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POE 3.22 Best Tanky Mapping Start Build - Ruetoo's Cprrupting Fever Champion League Start Build Guide

8/18/2023 2:33:41 PM
Tag: POE Builds

If you're seeking the ultimate tanky mapping league start build in Path of Exile 3.22, look no further than Ruetoo's Corrupting Fever Champion. This build not only smashes through endgame content but annihilates the most lucrative league mechanics, including Legion, Delirium, and Expedition, all while providing a comfortable and death-free experience. In this guide, we will explore the exceptional strengths of this best mapping League start build Path of Exile 3.22, its ability to handle challenging encounters, and why it reigns supreme as the top choice for the Ancestor League.

POE 3.22 Best Tanky Mapping Start Build - Ruetoo’s Cprrupting Fever Champion League Start Build Guide

Ruetoo’s Corrupting Fever Champion is a top-tier map blasting beast and will be the build played most at this league start. With a swing of your weapon, you send spectral copies forward into hordes of enemies, applying physical damage over time corrupting fever debuff. In addition, you apply a bleed on hit causing enemies to explode once you've obtained the unique gloves hemophilia. This build is great for those who want a map blaster that destroys mapping content whether it's Legion, Delirium or whatever you're farming for 62 hours on League Start. But the build can be a bit iffy if you're completely new to the game.

Mechanics for POE 3.22 Ruetoo’s Corrupting Fever Champion Build

For the main clearing ability for this POE 3.22 mapping start build, we use spectral throw, applying corrupting fever and bleed to explode packs with haemophilia. On Tanky rares, you'll cast reap, making sure to save a use of vaal reap or the map boss where you'll attach a storm brand to tick and apply corrupting fever for you, while you unload your vaal recharge causing a pool of physical damage over time to erupt underneath your enemy's feet. Vaal reap will also empower your future reap casts with the increase in max blood charges, so you'll want to make sure you continue casting reap on the boss for optimal damage. We'll obtain a nice amount of recovery from things like life regen and life on kill found from the passive tree. And physical leech obtained later on from our belt or from a glorious vanity node. You'll boost your single target through auras-like Pride, War Banner, Malevolence and Herald of Purity while boosting your defenses through determination, properly rolled flasks and simply being a champion with nearly 100% uptime on adrenaline.


Champion is the best ascendancy for this build because of its sources of free damage and defense, it creates a perfect combination for our league start corrupting fever. First to Strike, Last to Fall allows you to trigger the low life state by pressing your large life cost corrupting fever in return giving you adrenaline. You get to obtain this very powerful buff all the way from act 3 which gives 100% increased damage which physical damage over time builds are severely lacking early on. 10% physical damage reduction to assist in early fizz mitigation and 25 attack cast and movement speed, making our leveling and map clearing smoother with the speed increases to attacking with Helix, Whirling Blade and casting with reap. Champion also obtains unstoppable hero and fortitude, giving a free 20% less damage taken in the form of 20 fortification stacks and 20 attack speed and stun immunity for that buttery smooth mapping. Your Uber lab will be inspirational giving 30% or effect, which is a massive damage and defense boost while also providing a free War Banner, bringing our mana up to equip malevolence in the mid game and Herald of Purity in the end game.

The Respec

This build requires a slight Respec where you'll have a few random passive nodes. You'll have to use your first regrets on, but it's more than worth it for the better and smoother leveling experience.

Best Uniques for Mapping

  • Haemophilia

  • Honourhome

  • Mark of Submission

Early Game Gearing

Your early game gearing is very simple, just obtain the previously mentioned unique, roll a quicksilver, granite, jade and silver flask with armor evasion, reduced effective curses, and attack or cast speed. Making sure to enchant them with use on full with 20 glassblower’s baubles and Instilling Orb s on the crafting bench when you have the chance. Your weapon will be the 3 fizz or spell skill daggers and on these, you'll craft physical damage overtime multiplier which you'll use until you can purchase 2 cold iron points. On your amulet, you'll want to pick up damage over time multiplier and anoint acrimony with two black oils and a clear oil for the extra dot multi. Every other gear slot will be life and resistances, making sure to obtain some small amount of chaos res where you can.

