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PoE 3.22 Best Leveling Build - Top 3 Best League Starters For Leveling In Path of Exile

8/18/2023 4:18:41 PM

Patch 3.22 brings new Atlas keystones Sanctum, new league mechanics, and new support gems to Path of Exile. Today, we want to focus on the top 3 best PoE 3.22 leveling builds for Trial of Ancestors League.


PoE 3.22 Leveling Build Guide - Top 3 Best Leveling League Starters in Path of Exile 

What makes a good Path of Exile 3.22 League starter, the first thing that comes to mind is the speed you want to build that can level fast. The faster you're out of the campaign, the faster you're progressing the end game and making POE Currency. You also want a build that is cheap and doesn't require specific gear pieces to be viable because you want to be saving currency on the gear that you want non-spinning upgrades on your current build. Then one of the most important aspects of a good League starter is that you can play powerful builds on that character without having to spend the time to level. Next, we break down their gear and flask for the 3 best 3.22 Ancestors leveling builds in PoE.


PoE 3.22 Best Leveling Build - Oro’s Sacrifice Flicker Striker

Oro’s SacrificeFlicker Striker is the best PoE 3.22 League Starter for leveling and early game. This build is probably the most safest Flicker Strike build for League Start since we don't need to use expensive ferals fur our weapon or a sacrifice. It generates a frenzy charge every time we ignite an enemy which is basically 100% chance. With a good amount of critical strike and combustion. So we're going to start with Slayer, the best choice for this build. Tons of crit, tons of damage, and non-stop leech that's all we need.


League Starter Build Gear

Main Hand: Oro’s Sacrifice

Helm: Devoto’s Devotion

Chest: Tabula Rasa

Ring: Phoenix Twirl, Carrion Band

Glove: Dusk Hold

Belt: Belt of the Deceiver

Boots: Darkray Vectors

Jewel: Cataclysm Stone, Maelstorm Splinter, Foe Splinter


League Starter Build Flasks

Surgeon’s Diamond Flask of the Dove

Doctor’s Granite Flask of the Eel

Examiner’s Silver Flask of the Dove

Constant Quicksilver Flask of the Cheetah

Seething Dive Life Flask of Sealing


2. Best PoE Leveling Build 3.22 - Hexblast Mines

If you want to just do some really crazy damage and this is going to be the best PoE 3.22 build for you. This build is really good both for new players and advanced players and still has a decent amount of defense not like face tank champion defense but still strong. Mines are two buttons. You can put detonate Mines on the left click and because Hexblast is a targeted skill and not an AOE, it doesn't explode until there is an enemy nearby. So you can set up your mines beforehand and still walk around. It has high damage on every part of the progression curve so even if you make small mistakes, you're not going to be just zdps running around doing no damage that is definitely an upside. It also has great boss damage which means that later you can respect it. In terms of defense, the build definitely isn't built for hardcore.

League Starter Build Gear

Main Hand: Midgame Wand (Imbued Wand)

Off Hand Weapon: Endgame Shield (Titanium Spirit Shield)

Helm: Midgame Helmet (Vaal Mask)

Chest: Cloak of Flame (Scholar’s Robe)

Amulet: Onyx Amulet

Ring: Endgame Ring (Two Stone Ring), Profane Proxy (Unset Ring)

Glove: Endgame Gloves (Assassin’s Mitts)

Boots: Endgame Boots (Murder Boots)

Belt: Midgame Belt (Heavy Belt)

Jewel: Cataclysm Stone, Maelstorm Splinter, Foe Splinter


League Starter Build Flasks

Endless Eternal Life Flask of Assuaging

Brewer’s Quartz Flask of the Kakapo

Brewer’s Quicksilver Flask of the Cheetah

Brewer’s Jade Flask of the Ibex

Brewer’s Amethyst Flask of Penetrating

3. PoE Best 3.22 Leveling Build - Detonate Dead Ignite Elementalist

Detonate Dead Ignite Elementalist is the best build for Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors. This build pretty much changed absolutely nothing from 3.21 to 3.22. It still has the smoothest or the best leveling skill from 1 to 28 which is rolling magma. From 28 to maps where you run the armor brand and cremation, it's pretty much the strongest two skills from 28 to maps. Then when we get to maps, we swap to a build that has the same damage in T1 maps that it doesn't t16 maps, so you're going to have no problems getting your void stones.


League Starter Build Gear

Main Hand: Opal Sceptre

Off Hand Weapon: Supreme Spiked Shield Helm: Nightmare Bascinet

Chest: Full Dragonscale

Amulet: Jade Amulet

Ring: Two Stone Ring x 2

Glove: Murder Mitts

Boots: Crusader Boots

Belt: Heavy Belt


League Starter Build Flasks

Brewer’s Quicksilver Flask of the Bear

Flagellant’s Silver Flask of the Rainbow

Flagellant’s Granite Flask of the Pangolin

Flagellant’s Quartz Flask of the Order

Seething Divine Life Flask of Sealing

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