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Top 5 Diablo 4 Fastest Gauntlet Builds For All Classes | D4 Gauntlet Tier List

3/6/2024 1:20:28 PM

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the fastest Gauntlet builds in Diablo 4 for all classes. With the release of the new patch, we've gained access to The Gauntlet, a score-farming, repeatable fixed seed dungeon activity complete with leaderboards. This guide will help you climb those Gauntlet leaderboards by detailing the best builds for each class.

Diablo 4 Best Guanlet Build Tier List - Top 5 Fastest OP Damage Guanlet Builds

The Gauntlet is a permanent addition to Diablo 4, allowing players to compete against others within their class. The goal is to achieve high scores by effectively clearing dungeons filled with mobs and bosses. Below, we've ranked the classes from the expected lowest to the highest scoring in The Gauntlet and discussed the best builds for each.

1. Best Sorcerer Cauntlet Build - Lightning Arc Lash

Sorcerers are expected to top the leaderboards thanks to their near-infinite teleportation abilities, making them the fastest movers in the game. The recommended build leverages the "Unstable Currents" ultimate with "Arc Lash" as a basic skill, allowing for constant movement and rapid enemy dispatch. The sorcerer excels in both AOE and boss encounters, with the "Torment of the Infinite" pulling enemies in close for swift annihilation.

2. Best Barbarian Cauntlet Build - HotA Charge

Barbarians come in second due to their enormous damage output, capable of one-shotting bosses with ease. Despite some movement slowdowns due to charge delays and recovery animations, the recommended build focuses on a charge-centric approach with "Hammer of the Ancients" for devastating blows against larger enemies. The barbarian's movement speed and damage make it a formidable contender in The Gauntlet.

3. Best Druid Cauntlet Build - Boulder Shred

The Druid's "Boulder Shred" build combines speed and teleporting with the "Bolder" unique amulet for AOE and single-target damage. Druids are expected to secure the third spot, falling behind in pure movement speed compared to Sorcerers and Barbarians but still delivering impressive scores with their innovative community-developed build.

4. Best Rogue Cauntlet Build - Penetrating Shot

Rogues are expected to land in fourth place. While fast and capable in both AOE and single-target situations, they suffer from having to choose between builds optimized for either situation. Currently, the "Penetrating Shot" build is performing best, striking a balance between AOE and single-target efficiency.

5. Best Necromancer Gauntlet Build - Bone Spear with Corpse Explosion

Projected to score the lowest, Necromancers struggle with movement speed, even with a 12% increase in patch 1.3.3 at the cost of damage output. The build expected to perform best within the Gauntlet for Necromancers is a Bone Spear build with Corpse Explosion, enhanced by the Lidless Wall for additional bone storms.

Additional Tips and Considerations

The Gauntlet is a permanent feature, not seasonal, so these builds may change with player feedback and future patches.

Leaderboards are class-specific; your competition is within your class.

Different Gauntlet weeks may require build adjustments due to unique dungeon affixes.

Stay adaptable to the inevitable changes in the game's meta.

Remember that while these builds are recommended for top scores, The Gauntlet should be fun, so feel free to experiment.

While the rankings and builds recommended here represent the expected top performers in The Gauntlet, player skill and strategy will also play significant roles. These builds are not absolute; different Gauntlet weeks may require adaptations to tackle unique dungeon affixes. Remember, while it's good to aim for high leaderboard positions, the Gauntlet should be fun and a way to enjoy Diablo 4 in a new light. Don't feel constrained to these builds if you find something that works better for you.

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