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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Build - Top 5 Best Builds for All Classes in D4 S4

4/1/2024 11:50:33 AM

What are the best Diablo 4 builds for Season 4? We've compiled the definitive D4 Season 4 build guide for each class, we bring you the top 5 most insane builds!

Diablo 4 Season 4 Build Guide - Best Barb, Rogue, Sorc, Necro & Druid Build D4 Season 4

The best build in Diablo 4 Season 4 largely hinges on your preferred playstyle. If you thrive on swift and aggressive melee combat, decimating foes with close-range attacks, the Rogue is an ideal selection. Should you fancy the notion of commanding an army of undead minions or seeking assistance in battle, the Necromancer is a fitting choice. For those who relish in physical prowess and shape-shifting abilities, the Druid offers versatility with its ability to transform into a polar bear and engage in ferocious combat. Opting for the Barbarian promises intense battles and access to a diverse array of weaponry. Lastly, if you find solace in the arcane arts and prefer to wield powerful spells to bolster your gameplay, the Sorcerer is the class for you. So, let's dive into the gear and skill trees for each best Diablo 4 Season 4 builds.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Barbarian Build (Rend Barbarian)

Rend Barbarian can help you reach 40m single target DPS! This is the best D4 Season 4 Barbarian build which will not be nerfed, so there is huge potential with the new crafting. Because of the Violent Rend, Rend's damage against vulnerable enemies increased from 12% to 25%. There are a lot of overpowered damage nerfs and they are not affecting the Rent Bleed at all because the bleeds cannot overpower so you're actually getting quite a cool benefit from that. Rend Barb is one of the highest single target damages after all the nerf. As HoTA i is divided by 11 all the overpower nerfs are roughly divided by 3.

Rend Barb Gear

Helm: Harlequin Crest

Chest: Juggernaut's Aspect

Gloves: Aspect of Inner Calm

Pants: Tibault's Will

Boots: Ghostwalker Aspect

Amulet: Melted Heart of Selig

Ring: Aspect of Unrelenting Fury, Ring of Starless Skies

Bludgeoning Weapon: Edgemaster's Aspect

Slashing Weapon: Accelerating Aspect

Dual-Wield Weapon 1: Ramaladni's Magnum Opus

Dual-Wield Weapon 2: Aspect of Limitless Rage


Rend Barb Skill Trees

Basic Skills: 1 Lunging Strike (Enhanced)

Core Skills: 5 Rend (Enhanced, Violent)

Defensive Skills: 1 Rallying Cry (Enhanced, Tactical), Imposing Presence

Brawling Skills: 1 War Cry (Enhanced, Power), 5 Charge (Enhanced, Power), 3 Swiftness, 3 Aggressive Resistance, 3 Battle Fevor, 3 Prolific Fury

Weapon Mastery Skills: 1 Rupture (Enhanced, Warrior's), 3 Pit Fighter, 1 Hamstring, 3 Cut to the Bone, 1 Thick Skin, 3 Counteroffensive

Ultimate Skills: 1 Wrath of the Berserker (Prime, Supreme)

Key Passive: Unconstrained

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Sorcerer Build (Frozen Orb Sorcerer)

Frozen Orb Sorcerer is the most anticipated sorcerer build for Diablo IV season 4. The Frozen Orb Sorcerer unleashes an endless barrage of ‍Frozen Orbs to decimate their foes from afar. What makes this build extremely viable is travel distance is now controllable and damage increased by 20% (.34 to .41). With enhanced Frozen Orb, while healthy, the explosion of Frozen Orb deals 45% increased damage. Moreover, greater Frozen Orb also gets buffed, so every aspect of the skill tree of this actual skill has been buffed. This isn't going to be a big Uber unique build but instead of a couple of D4 uniques with mostly legendary aspects.

Frozen Orb Sorc Gear

Helm: Aspect of Fortune

Chest: Aspect of Disobedience

Gloves: Aspect of Frozen Orbit

Pants: Everliving Aspect

Boots: Aspect of the Bounding Conduit

Amulet: Fractured Winterglass

Ring: Aspect of Concentration, Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop

Weapon: Serpentine Aspect

Offhand: Storm Swell Aspect

Frozen Orb Sorc Skill Trees

Basic Skills: 1 Fire Bolt, 1 Frost Bolt

Core Skills: 5 Frozen Orb (Enhanced, Greater), 1 Devastation, 3 Elemental Dominance

Defensive Skills: 1 Teleport (Enhanced, Shimmering), 3 Glass Cannon, 1 Elemental Attunement

Conjuration Skill: 1 Hydra (Enhanced, Summoned), 1 Ice Blades (Enhanced, Summoned), 1 Lightning Spear (Enhanced, Invoked), 3 Precision, 1 Alighn the Elements, 3 Protection, 3 Conjuration Mastery

Mastery Skills: 1 Inner Flame, 3 Devouring Blaze

Ultimate Skills: 1 Unstable Currents (Prime), 3 Permafrost, 3 Icy Touch, 3 Frigid Breeze, 3 Hoarfrost

Key Passive: Avalanche

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Necromancer Build (Summoner Necromancer)

Season 4 is reworking the Summoner Necromancer completely. Not only are minions now getting 100% of our stats which means our damage is also 100% of what we have as a critical strike chance. Also, the Book of the Dead is drastically changing. Summoner Necro is going to be the new S-tier Necro build in Diablo 4 Season 4.

