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PoE 3.22 Delve Early Farming Guide - 7 Tips for Delving and League Start for Path of Exile 3.22

8/14/2023 2:58:46 PM

We'll put together a guide for this all sort of get you started, we'll give newer players a bit of an idea of how to approach delve, probably this would be more targeted to the newer players who haven't played Delve but if you do play delve, you might pick up some hints and tips on what we do to maximize our poe currency gain, let's talk about seven key tips for getting started with Delving, making some early currency.


Delve Changes for 3.22 Patch Notes

Let's get started with patch notes here, the only major change here was item balances with shields, delve exclusive Shield, prefix modifiers that provide plus three percent and maximum fire cold and lightning res no longer roll which is fine we can live without that, so that's basically it in the patch notes for any changes.


1. What is Delve

Delve is exactly what it sounds like you delve down into some mines, generally from about act four and you get access to Niko, you can talk to him you go to the Waypoint, you can hit the delve or encampment, and that's where we start our delve Journey, so we get access to this basically infinite map with all these nodes and what are called biomes, we can pretty much Target Farm, we can do Abyssal Chambers which have like really good drops, so that's fundamentally what delve is.


The inputs and things like that that you need to sustain delve are called sulfite which is on this meter here, you get this via mapping throughout the maps, we'll talk about strategies of how we sustain sulfite and how you could attack it, and then basically, the way that you manage your interaction in the mine is through this the voltaic generator, so the preface or the premise of this is the deeper you go, the harder it gets as you can see the modifiers get crazier, so what this game mechanic forces you to do is to think outside the box and play super tanky characters, and then basically just survive at the end of the day.


2. How to Make Currency in Delve

There's a number of different ways you can do that.

  • -The first is you can Farm fossils which drop down and delve and they come from these fossil nodes here, and that's just one way so time loss drop glyphics, we've got humid fissures that drop fractured fossils and magma chambers that drop faceted all of which are really rare, and if we have a look in the poe ninja, we can see they all sell for various rates, now the accessibility to these fossils is based on the depth that you're farming at, and this is one way that you can make currency.

  • -The second way that you could make POE currency is actually by selling resonators in particular resonators in bulk, one socket generally sells in bulk really quickly and you'll get them really easily, then you'll also get four socket Prime chaotics, powerful chaotics, the easiest way to get resonators, the tip that we've pretty much run with every single league is you go down, you target these azurite cavities, you farm the azurite, you go to Niko.

  • -The next way that we generally make currency each league is by farming Crystal Kings,  he's one of the bosses encounters that you'll get in the uh in the delve content and it usually drops in primeval cabins at the moment, there's a glitch where we can't zoom out just to make it difficult, but we should be there we go, so he'll drop in these primary primeval cabins and you'll see he'll look like a little King sort of thing, what's the significance of this, what he drops are these amulets here, all uprisings, there are multiple auras that will drop on these amulets, however, if you were to get a good roll, you'd be looking at something like this, so you would have the determination or potentially malevolence which definitely sells for a lot, especially with poison SRS and Dot builds, so the other thing from the bosses that you'll encounter will be these rings, and they'll be Valley, Mountain, and Meadow.

  •  -The other things that you can do in Delve are you can Farm cities, when you farm cities, you'll get a heap of map drops, and things like that so it can be really good for sustaining maps and whatnot, but the biggest advantage is then early on, you can get a lot of  Awakened Sextant s and then sell these in bulk, so City farming is actually a very lucrative strategy to make currency.


3. How to Sustain Sulphite for Delving

  • -The first thing that you should be aware of is just setting up your Atlas properly, but basically, you want to grab mad devotion, you want to grab your mining byproducts and sulphite infusion, there's another one that is over here which is guarded hordes and packed with energy because there are actually two ways to do this, so you can either have those nodes selected in your map like usual and then just bear in mind make sure all your maps have maxed out quantity because you'll get more sulfite based on having your Maps maxed out in the inequality.

  •  -The other thing that you can also do is you can run wandering path, and because wondering path enhances the increased effect of modifiers on your non-unique maps, and also the quality of items founding Maps which not entirely sure if this has an impact but definitely this does, if you run wandering path which is in the new Atlas passive pre, then you'll actually find you can make anywhere up to like 30 to 40 sulfite in like four to five Maps tops, so and that's running assault one sulfite Scarab to get that running that's one strategy that you can well that's actually two strategies that you can use to get sulfite now as far as how to get sulfite active in maps aside from your ascendancy your Atlas passives, so the simplest way to do it is simply correct missions, you've got your areas contain masses of voltastic sulfite which Niko can extract and you'll get these as you natively play the game, the other is basically just going on the market and buying an absolute ton of soft light scabs.


4. What Are Biomes and Cities in Delve

  • -Biomes are areas of the mind that have specific attributes and all things can specifically drop in them similar to Maps if you're running Crimson Temple Maps or whatever it is biomes are very similar in that different fossils drop in different biomes and at different levels, there are some fossils that drop from different nodes.

  • -Cities are basically where you'll have these Relic ruined Chambers, you'll have Abyssal Chambers and Prime Evil Chambers which are these here, and so basically what these do is they give you like loot chess, and then basically you get like a shitload of currency, or whatever it might be.


5. Special Item Drop Nodes

You'll encounter these Restless rubbles here right so containing lightning items, contains cold items, fire items, Physical, containing Mana or cursed items. Like cursed rings and things like that, it's really lucrative to be able to get those in Delve because they're so accessible, the other thing that you can get which is an animalistic item gives you things like you know your aspects for example, so you could farm these nodes and get items that give you aspects which potentially you could roll them into really super powerful rare items or they could be build enabling, so you can get access to all of these items in Delve, relatively easily and potentially you could flip them.


6. How to Setup the Voltaxic Generator

You can make a lot of currency off these particular items or you could use them in your builds, either way, you shake it, just another reason why Del's worth playing at the end of the day, we get into the more nitty-gritty stuff so you've started delving in the league, and you go in you go into the Azurite mine you do the first couple nodes as we all do and then you come back with a bit of Azurite when you're leveling up your the Voltaxic Generator you want to basically there are a few attributes that you want to keep maxed out at all times, the first being you want to have your Darkness res maxed out straight away, So the first thing that if we had to sequence things, we would go solve our capacity first raise that so that means you can delve more and when you map, you get a lot more sulfite and then we would increase our darkness resistance and then increase the light resistance and then it becomes a balancing act of maxing out all three of these, now beyond that, make sure that you increase your light radius on your flares as the fourth item that you Target, and then your maximum flares and so that way you can have maximum players at all time and these will keep you alive when you are delving duration, it's a bit of waste get it to 20, don't go and blow too much Azurite in it.


7. When to Start Delving & What's the Best Depth to Farm

We usually do that in the first couple of days the reason being is because you want to be doing like t16 Maps before you're going into delve and you know giving it a whack you can delve a little earlier. So we usually recommend that if you've got a weaker character or an evasion character probably 150 to 250 should be the target, the reason being is flicker spiders evasion builds do not work in delve. So the best step to farm that we generally stick to is about 300 to 350.

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