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Best Cheap POE 3.22 Starter Builds - Top 5 POE Trial of the Ancestors Builds for Beginners 2023

8/14/2023 11:29:31 AM
Tag: POE Builds

As Path of Exile's newest league, Trial of the Ancestors, approaches, many players are excited to embark on a fresh adventure. For beginners, selecting a solid league starter build is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will explore the top 5 POE 3.22 league starter builds that are well-suited for players new to the game or looking for a reliable build to kickstart their journey.

Best Cheap POE 3.22 Starter Builds - Top 5 POE Trial of the Ancestors Builds for Beginners 2023

It's that time again that we get ready for another 3 to 4 months of killing everything that we see in maps and whatnot over and over again. Now one thing with the 3.22 League patch notes that came out, there’s not a great amount of additions. We do have the inclusion of a number of new support gems which throughout the league we'll get to in probably theory craft before we get to league, and there are a bunch of changes to the ascendancies be it a little confusing to read through with all the ruthless inclusions in the patch notes. But aside from all of that, fans are still genuinely excited for the new league, and so this list is simply going to be a list of 5 good League starters POE 3.22 that you can choose to have a good time at the starter League and get through the campaign quickly.

#1. Righteous Fire Jugg League Starter Build POE 3.22

+ Immunity to bleeding

+ Insanely tanky

+ Easy to play

+ Perfect League-starter

+ Solo self-found friendly

- Slow clear speed

- Limited skill choices

- Vulnerability to chaos damage

The first League starter build for 3.22 is one that's been in basically every league because the matter has never shifted enough to shift this build out. But it's the RF Jugg from Poxh. Now he actually has a whole website for this build including we think this league is looking at the Templar or the Inquisitor Jugg all over again and he's been leveling that up on stream. Now he's got  a full explanation of the act 1 through to 10 playthrough. And fundamentally, it tells you everything about the build that you need to know. Now one of the things if you're looking at RF you haven't played RF before or you’re new player to the game, basically what RF is is you overcap your fire resistance, you build a ton of regeneration and then you run Righteous Fire which burns at a percentage of your health and whatnot and then it expands and damage based on your burning damage. Usually, you run fire trap with it as well. And basically, you just walk through the game and light on fire and everything dies and you have a good time. It's super consistent and tanky, and just an overall really easy build for a newer player to get into. So this would be the first recommendation for an easy to play POE Trial of the Ancestors League starter build to get you going.

Click here to find the full details about the Righteous Fire Juggernaut build for Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League starter.  

#2. Hexblast Mine Sabotuer/Trickster

+ Safe gameplay

+ Very high single-target damage

+ Decent clear with auto-targeting

+ Tanky and slippery 

+ Very efficient scaling with investments

- Low mine throw speed feels clunky without investments

- Constantly gaining and losing charges

- Will die from time to time

- Minor play style is not for everyone

The next League starter easy-to-play build in POE 3.22 that we've got here is the one that has been around for the last couple leagues in particular with Sanctum and was really strong with an item called the Sandstorm Visage, which basically allowed you to max out your crit based on the crit on your wand. This is the Hexblast Mine, so basically it is a mine character, so you've got to throw your mines out in front of you, usually map the Q and W and then just walk around blasting the crap out of everything.

Act 4 is generally when you're going to start playing Hexblast Mines, and as far as uniques and things like that, the only real unique you need and initially is Profane Proxy which is a pretty straightforward ring to get in the first few days of league. Now if you don't get that initially, you can just use Blasphemy and it'll work just fine for the time being. This build's really good at early damage, really good at getting the maps. This is a really good build to sort of progress forwards with.

Click here to find the full details about the Hexblast Mine Sabotuer build for Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League starter.  

#3. Shield Crush Juggernaut 

+ Quite Tanky

+ Not complicated

+ Forgiving in terms of positioning

+ Very easy to comprehend character progression

- Very reliant on spesific uniques that are not always available early on

- It can be difficult to fit chaos resistance into the build early on

- Build is the definition of slow and steady

For the third Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors build for beginners 2023 we've got here is the Shield Crush Juggernaut. This is a powerful and versatile melee build that utilizes the Shield Crush skill as its main source of damage. This build combines the durability of the Juggernaut ascendancy with the unique mechanics of Shield Crush, resulting in a character capable of dealing solid AoE damage while maintaining excellent survivability. Introduced in Path of Exile's 3.15 Expedition League and Shield Crush has been popular among the “True Melee” crowd ever since. It differs from most skills in that it doesn’t use your weapon to scale damage, and instead opts to scale its damage through the stats on your shield as well as actually hitting targets with the shield. Most people used this build at the start of last league because it was so tanky, it can absolutely clap everything in the game. So if you're looking for a powerful melee based character, really safe to play, really easy to play, unaffected by the patch notes, then the Shield Crush Jugg is definitely worth having a look at.

Click here to find the full details about the Shield Crush Juggernaut build for Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League starter. 

#4. Rain of Arrows Raider/Champion

+ Cheap and beginner-friendly

+ Fast clear speed

+ Flexibility in gear and support gems

+ Scales well

- Less tanky

- Less popular

- Limited range

The next one is Rain of Arrows Raider/Champion, which is super cheap. It is less popular than other main builds, but it is still a robust build that provides the player with an edge in the game to beat down bosses and have better mapping speed. The Rain of Arrows Raider build focuses on passives that increase attack speed, critical strike chance, and evasion. The Raider ascendancy class provides bonuses to movement speed and onslaught, making it an ideal choice for a fast-paced and mobile playstyle. The Rain of Arrows Champion build is also a good choice for league start. It offers more defenses than the Raider version, making it more forgiving for newer players. The Champion version functions exactly the same as the Raider version, so if you enjoyed playing the Raider version, you will enjoy playing the Champion version as well.

Both versions of the Rain of Arrows build are relatively cheap to start with and can be played as a league starter. They scale well later in the game and can clear the atlas on minimal investment.

Click here to find the full details about the Rain of Arrows Champion build for Path of Exile 3.22.

#5. Boneshatter Juggernaut

+ Very tanky

+ High physical damage mitigation

+ A lot of maximum life

+ Deals a lot of AoE damage with Stuns

+ Doesn't need a lot of Mana

+ Doesn't need any cluster jewels

+ Permanently stuns any opponent

- Expensive to min-max

- Can't run maps with physical reflect

- Not the best single-target damage

The last best league starter build for POE 3.22 on this list is no doubt Boneshatter Juggernaut, a popular build in Path of Exile that uses the Boneshatter skill and the Juggernaut ascendancy to create a tanky character with good damage output. One of the reasons why this one stuck out is it's really good, it's extensive, it‘s really beginner friendly and they basically start out with a build up of like where you need to be and pob, the starter sort of setup and then all the way through to the end game, and it's using relatively moderate gear as well to achieve a really good outcome. One of the other advantages of playing this particular build is because we have the trauma support gem, there's every possibility that you'll be able to take this a build as a template and elaborate this out to any other strike skill, and that might be something worth having a look at for anyone who wants to challenge themselves this league. But overall, this is just a really solid build, pretty much no skill has been touched by the patch notes. So just a really good recommendation to get you started for the league, it scales really well, really good AOE at end game, just an overall solid tanky build.

Click here to find the full details about the Boneshatter Juggernaut build for Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League starter.  

That’s all for the top 5 POE 3.22 builds, these builds are designed to be accessible for everyone and don't require any specific items that are hard to get or expensive when a new league starts. They should help you get to the end game without spending too much currency or no currency at all. Hopefully they can give you some good ideas to get started for the Trial of the Ancestors League!

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