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Diablo 4 Gauntlet Tier List - Best Class & Builds for D4 Gauntlet Mode

2/17/2024 11:10:39 AM

With the launch of Gauntlet Mode fast approaching in Diablo 4 Season 3, it's time to get ready with the strongest and fastest builds for the new leaderboards. So with this Diablo 4 Gauntlet Tier List, we've sorted out the best class and builds that are running the non-linear dungeon effectively in the challenging mode!

Diablo 4 Season 3 Gauntlet Tier List - Best Builds for Gauntlet Mode

In Diablo 4 Season 3, the Gauntlet Mode is a challenging endgame activity that requires strong builds to achieve high scores and compete on the leaderboards. As you venture into the heart-pounding challenges of Gauntlet Mode in Diablo 4's Season 3, having a robust build is paramount for topping the leaderboards. Though specific "meta" builds may vary, employing a strategy that balances damage, survivability, and adaptability is key.  With that being mind, we rank Class and Build for Gauntlet to help you prepare for this challenging mode.

1. Rogue: S-Tier

The star of the show this season is undoubtedly the Rogue. With the addition of Penetrating Shot Build and its impressive area of effect (AOE) and clear capabilities, Rogues boasts two movement skills, max move speed, and no resource issues. This combination makes them an unstoppable force for speed farming both tier 90 Nightmare Dungeons and Gauntlets. They're the go-to class for Gauntlet if you want high move speed, high clear AOE, and a build with virtually no downtime.

D4 Season 3 Best Rogue Build for Gaunlet - Flurry Rogue Build

The Flurry Rogue Build is highly effective for Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 3, particularly for players who enjoy a melee playstyle with substantial area-of-effect (AoE) poison damage. It boasts exceptional AoE clearing abilities, rivaling the clear speed of meta Precision builds. The build also offers near-maximum movement and attack speeds, which contribute to its impressive clear rate through T100 content. While it demands a degree of skill and practice to achieve optimal performance due to its reliance on multiple abilities and the need to maintain various damage buffs, even at a moderate skill level, Andariel's Visage provides substantial damage output. The build is rated highly in terms of fun and speed, though it does not reach the top tier for boss clear speed when compared to one-shot builds. However, it remains competitive, with fast boss kill times and strong stagger potential provided by Flurry's stun effect. Overall, the Flurry Rogue Build is versatile and potent, offering a balance between clear speed, survivability, and damage output, making it a very competitive choice for Gauntlet content in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Check out How To Setup Flurry Rogue Build for Gauntlet

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2. Sorcerer: S-Tier/A-Tier

The Sorceress is a versatile class that could range from S-Tier to A-Tier. With a new unique that gives meteors stocks, their speed farming and clearing capabilities are seriously augmented. Shatter remains an extremely overpowered skill for low-tier content, making the Sorceress incredibly effective at leveling through mid-levels. Depending on the build, the Sorceress could be the top choice for players who prefer to use powerful AOE skills for farming.

D4 Season 3 Best Sorcerer Builds for Gaunlet - Ball Lightning Sorc Build

In Season 3, Ball Lightning Sorc Build can be an exceptionally fast build capable of handling Tier 100 Nightmare dungeons with impressive speed. The build's strength is in quickly resetting cooldowns, particularly for teleportation, allowing for rapid navigation through the dungeon while bypassing less valuable mobs in favor of elites. The build's ability to "pixel pull" enemies together and its effective use of cooldown reduction for high mobility and damage output suggests that it's highly optimized for speedrunning. The build also incorporates a mix of unique items that enhance its capabilities, such as Harin's Crest and a Starless Sky, but is still viable without them. This flexibility, combined with the high speed and damage potential, makes the Ball Lightning Sorc Build a formidable choice for Gauntlet runs, where both clear speed and boss DPS are crucial. It seems that the build could potentially dominate leaderboards, especially if the Gauntlet's difficulty and format favor the Sorc's mobility and burst damage capabilities.

Check out How To Setup Ball Lightning Sorc Build for Gauntlet:

3. Barbarian: A-Tier

Despite receiving no nerfs - actually, they're pretty much overpowering with a 20% nerf - the Barbarian class lands in the A-tier. You might be wondering why they're not S-tier, and the answer lies in our strategy for this season. We're focusing on farming lower content, where mobs above level 144 will drop max-level gear (item level 925). For leaderboards or endgame activities, we're targeting Gauntlets, equivalent to tier 70 Nightmare dungeons, where even bosses like the Tomb Lord have relatively low HP (around 30-35 million). Barbarians are strong, but in terms of speed farming, other classes edge them out this season.

