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Top 3 PoE 3.22 Best Mapping Builds - Path Of Exile Pathfinder League Starter Build Guide

8/16/2023 11:31:05 AM

It's a time in the Path of Exile cycle to choose a league starter. Are you looking for the best build guide for Path of Exile 3.22? Today, we bring you the top 3 best PoE 3.22 mapping builds for Trial of the Ancestors. We'll break down their gear, flasks, gems, and trees.


POE 3.22 Mapping Build Guide - Top 3 Best Pathfinders For Path Of Exile Ancestors

In our POE 3.22 mapping build guide, we bring you the top 3 most op league starters! First is the Toxic Rain Pathfinder which features good speed, incredible mapping tankiness, and permanent flask uptime during bosses, while having great mobility. Next, we bring you the best league starter build for PoE 3.22 Ancestor League, Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder. Lastly, we got you the Poison Concoction Pathfinder. This build requires basically zero gear aside from rares with life and resistance to complete your whole atlas.


1) POE 3.22 Best Mapping Build - Toxic Rain Pathfinder

This is toxic rain Pathfinders, the comfiest mapping build in Path of Exile 3.22. It's a very fun and great starter and it's incredibly zoomy. The big downside to the build though is that the pods, don't like to do instant damage so you're not going to have that nice crunchy feel like Lightning Arrow. They're instantly destroying the enemies like the pods go down and then everything melts away. If you don't like damage over time builds, this might not be for you. But it is an amazingly POE 3.22 league starter, with really good defenses, especially for mapping. You're not going to face tank every boss in the game but a lot of players do Pinnacle boss with this build. 


Toxic Rain Pathfinder Gear

Main Hand Weapon - Thicket Box

Off Hand Weapon - Broadhead Arrow Quiver

Helmet - Pig-Faced Bascinet

Chest - Sadist Garb

Ring - Amethyst Ring, Amethyst Ring

Amulet - Amber Amulet

Gloves - Dragonscale Gauntlets

Boost - Dragonscale Boots

Belt - Crystal Belt


Toxic Rain Pathfinder Flasks

Perpetual Granite Flask of the Armadillo

Saturated Divine Life Flask of Alleviation

Perpetual Quicksilver Flask

Perpetual Quartz Flask of the Owl

Perpetual Silver Flask of the Dove


Toxic Rain Pathfinder Gems


Toxic Rain Pathfinder Trees


2) POE Best 3.22 Mapping Build - Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder

Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder is the best league starter for Path of Exile 3.22 Ancestor League. This is one of the smoothest mapping builds but also a well-rounded build. This will be able to tackle juice mapping as well as killing any of the bosses to collect your Void zones. It works very comfortably on a very low budget of just a divine or two but it can be scaled to then tackle very end-game content like 80% Delirium or if you want to do Uber bosses you can.


Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder Gear

Main Hand Weapon - Obliteration Imbued Wand

Off Hand Weapon - Dawnbreaker Colossal Tower Shield

Helmet - Deicide Mask

Chest - Dendrobate Sentinel Jacket

Ring - Ming’s Heart Amethyst Ring, Amethyst Ring

Amulet - Agate Amulet

Gloves - Dragonscale Gauntlets

Boost - Dragonscale Boots

Belt - Stygian Vise

Jewel - 2 x Hypnotic Eye Jewel


Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder Flasks

Alchemist’s Ruby Flask of Variegation

Quicksilver Flask of the Cheetah

Bottomless Silver Flask of the Curlew

Practitioner’s Granite Flask of the Pangolin


Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder Gems


Poison Blade Vortex Pathfinder Trees 


3) POE 3.22 Best Mapping Build - Poison Concoction Pathfinder

This is the best budget PoE League Starter 3.22 for normal players. It's not the best boss killer or a super tanky build it still is more than viable for all non-uber content. While having some of the best clear speed in the whole game. Many of the strongest builds in the game require lots of gear that simply won't exist or will be too expensive early on. What this best POE 3.22 Pathfinder build does is it bridges the gap between the start of the league and when you can play your desired build. Poison Concoction Pathfinder is one of the fastest Path of Exile mapping builds 3.22 in the game and once you're finished with your league start can be re-rolled into some of the strongest builds in the game. Since poison concoction was introduced it's been one of the best leveling skills in the game to the point where it was nerfed last League. Even though it was nerfed, it's still one of the best leveling skills and has a very smooth progression.


Poison Concoction Pathfinder Gear

Main Hand Weapon - None

Off Hand Weapon - Titanium Spirit Shield

Helmet - Pig-Faced Bascinet

Chest - Cherrubim’s Maleficence

Ring - 2 x Iolite Ring

Amulet - Agate Amulet

Gloves - Asenath’s Gentle Touch

Boost - Dragonscale Boots

Belt - Heavy Belt


Poison Concoction Pathfinder Flasks

Vitiating Divine Life Flask of Alleviation

Masochist’s Jade Flask of the Antelope

Masochist’s Quicksilver Flask

Masochist’s Silver Flask of the Eagle

Masochist’s Granite Flask of the Tortoise


Poison Concoction Pathfinder Gems


Poison Concoction Pathfinder Trees


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