Summoner Necro Gear

Helm: Aspect of Occult Dominion

Chest: Aspect of Hardened Bones

Gloves: Splintering Aspect

Pants: Tibault's Will

Boots: Flickerstep

Amulet: Unyielding Commander's Aspect

Ring: Aspect of Exposed Flesh, Ring of Mendeln

Weapon: Black River

Offhand: Aspect of Frenzied Dead

Summoner Necro Book of the Dead

Skeletal Warriors: Defenders (Upgrade 1)

Skeletal Mages: Bone (Upgrade 1)

Golems: Bone (Upgrade 1)

Summoner Necro Skill Trees

Basic Skills: 1 Bonesplinters (Enhanced)

Core Skills: 5 Bone Spear (Enhanced, Supernatural), 3 Hewed Flesh

Corpse Skills: 1 Corpse Explosion (Enhanced, Plagued), 3 Skeletal Warrior Mastery, 2 Grim Harvest, 3 Fueled by Death

Curse Skills: 1 Decrepify (Enhanced, Abhorrent), 3 Amplify Damage, 3 Skeletal Mage Mastery, 3 Death's Approach

Macabre Skills: 1 Serration, 3 Compound Fracture, 3 Evulsion

Ultimate Skills: 1 Army of the Dead (Prime, Supreme), 3 Golem Mastery, 3 Inspiring Leader, 3 Hellbent Commander, 3 Death's Defense

Key Passive: Kalan's Edict 

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Druid Build (Rabies Companion Lacerate Druid)

Rabies Companion Lacerate Druid is a brand new build that has never worked before. This build is a heavy shapeshifting Build that uses all Companion skills our Rabies Skill to apply Poison and Lacerate to finish the Enemies off with our ultimate! These are all three buffed skills with the PTR and there's a major chance that this build going to work. What you need to do is go and cast Debilitating Roar 3 seconds until you get the bonus. Then you will cast your Lacerate until it's on cooldown and then you will cast your companion skills and your rabies on cool down and just cycle through. You try to always change your form so you will reset your Lacerate.

Rabies Companion Lacerate Druid Gear

Chest: Juggernaut's Aspect

Gloves: Aspect of the Alpha

Boots: Virulent Aspect

Amulet: Aspect of the Stampede

Ring: Aspect of the Wildrage

Weapon: Shepherd's Aspect

Rabies Companion Lacerate Druid Skill Trees

Basic Skills: 1 Claw (Enhanced)

Core Skills: 1 Predatory Instinct, 3 Digitigrade Gait

Defensive Skills: 1 Debilitating Roar (Enhanced, Preserving), 3 Ancestral Fortitude, 3 Vigilance 

Companion Skills: 5 Wolves (Enhanced, Brutal), 5 Poison Creeper (Enhanced, Ferocious), 5 Ravens (Enhanced, Brutal), 3 Clarity, 3 Call of the Wild

Wrath Skills: 5 Rabies (Enhanced, Natural), 1 Neurotoxin, 3 Envenom, 1 Toxic Claws

Ultimate Skills: Lacerate (Prime, Supreme)

Key Passive: 1 Bestial Rampage

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Rogue Build (Bis Barrage Rogue)

Lastly is the new top best Diablo 4 S4 build for Rogue, a machine gunner build. It will absolutely destroy all content in the game which makes tier 100 a joke. Everyone is using it in the Gauntlet, it one shots any boss in the game with ease. Not only that, we’re doing all of this without a single Uber unique. Barrage got an insane buff with the changes to branching volleys which granted the build massive amounts of damage. Here's the problem with barrage though. It requires you to stand close to enemies if you want to hit stuff. This build is an absolute tank by combining defensives with the Icy Alchemist's aspect as well as cold imbuement we can CC out of any enemies we face.

Bis Barrage Rogue Gear

Helm: Godslayer Crown

Chest: Juggernaut's Aspect

Gloves: Icy Alchemist's Aspect

Pants: Resistant Assailant's Aspect

Boots: Hectic Aspect

Amulet: Aspect of Branching Volleys

Ring: Rapid Aspect, 

Weapon: Skyhunter

Dual-Wield Weapon 1: Condemnation

Dual-Wield Weapon 2: Aspect of Elements

Bis Barrage Rogue Skill Trees

Basic Skills: 1 Punture (Enhanced, Fundamental)

Core Skills: 5 Barrage (Enhanced, Advanced), 3 Sturdy

Agility Skills: 3 Weapon Mastery, 1 Dash (Enhanced)

Subterfuge Skills: 5 Concealment (Enhanced, Countering), 3 Agile, 3 Mending Obscurity, 3 Exploit, 3 Malice

Imbuement Skills: 5 Shadow Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), 1 Cold Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), 3 Frigied Finesse

Ultimate Skills: 1 Adrenaline Rush, 3 Haste, 3 Impetus

Key Passive: 1 Precision

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