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PoE 3.22 Best New Atlas Passive Keystones For Trial of the Ancestors Farming Strategies

8/13/2023 10:37:06 PM

Here we go over all 16 new Atlas Passive Keystones in Path of Exile 3.22 and analyze which are the best ones to use for your Trial of the Ancestors League farming strategies!

Best New Atlas Passive Keystones For PoE 3.22 Farming Strategies

In Trial of the Ancestors, there are 16 new Atlas passive keystones and these interact with the league mechanics you know and love or maybe know hate in a variety of interesting ways. For example, some of the new keystones modified League mechanics to remove their timer, if you ever felt like the time pressure of Legion or Delirium was simply uncomfortable or you liked that it sometimes popped up in your maps but you couldn't quite do it on your build yet, depending on how the rest of your Atlas suspect, this could be an option to consider. Now others completely change how you interact with a mechanic, for example when it comes to torment normally if a ghost possesses nearby enemies and then you have to kill it for loot, but you become the loot Goblin where the ghost possesses and enemies try to kill you with the Atlas Passive Keystone. And on the other hand, others just simplify things a little bit, for example, if you don't want to read and optimally placed remnants, then just take a big boom, you'll hit most stuff - you will still have to do a little reading at least to double check and make sure that you aren't hitting immunities or anything that breaks your build outside of that though you're good to go and you get a whole bunch of monsters almost immediately. And so here we wanted to look at all 16 keystones since they were revealed in the patch notes and now we have some trees to look at them and talk about some of our thoughts.

All Hands

Your maps have a 40% chance to contain a random Master and in exchange you don't get master missions when the map's completed but any modifiers that grant an additional chance instead cause the master to be found at 150% of value. 

This means if you like encountering Masters randomly in your Maps this is a good way to do it and it sort of takes the decision out of your hands, you'll encounter more Masters but have less control over which ones you find. We also curious if with all hands this makes Master missions count as extra content, it kind of goes back to the original way Masters were handled in Path of Exile where you'd encounter verichi and randomly do his mission or more accurately you'd encounter elrion and Skip his mission because it was terrible. But in good news the only time you encounter elvian reach your Haku is when they're trying to smash your face.

Timeless Conflict

Legion Encounters in your map have no timer, but breaking up monsters and chests that are in stasis progressively cause a schism Legion encounters begin once a Schism has occurred.

So instead of having a fixed amount of time to break out everything, you now have a fixed progress bar and it's already been confirmed that General sergeants and chests will be worth more, this means one of two things: now let's say you're going for a legion strategy involving emblematic a chance for splinters to drop his emblems instead, all you really care about is Splinter drops which primarily come from generals sergeants and chests. Therefore you wouldn't really worry about breaking everything else out. Thus this could increase your profits alternatively you can get quite a lot of rewards from Chain of Command, especially when you stack it with other things that modify your rewards and you wouldn't need to worry about something like protracted battle anymore because it doesn't matter how long it lasts. These are all things that could be valuable with Timeless conflict or maybe you're an SSF and you just can't kill the Legion yet. We don't think this is going to be the optimal way to farm Legion, but it's going to be viable and it adds more strategies.

Extreme Archaeology

200% increased Explosive Radius in your Maps, 100% increased Explosive Placement Range in your Maps. Expedition Monsters in your Maps spawn with an additional 10% of Life missing Number of Explosives is one. 

This new atlas passive keystone is not only do we think it's going to be

viable but it's going to be great. The increased explosion radius means that it's going to cover a significant portion of a screen but placement range means you can put it pretty much anywhere you want the boom to go off preferably in the middle of a group. It works particularly well for compact Expeditions, meaning in a crimson Temple it's not going to be great but in a Dunes it'll be fine. And the monster spawn with 10% of your life missing does a couple of things - first up if you just like going fast this is a great way to make your Expeditions go faster; second of all if you're a new player and you don't want to really have the complexity of setting up a proper explosion chain to min-max, now you don't have to; and last but not least all of the effects are applied immediately to all the monsters meaning if you're able to do a wide variety of remnants especially if you're able to do all of them say you're a trinity build that does multi-elemental damage, then you're in for a real treat because you can just let a big boom go off and Reaper words. We do think with Extreme Archaeology, your Expeditions will on average be more rewarding than they were in the past making this a very powerful node and one well worth considering.

Crop Rotation

Harvest crops are only tier one plants, harvesting crops in your Maps has a chance to upgrade the tier of plants of different colors.

