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PoE 3.22 Best Starter Builds: Top 10 Budget Trial of the Ancestors Start Builds

8/3/2023 3:18:13 PM

What is the best league starter for Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors? Here we give you the Top 10 Potential PoE 3.22 Best League Starter Options!

PoE 3.22 Best League Starter Builds: Top 10 S-Tier Budget Trial of the Ancestors Builds

In Path of Exile, the Crucible league is drawn to a close, and the Trial of the Ancestors league is fast approaching, so with this post, we want to send it off with a bang by talking about several S-tier builds that possibly will be great league starters for PoE 3.22. 

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As many have noted, waiting for PoE Patch Notes is the only way to truly determine a viable league starter, while there are some potential options to look at:

  • 1. Righteous Fire Jugg Build

The classic Righteous Fire Juggernaut is the most popular League starter, possibly in Path of Exile history although Essence strain contagion may beat it and we can absolutely see why. Righteous Fire is really comfy, you've got great clear and the damage is passive meaning it's not too hard to play and you can't really forget to use your main skill. On the other hand, if you need to kill a rare or a boss just drop a firetrap alert and watch things explode. Firetrap single Target is still very significant and relatively easy to scale in the same manner as Righteous Fire itself. Another big advantage here is damage persistence and non-element damage over time. If an enemy blocks, that doesn't matter because you're dealing damage over time. If you ignite immune, that doesn't matter because it's not an ailment you're just burning them to death by existing. And if an enemy forces you to move due to its own mechanics, that's also not an issue, your damage is relatively persistent from firetrap and completely persistent for anything in your fave Insanity depending on how much area you have on your righteous Fire itself. These are all huge advantages not only in terms of what a build can take down but also in terms of how good it feels to play. Plus the more spell damage from Righteous Fire being active, that scares your firetrap too. 

Put all this together, we could absolutely see why people like RF Jugg,  you don't even really have to min-max it that far, it's a Surf League starter that's great at the beginning, works really well in the mid game and can be taken all the way if you want to but absolutely doesn't have to be. You could use your RF Jugg early on to farm up for another build later or maybe just respect the character.

  • 2. Toxic Rain Build

Toxic Rain proves to be an incredibly accessible choice for league starters, demanding minimal gear investment. Acquiring a 6-link setup is easily attainable through cards, and even a corrupted bow can be obtained inexpensively through trade. Right from Act 1, you can employ Toxic Rain with any class, and it remains effective until T16 maps without any hassle. This skill operates by firing numerous arrows into the air, forming toxic ground pools upon impact, inflicting sustained chaos damage in the affected area over time. Much like Explosive Arrow, gearing up for Toxic Rain is relatively straightforward, especially due to the deterministic nature of crafting the primary weapon. Overall, this build is an exceptional all-rounder, capable of carrying you through various challenges.

  • 3. Explosive Arrow Raider Build

This totem build boasts impressive DPS, offering a smooth gear progression and substantial damage output. The totem mechanics make it an ideal choice for players who struggle with boss encounters, as it delivers damage consistently without requiring constant attention to the boss. Simply deploy the totems and focus on dodging mechanics. The build performs exceptionally well in both trade leagues and Solo Self-Found (SSF), with the primary weapon being a multimod weapon crafted using essences and a farmable base. However, it's important to note that the build has two instances of damage delay: one while the totems arm themselves and another before the arrows explode. For a recommended start, we suggest using the Explosive Arrow (EA) on Hit Raider, which can later be upgraded to either Deadeye or continue as a Tornado Shot (TS) build. The Raider subclass is superior with minimal gear at the beginning of the league, offering spell suppression and greater speed. Once the basic necessities provided by Raider are no longer required, transitioning to Deadeye will grant more DPS while still maintaining impressive speed. On the other hand, the TS variant necessitates more gear to achieve optimal performance.  Since Explosive Arrow scales with gem level, a Quillrain bow is an excellent fit for this build due to its rapid firing rate, allowing for the accumulation of fuses on targets, resulting in potent explosions that deal substantial damage.

  • 4. Boneshatter Juggernaut Build

Boneshatter, a formidable melee skill, possesses a unique mechanic where stunning an enemy triggers a powerful pulse of damage in the surrounding area. This skill proves exceptionally effective at annihilating groups of mobs, delivering a satisfying gameplay experience. You'll find yourself leaping from one pack to another, unleashing the explosive power of Boneshatter and leap slamming away to the next target. However, when facing single targets, the damage output may feel somewhat lacking unless you capitalize on the diverse skillset integrated into the build to enhance your damage. 

There are two distinct variations of this build: the Slayer and the Juggernaut. Each offers a different approach to combat, catering to diverse playstyles and preferences. The Slayer variant might focus more on raw damage and offensive capabilities, while the Juggernaut version may emphasize increased survivability and resilience in the face of formidable foes. Ultimately, both variations present compelling options for players to excel in combat and dominate the challenges that lie ahead.

