ends. It uses its abilities independently of the character. It doesn't have health so it cannot die. But it has a stagger stun-like delay. The seneschal has two attacks or skills. The player upgrades the seneschal's attack by modifying the stone in its cryptex. Governing stones dictate the attack type and tuning stones dictate the skill of the seneschal. These augment the governing stones by adding additional mechanics such as shooting additional projectiles or changing the damage type entirely. 


Best Diablo 4 Seneschal Construct Build For All Classes

The best D4 Seneschal Campanion build comes down to your class and your build with that class. Here is just a general idea of what are the best stones for every class, don't take this as a must-build for your class.


1. D4 Best Barbarian Seneschal Companion Build

For governing stone 1, you should choose reconstruct and augmented with  tuning stone genesis, tuning stone tactical support, and tuning stone duration support. For the governing stone 2, pick flash off adrenaline and augmented with tuning stone evernight, tuning stone fortify support, and the third tuning stone safeguard support.


2. D4 Best Sorcerer Seneschal Companion Build

The best Diablo IV Season 3 seneschal companion for Sorcerer, for the governing stones, select protect and tempest. Protect with genesis, safeguard support, fortify support, and augment tempest with evernite, electrocution support, and arcing support.


3. D4 Best Rogue Seneschal Companion Build

For governing stones, select flash of adrenaline and bushwhack. For flasher of adrenaline, augmented with the tuning stone genesis, tuning stone tactical support and tuning stone fortify support. Augment bushwhack with evernight efficiency support and devastation support.


4. D4 Best Necromancer Seneschal Companion Build

For governing stone 1, select reconstruct and augmented with tuning stone genesis, tuning stone fortified support, and tuning Stone safeguard support. For the governing stone 2, use firefly and augmented with tuning stone evernight, tuning stone multishot, and tuning stone breaking support. One thing worth mentioning here is that firefly is best for boss fights for every class, not just for Necromancer. If you find yourself in a weird situation where you don't deal enough damage, you can use the governing stone firefly for every class and augmented with multi-shot, maybe arcing support and breaking support. 


5. D4 Best Druid Seneschal Companion Build

For the governing stone 1, select protect and augmented with the tuning stone genesis, duration support, and safeguard. For governing stone 2, use focus and augmented with evernight, resource support, and mockery support.

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