Crop Rotation is going to take a lot more investment. Try to say that three times fast, you probably won't be able to. Crop Rotation could work very well with some sort of wandering path strategy a way to get a whole bunch of monsters and hopefully upgrade the tiers decently. But if you don't invest into it, it's going to feel very lackluster and so we would use this one with caution. If you know what you're doing and want to go after a specific strategy and harvest where you think you're reliably going to be able to upgrade the plants, then that might not be a bad thing. But if you're only going to be getting the tier ones, it's not so great. And Harvesting Crops in your Maps makes us think the more plots you have the better, so when you harvest the first one it has a chance to upgrade everything else. And this also means you're going to have to plan out your Harvest - if you have blue-purple in the first plot and then yellow purple and then blue-purple again; you want to start with a yellow plot because that way you can upgrade the blue and purple plants, and then you want to do one and harvest the other afterward. It leads to something that is actually the opposite of a lot of the other keystones, they simplify mechanics this one makes it more complicated. That said if you fully invest into it, this could be incredibly rewarding, possibly the most rewarding way to interact with Harvest outside of just going with an atlas memory.

Lucid Dreams

Vaal Side Areas in your Maps are no longer Corrupted.

Lucid Dreams is kind of a wild card because false side areas weren't all that impressive before but forgetting more than just a facelift, they've pretty much gotten an entire rework and are very own League mechanics now. So we are probably going to experiment with Lucid Dreams, in the worst case it should be a good way to get an early six link and at best it could generally be a really interesting way to farm in the future. Valve side areas in your maps are no longer corrupted meaning you can scour them, transmutes them and GGG has already confirmed there are unique valve side areas, we are hoping they're going to be something that's awesome and gives a ton of loot, but we only know what valve side areas are right now not what they will be in the future.

Destructive Play

If you like fighting bosses destructive play gives you more of them, but Maven summons 1 to 3 additional bosses when witnessing map bosses and modifiers to the final boss in each map also apply to be summoned bosses. 

There are a lot of rewards that say the final map boss drops, the final map boss has increased loot this is a way to make your bosses significantly more rewarding in exchange for making them more dangerous. We also wonder does this mean you can witness four map bosses in your map thus supercharging your Maven and allowing you to farm awaken gems? 

Immutable Dogma

Cannot re-roll favors but monsters sacrificed have 100% more tribute

If you prefer ritual we have Immutable Dogma. Essentially you only get one inventory but you get to buy anything this goes back into the category of simplifying mechanics, it's going to be really easy for a new player to spec into a mutable Dogma just by everything and have a good time without having to worry about some of the Nuance fit rituals normally entails especially around when to re-roll. Now is this going to be optimal like a lot of simplification mechanics and like a lot of the timer removal ones for most people probably not. But if you're not doing the main mechanic optimally, it could very well be.

Meticulous Appraiser

Modifiers to the quantity of items found in your Maps instead apply to the Rarity of items found in your maps at 300% of their value. 

The meticulous appraiser is definitely a test-first mechanic. It is definitely not bad on the face of it, it's just going to come down to what wins out in the end but don't be surprised if alternative strats spring up around that node. Meticulous Appraiser is probably niche at best for magic finding, it's awesome for SSF players that are hunting for certain uniques they need that can't be target farmed elsewhere. We think conceptually it's very good to be able to sacrifice item quantity for better item quality, something that you usually don't get to do in Path of Exile but GGG has discussed supporting in the past. In practice though isn't quantity better because you can just get more Rarity elsewhere?

Speaker of the Dead

Tormented Spirits in your Maps can Possess Players for 20 seconds, Tormented Spirits in your Maps cannot Possess Monsters. 

We wonder what sort of crazy builds people are going to make with Speaker of the Dead, you get a bunch of ghosts absorb them and you become the thing that's blasting across the map.  In some ways, this feels like the Poor Man's Headhunter node, let's just put all the potential farming value aside which to be fair we think there's a lot of value in farming. But we also think it's just a really good node conceptually that could be super fun to play, you get to run around summoning tornadoes touching monsters making them more dangerous and exploding them for loot.

Endless Tide

Beyond Portals in your Maps cannot spawn Unique Bosses, Beyond Portals in your Maps have 50% less Merging Radius. 

Endless Tide allows you to fight more bosses but if you hate fighting bosses you can spec into endless tide. This means it's going to be a lot harder to trigger beyond you're going to need a super juicy map - a map that's too juicy even for Einhardt. And you're probably giving up a vast majority of your tainted currency drops. Even before the changes in PoE 3.22, currency drops tended to come mostly from the bosses, at least the tainted currency did. But if you're a magic finding or doing a kill a bunch of monsters, Endless Tide tide could be very effective nonetheless we are just not quite sure how the 15% less merging radius will play out, it could be that's too steep of a penalty.

Cassia's Pride

Blight Monsters in your Maps take 75% less Damage from Players and their Minions, Blight Towers and their Minions in your Maps deal 300% more Damage. 