  • 5. Rain of Arrows Raider Build

Transforming Rain of Arrows (RoA) into Tornado Shot provides a safer and smoother gameplay experience as a Raider. This build offers excellent clearing capabilities with RoA, while relying on the Artillery Ballista for strong single-target damage. To ensure you reach the ailment cap, employ 1c (1% increased critical strike chance) boots and make use of spell suppression from the skill tree and your ascendancy. In the early stages, you can comfortably play with RoA on a 4L setup until you progress to higher-level content. Once you reach red-tier maps, switch to a critical strike build and begin farming essences or any other desired resources until you acquire a 600-700 elemental damage per second (edps) bow on a decent base. When you have the appropriate equipment, transition to Tornado Shot.

As you advance, prioritize crafting ailment immunity on your boots and chest, and make use of cluster jewels and other gear enhancements to maximize your build's efficiency. With these adjustments, you'll experience enhanced performance and enjoy a well-rounded character capable of handling both clear and single-target encounters.

  • 6. Lightning Arrow Build

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye build stands out as an exceptional choice for PoE 3.22 due to its remarkable map clearing speed, making it an excellent league starter. Starting with bows and later transitioning into Lightning Arrow provides a smooth progression. This build is especially favorable for mid-budget players, as it focuses on stacking Life Regeneration to maintain a high uptime on Berserk. With its mapping capabilities and impressive efficiency, it excels at farming even with a moderate budget.

For those seeking a playstyle that involves unleashing a barrage of projectiles, effortlessly chaining through every enemy, and moving at incredible speeds, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye build is an ideal fit. In the 3.22 patch, the Vengeant Cascade skill node may be integrated into the skill tree or introduced as a new support gem. Although it may have undergone some nerfs, the opportunities to utilize this gem to mimic the performance of returning projectile build or explore novel approaches remain promising.

  • 7. Poison Tornado Shot Pathfinder

Bow builds remain exceptionally strong starters that continuously grow in power. In this league, you have the option to begin as a Light Arrow character and easily transition into Tornado Shot even in Solo Self-Found (SSF) mode. This build has proven its effectiveness by successfully conquering the Atlas and defeating Uber Cortex. Notably, Tornado Shot doesn't rely on returning projectiles, which suggests it won't undergo significant changes in the upcoming patch.

The Poison Tornado Shot Pathfinder build stands out as one of the most enjoyable and versatile archetypes in the game. Despite its accessibility in terms of budget, as it doesn't require expensive items, it boasts the ability to clear thousands of monsters per minute. This build gained immense popularity, especially among Magic Find enthusiasts. Consequently, a new iteration of the TS build has emerged, emphasizing both optimal farming capabilities and affordability to cater to a wider audience, ensuring that even players with limited resources can effortlessly delete high-end maps within seconds.

  • 8. Poison Spark Occultist Build

The Poison Spark Occultist stands as a high-budget build, requiring more than 100 Divine Orb s to fully realize its potential. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the Poison Blade Vortex Occultist serves as an excellent starter witch build. However, if you're aiming for an endgame powerhouse that can tackle the game's toughest challenges, the Phantasmal Spark Occultist is your go-to choice.

With the aid of Profane Bloom's explode chains, this build delivers incredibly satisfying clearing capabilities, surpassing other Ascendancies in this aspect. Its unique mechanics make it particularly effective in smaller arenas, where Phantasmal Spark's projectiles bounce around and repeatedly hit a single target with each cast, resulting in exceptional damage output. Whether you're facing hordes of enemies or formidable bosses, the Phantasmal SparkOccultist proves its versatility and dominance in all situations.

  • 9. Cold DoT Build

In Path of Exile, the Cold Damage over Time Build makes use of a diverse set of cold skills to inflict continuous cold damage on enemies, effectively bringing them down. As you traverse the game, you strategically deploy zones of damaging cold effects to weaken your adversaries. This build offers a versatile playstyle, excelling in defense by chilling enemies and often pairing with spell suppression, armor, and/or evasion.

Being a damage-over-time build, the Cold DoT Build maintains a near-constant DPS uptime, ensuring a comfortable experience during boss battles. There are several variations of this build, with the primary ones being the Elementalist, Trickster, and Occultist. The Elementalist variant boasts the highest damage output, while the Trickster variant prioritizes a more defensive approach.

  • 10. Fire Trap Build

The Fire Trap build focuses on igniting enemies, dealing persistent fire damage over time. With Frost Blink as a key mobility skill, you'll swiftly traverse through the maps, setting foes ablaze. Additionally, Fire Trap serves as a potent tool to amplify single-target damage. This build boasts exceptional damage output and mobility, proving to be highly effective and scaling remarkably well with significant investment as you progress into the late game.

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