Mid Game Gearing

In the mid-game, you're going to start squeezing higher tier resistances out of all of your gear slots and trying to get your stat needs on your gear rather than from the passive tree. Make sure to obtain the gravitious unveil on your body armor and the reduced effect of shock craft on each ring to provide shock immunity. You'll roll your helmet implicit for physical taken as fire and vulnerability effect and your body armor for the malevolence or effect and generic aura effect. On your amulet, you'll have either dot multi or plus one physical skills and if you can squeeze a little bit of resistance or stats out of your amulet slot, making sure to obtain useful bases like a turquoise or onyx. In your belt, you'll want to pick up the physical variant of doryani's invitation or its physical leech modifier. Alongside its resistances and global physical damage, it makes for a great belt for early League CF champ. Most modifiers will specify phys physical attack damage, but this belt gives generic physical damage leeched as life. So we can leech off of our reap which is a physical spell. The largest upgrade in this gear set is the purchase of two large 8 passive physical clusters and some rare jewels to fill them out. You'll want to obtain these 2 large eight passive clusters with one or more notables. But on League start, you should settle for just one notable, rolling it yourself with Jagged fossils or purchasing it off of the site from another player. The increase in damage from other notables is just not worth it early on and you can much better spend that currency on other upgrades.

End Game Gearing

The end game of Corrupting Fever Champion takes its damage and mitigation up a few notches, and with the addition of corrupted cold iron points makes your weapon slots so dense with damage with each giving +3 levels and a 60% increased damage over time. You'll also be using a fourth file chest piece and obtaining the glorious vanity providing you with a large amount of elemental mitigation through Divine Flesh's 50% of elemental damage taken as chaos and Fourth Vow allowing armor to work against that chaos damage. On your glorious vanity, you'll also obtain a specific seed to change the stat nodes below templar into a physical leech node to replace your doryani belt with a rare one. 

This gear set also squeezes in a Herald of Purity by getting vulnerability on hit corrupted onto haemophilia getting a reservation enchant and implicit on our helmet and the mana mastery. This lets us squeeze in just a little bit more damage from our Herald of Purity. Further damage upgrades are getting denser and better rare jewel. A corruption on your Fourth Vow which would be a +2 duration or +1 socketed to give an extra level to your power or on the budget end a +2 AOE which only provides the levels to reap and not CF. Lastly, you can purchase awaken gems to socket into your combined reap and CF 6-link chest.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Ruetoo's Cprrupting Fever Champion League Start Build 


  • Strong Tankiness: This build offers exceptional tankiness, allowing you to withstand heavy hits and survive encounters that would otherwise be fatal. With high life pool, block chance, physical damage reduction, and resistances, you can confidently face challenging content without constant fear of dying.

  • Efficient Map Clearing: Ruetoo's Corrupting Fever Champion build excels in clearing maps quickly and efficiently. The powerful Corrupting Fever skill combined with support gems delivers substantial area damage and damage over time, annihilating hordes of enemies with ease.

  • Versatility in League Mechanics: This build is well-rounded, making it suitable for various league mechanics and encounters. Whether you're tackling Legion monoliths, Delirium mist, or Expedition expeditions, the build's combination of area damage and damage over time allows you to effectively handle and capitalize on lucrative league mechanics.

  • Comfortable Gameplay: The build offers a comfortable and death-free gameplay experience. With its high survivability and defensive layers, you can focus on mapping, looting, and engaging with league mechanics without constant worry about untimely deaths. This makes for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.


  • Lower Single Target Damage: While the build excels in clearing maps and dealing area damage, its single target damage may be comparatively lower. Some encounters or bosses may require more time and effort to bring down. It is important to plan and adapt your strategy accordingly, especially in high-end content where single target damage is crucial.

  • Limited Range: As a melee-focused build, Ruetoo's Corrupting Fever Champion requires close engagement with enemies. This means that you need to position yourself well to maximize your damage output and mitigate potential risks. Being in melee range can sometimes be challenging in encounters with dangerous mechanics or in situations where kiting is required.

  • Gear Dependency: As with many endgame-oriented builds, Ruetoo's Corrupting Fever Champion requires specific gear to reach its full potential. While this may not be a significant drawback for experienced players, it could pose a challenge for newcomers or those with limited access to certain items. However, the build can still be effective with more budget-friendly gear options.

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