Now most Exiles like killing monsters but if you don't like killing monsters consider Cassia’s Pride. The Blight Tower Defense minigame really does become a tower defense minigame, the incident of you role-playing as the tower. Number one if your build's pretty weak and you can't do the job of clearing all the monsters by yourself, then this is great making it an excellent early League pick for anyone who wants to farm blight - as blight towers are quite powerful, players just end up outscaling them. And on the other hand, if the thought of role-playing as the tower gives you anxiety, this could be a pretty good pickup as well because now you don't have to. Just keep in mind that your Tower strategy is actually going to be very relevant, and if you build the wrong ones or don't pay attention to Lanes you could very well fail your own damage - 25% of your damage when you're a fully Juiced fully geared endgame build will still probably explode anything that's not a boss. And you have a really Juiced like you're wearing a mage blood build, you'll probably explode a boss, but at that point, we don't know why you'd have Cassia’s Pride.

Arbitrary Tenents

Favours at Ritual Altars in your Maps randomly cost between 90% less and 80% more. 

If you like gambling, there are arbitrary tenants. Imagine getting a mirror that costs 90% less or getting a mirror if it costs 80% more and you can't afford to do anything with it that would be pretty bad. We don't know enough about the favor costs to know if that situation will actually arise, but we absolutely hope it does.  We don't think Arbitrary Tenents is necessarily that good, it does on average slightly reduce the cost, but Randomness is going to make the whole experience feel unpleasant, so we'd avoid it, then again maybe that's just some players being risk-averse./

Unending Nightmare

Delirium Fog in your Maps never dissipates, Delirium Orbs cannot be found in your Maps, Simulacrum Splinters cannot be found in your Maps. 

Both remove the timer from Delirium and also modifies its behavior. Because Delirium fog never dissipates but you can't get orbs or splinters which on its face makes it much less rewarding. And if you are a Delirium build, it's much less rewarding. If you're on a map that's ideal for Delirium, it's also much less rewarding. But if you're in a situation where you couldn't do Delirium, anyway either due to a map layout you're farming or because your build simply can't keep up with a timer, this could be worth taking especially if you need to farm cluster Jewels or want to add a bunch of monsters to your Maps.

Bold Undertakings

Fortune Favours the Brave applies an additional random Option, 100% more Cost of the Fortune Favours the Brave Map Crafting Option. 

Instead of applying one random League mechanic for 3C, it applies 2 for 6C and we would imagine it can't choose the same one twice. So the additional option means you might get Harbinger with Legion, might mean you get Essence with Harbinger, or you get Delirium with Ritual which could actually be pretty economical for 6 Chaos. We don't know if this is good especially since we're now losing the pack size from fortune favors for Brave, but if it can double up that would be pretty neat, and even if it can't I'm assuming the more conservative option here. Then we do think it's something that some people will take because especially in Solo Self-Found it's a very cost-efficient way to get access to extra League mechanics.

Overloaded Circuit

League Map Crafting Options also choose 3 random Notable Atlas Passive Skills associated with that League to treat as allocated, 100% more cost of Map Crafting Options. 

This is another very good option that needs some testing. Question one - if you use fortune favors for brave do you get this applied, number two - if you already have the atlas passives do they double up, and number three if not what happens when you have some but not all the atlas passives allocated can. You essentially use this as a thread of Hope taking three notables associated with a mechanic and getting the other three for well a little Chaos. Also what happens with Essence where it only has 4 notables do you get three of them automatically applied? If so that's going to make Essence a really interesting farming option - you spend 4C instead of two but that's relatively cheap and you get all the bonuses with none of a point cost. 

The Seventh Gate

All possible League Map Crafting Options are Available while six Gateways are Allocated.

The gateways are the nodes over on the sides of a tree, something like the Mortal Gateway. But what does the seventh gate actually do? Does it mean you get every League crafting option that's available? Does it mean you don't have to progress your Atlas to get the options, or does it unlock all the truly insane things like infused Harbinger or monstrous treasure? And if so how much it is going to cost, because we can't imagine they're cheap. This one feels like it could be an incredible thing where GGG just went wild or it could end up being really mediocre if all it does is mean you get access to everything before you've completed your Atlas because most people are just going to complete their Atlas. If it gives all the league mechanics from now on, we're going to have all the league mechanics available that's going to be absolutely massive for farming strategies and consistency.  It means you have more farming options so if whatever you usually do is getting overharmed switch to something else. It also means that if there's something you enjoy farming which most people don't like let's just say your Heist lover, then you can farm Heist a little bit more efficiently because it's effectively on the atlas. 

Those are the 16 new Atlas passive keystones coming in Trial of the Ancestors league of Path of Exile, hope this guide will help you understand them better and pick up the right one for your PoE 3.22 league!

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