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Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Rogue Build - Top 2 Best Melee & Ranged Rogue Builds in D4

2/15/2024 3:20:50 PM

Rogues are always the meta and we have the perfect Diablo 4 Season 3 Rogue build guide for you. Read our D4 Season 3 Rogue build guide, we're bringing you the top 2 best ranged and melee Rogue builds!


Diablo 4 Season 3 Rogue Build Guide - Top 2 Best Rogue Builds in D4 S3

Rogue is one of the 6 classes available at launch in Diablo 4. It specializes in melee weapon combat, dealing damage over time, and mobility/evading attacks. Primary skills include different melee attacks and finishers, bleed damage dots, damage buffs/debuffs, evasive abilities like dashes/rolls, and traps/mines to lure enemies. There are three base specializations for Rogue - Assassin focuses on burst damage and precision attacks, Trickster enhances mobility and traps, and Scoundrel is a bleed/poison damage over time spec. Now, let's dive into the gear and skills of 2 D4 best Season 3 Rogue builds melee and ranged!  

1. D4 Season 3 Best Ranged Rogue Build (Rapid Fire Bow Rogue)

Rapid Fire Bow Rogue build is an all-in-one package of a build. You got mobility, buffs, debuffs, utility, and godlike single-target damage. With the repeating aspect, you also have excellent clearing ability, which is commendable for a skill focused on a single target. People often underestimate rapid fire's ability to clear and it's impressive enough that you'd forget you don't have a pen shot in this build. This is a true all-rounder and the top best D4 Season 3 ranged Rogue builds! It can one-shot bosses too without needing to switch builds or skills! If you like playing range Rogue, you should give this a try!


Ranged Rogue Build Gear

Main Weapon: Skyhunter

Offhand Weapon: Condemnation, Rapid Royal Boneblade

Ring: Band of the Expectant, Edge master's Ring

Amulet: Necklace Repeating

Helm: Harlequin Crest

Armor: Umbrous Runic Mail

Gloves: Accelerating Runic Gloves

Pants: Runic Leggings of Might

Boots: Mangler’s Boneweave Treads


Ranged Rogue Build Skills

Basic Skills: 5 Forceful Arrow (Enhanced, Fundamental)

Core Skills: 13 Rapid Fire (Enhanced, Improved), 3 Stutter Step

Agility Skills: 2 Concussive, 1 Trick Attacks, 3 Weapon Mastery

Subterfuge Skills: 5 Smoke Grenade (Enhanced, Countering), 12 Dark Shroud (Enhanced, Subverting), 6 Exploit, 3 Malice

Imbuement Skills: 5 Shadow Imbuement (Enhanced, Blended), 5 Cold Imbuement ((Enhanced, Mixed), 6 Frigid Finesse, 3 Precision Imbuement

Ultimate Skills: 1 Innervation, 3 Alchemist’s Fortune, 1 Adrenaline Rush, 3 Haste, 3 Impetus

Key Passive: Precision


2. D4 Season 3 Best Melee Rogue Build (Flurry Rogue)

The idea behind this best Diablo 4 S3 Rogue build is to take advantage of the new construct areas and the densely packed groups of enemies. We're going to focus on flurry in this build, we're going to make it AoE and we're going to improve its damage in every way possible. So essentially it's going to be a melee AoE build and it's really simple to play!


Melee Rogue Build Gear

Main Weapon: Cranequin of Encircling

Offhand Weapon: Rapid Ritual Dagger, Jambiya of the Expectant

Ring: Band of the Expectant, Edgemaster’s Ring

Amulet: Necklace Repeating

Helm: Boneweave Helm of Disobedience

Armor: Enshrouding Sovereign Mail

Gloves: Vengeful Adventurer’s Gloves

Pants: Warlord Leg Plates of Might

Boots: Boneweave Treads of Slaughter


Melee Rogue Build Skills

Basic Skills: 1 Puncture (Enhanced, Fundamental)

Core Skills: 5 Flurry (Enhanced, Improved), 1 Sturdy, 3 Siphoning Strikes

Agility Skills: 1 Dash, 3 Weapon Mastery

Subterfuge Skills: 3 Exploit, 3 Malice

Imbuement Skills: 5 Shadow Imbuement (Enhanced, Blended), 4 Poison Imbuement (Enhanced, Blended), 3 Precision Imbuement, 3 Deadly Venom, 1 Debilitating Toxins, 1 Alchemical Advantage, 1 Shadow Crash, 3 Consuming Shadows

Ultimate Skills: 1 Death Trap (Prime, Supreme) 1 Adrenaline Rush, 3 Haste, 3 Aftermath

Key Passive: Momentum

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