D4 Season 3 Best Sorcerer Builds for Gaunlet - Charge Barb Build

The Charge Barbarian Build is presented as a top contender for the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 3. Its strength lies in its remarkable speed, allowing players to move through levels quickly, which is essential for leaderboard rankings in timed content like the Gauntlet. With strategies to minimize cooldowns on charge, the build facilitates rapid movement and damage dealing. The guide suggests that the build can easily handle Nightmare 170, indicating high survivability and damage output. Additionally, the build appears to be versatile, with options to adjust for more AoE damage or single-target burst depending on Gauntlet requirements. While there is still testing and refinement to be done, the initial assessment suggests that the Charge Barbarian Build will be very effective and could dominate leaderboards, especially if maximizing movement speed and efficient damage delivery proves to be crucial in the upcoming Gauntlet challenges.

Check out How To Setup Charge Barb Build for Gauntlet:

4. Druid: A-Tier

The Druid also takes a comfortable spot in A-Tier. With the game's lower-level content, the Druid's ability to pull enemies with Arida's Will—and the ring that pulls to kill most things - is invaluable. Add to that the buffs to Lightning Storm, which now hits twice and deals extra damage, and you have a strong contender for speed farming. The Druid benefits greatly from these changes and the new passive rank increase on items. With a 12% extra multiplicative damage from Defiance and a multiplicative rather than additive boost from Aven'rrf R (a 30% multiplier), the Druid is set to excel in Gauntlets.

D4 Season 3 Best Druid Builds for Gaunlet - Shred Druid Build

The Shred Druid Build for Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 3 is portrayed as an exceptionally fast and enjoyable build, despite recent nerfs. It maintains significant potential for high performance in the Gauntlet with its ability to deal substantial AoE damage and its adaptability for further damage maximization. The gameplay experience is highly praised for its fun factor, and the build's ability to quickly take down bosses suggests that it can compete well in the Gauntlet, especially if the player is familiar with the layout and can efficiently navigate through enemies. The build also emphasizes movement speed, which is crucial for timed events like the Gauntlet. While there are still optimizations to be explored, particularly in the Paragon board for a more offensive setup, the current version already exhibits promise. The Shred Druid Build seems to offer a blend of high damage, speed, and utility, making it a potentially strong choice for players in the upcoming Gauntlet.

Check out How To Setup Shred Druid Build for Gauntlet:

5. Necromancer: B-Tier

Unfortunately, the Necromancer finds itself at the bottom of the list for Gauntlet and speed farming, landing in B-Tier. The class suffers from a lack of quick movement abilities and struggles to cap move speed. Despite some buffs this season, there's nothing that particularly enhances the Necromancer's farming speed in Gauntlet mode.

D4 Season 3 Best Necromancer Build for Gaunlet - Corpse Explosion Necro Build

The Corpse Explosion Necromancer build described for Diablo 4 Season 3's Gauntlet appears to be highly effective and well-optimized for both area-of-effect (AOE) and single-target damage. By leveraging the combination of Black River and the sacriligious ring with Bone Spear's high lucky hit chance, the build achieves massive corpse explosions that can clear half the screen while maintaining a minimal loss in Bone Spear DPS. The build's strategic use of gear and abilities such as Lidless Wall, Ring of Starless Skies, and specific aspects ensures a strong balance between offense and defense. It maximizes uptime on crucial damage and critical hit buffs from Bone Storm, Flesh Eater, and Grasping Veins, leading to a build that not only excels in raw damage output but also in survivability. With detailed planning for gear progression and Paragon leveling, the guide offers a comprehensive roadmap for players to achieve optimal build performance, indicating that the Corpse Explosion Necromancer is a top-tier choice for tackling the Gauntlet in Season 3.

Check out How To Setup SCorpse Explosion Necromancer Build for Gauntlet:

Remember, the key to conquering Gauntlet Mode is to constantly refine your build, learn from each run, and adapt to the evolving challenges. Good luck, hero!

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