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D2R Ladder Season 5: Start/Release Date, Best PvP Builds, Class Changes and More

8/3/2023 11:12:27 AM

On various forums and community platforms, Diablo 2 Resurrected players are engaging in discussions about when the S5 D2R ladder reset will be, along with the most creative suggestions for this new patch. Some are looking for clues from Blizzard's announcements or gathering hints from in-game events. In today’s guide, we dive into the ongoing conversations surrounding these topics, and we look at the upcoming Season 5 best changes to Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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D2R Ladder Season 5: Start/Release Date, Best PvP Builds, Class Changes and More

Seasons are periods of time in which players can create new characters and compete for ladder rankings, achievements, and rewards. Each season also introduces new content and features, such as balance changes, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. 

D2R Ladder Season 4 started on May the 4th and if devs are keeping true to their 3 or 4month ladder cycle, this means that the next season is due any minute now. But what sorts of changes can we expect with this patch? It's fair to say that with the focus on D4 lately and the rather underwhelming previous D2R patch, hot topics such as loot filters, currency tabs or even gem stacking are probably off the table. Instead, for this guide, we're going to focus on the simple suggested changes to D2R S5 patch 2.8.

#New Season Change 1- Itemization

Let's start with itemization grinding to find the most GG items possible is what Diablo 2 is all about. But players who have done this for years have noticed some annoying problems with D2R's itemization. To sum it up, you will never find the perfect rare quality item for your build. You will likely have to either design it in hero editor if you're playing single player or rely on someone else to find it or they're bought to find it if you're playing online, at which point you'll have to trade every high rune you've ever found to get it. This is because rare items can only spawn with 6 attributes on them, and which ones spawn on the item are extremely important. There is a vast pool of attributes that are allowed on many different items including rings, boots, circlets, belts, and more. Some of these rare items can be best in slot, but players hardly ever find them enough for it to be anything more than a pipe dream for most players. We can't stress enough how rare it actually is to find a valuable rare item in this game and players across the Realms have suggested an interesting way to address this. It boils down to addressing the unanimously useless attributes that spawn or to just stop them from spawning on rare items at all. This is a list of the most common ones that are rare rarely or even perhaps never sought after by any class for any build, or for any reason.

We should exclude other useless attributes such as the chance to proc anything, but to amplify damage and the attacker takes damage mod only out of respect for the 2 or 3 people that knew pacifist runs. Otherwise those abilities would probably be on this list as well. Allowing players to either re-roll these abilities or just stopping them from spawning on rare items altogether would be an incredible change. Even without these, there would still be so many possible attributes left, that would still have to spawn in the correct combination with others, extremely valuable rares would still be just that rare. But at least players would have a few less horrible options to worry about rewarding most players who grind to find items with a slight bit better chance of finding something capable.

#New Season Change 2 - TC87 Uniques

Another request from the community is to buff the tc87 uniques. There are a ton of suggestions that already exist for adding or buffing old items. While runewords were meant to be more powerful than tc87 uniques, it sure would be refreshing to see some of these updated. The Devs have already shown an interest in making changes to these types of items which has sparked some hope within the community. One unique item with almost unanimous support for a buff is Tyrial's Might. This is the rarest item in the game yet hasn't found its way onto any build. Players are hoping that the Devs can scrutinize the utility of this item and update it. Keeping in mind that Enigma is the item that every armor is competing with. When you consider the fact that even most Sorceresses in PvP are using enigma as their main armor. We shouldn't really worry too much about stepping over the line with this one. Players need a Mobility Source on this armor and it probably has to be teleport. Starting with simply changing, this unique could be a good gesture to the D2R community and a huge step in the right direction. Players aren't asking for a complete overhaul of useless uniques all at once, just an acknowledgment that the Devs are interested in experimenting with this update.

#New Season Change 3 - Melee & Shapeshifters

Another big suggestion is one surrounding melee characters. Melee builds have been slighted since patch 1.9, but there's still a few adjustments that can be made to make at least a few of them a bit more viable. CharlesJT tagged a few of us on Twitter and directed our attention to some simple changes that could make certain melee builds quite a bit more desirable in the end game. His points are well articulated and would be received pretty well especially his suggestions about concentrate with the Barbarian. Executing a very precise and complicated set of actions in PvP isn't as rewarding as it should be for skilled players and his proposed changes not only make this skill more viable in pvm but far more rewarding in PvP. He suggests not only a block chance synergy with iron skin, but also suggests that concentrate should ignore block chance. While that might sound op, you have to figure how difficult it is to stay close to your opponent in the blood moor. People thought the same about impale when they announced those changes, but as it turns out, it's pretty hard to catch people in PvP. It should feel rewarding when you do. Ironically, This change would probably have the most effect on the melee PvP Community, but it's not one that would completely brick the class. His suggestions about the Druid as well are very good, to go further, it's clear to see that shape-shifting Druids have failed to thrive even after the introduction of Metamorphosis, something that was thought to be a powerful runeword when it was announced. 

Click here to read the complete post.

#New Season Change 4 - Assassin PvP Builds 

There is also a ton of feedback and comments online surrounding the current state of PvP. Players are hoping that the Devs eventually address some of their biggest gripes, for example, the Assassin. Not only is she the best PvM character now since the introduction of Mosaic, but for quite some time, PvP players have felt that the Trap Assassin is a bit overpowered. 

changes for D2R season 5

Thanks to years of data collected in the DFC and compiled brilliantly by our friend sound, we now have actual evidence to prove that. Even with unprecedented levels of lightning absorb allowed in good mannered duels these days, you can see that the Assassin is eating pretty well in PvP. Some adjustments have been made to PVP in previous D2R patches, but they all miss the mark when it came to solving the real issues. Prior to the faster hit recovery changes brought about in patch 2.4, new players in PvP would get mind blast locked by an Assassin and quickly quit PvP faster than they ever thought about trying it. Even since the days of LOD, this has been one of the most miserable feelings in dueling, and probably should have been addressed even back then. Now after patch 2.4, players can only be stunned once before gaining temporary immunity to being stunned again. 

Many players are in support of reverting the fhr changes back to what they were prior to patch 2.4. Introducing these changes actually hurt a lot of other classes in PvP and hasn't really stopped the Trap Assassin's reign of dominance. In addition to reverting the changes back to what they were prior to patch 2.4, with regard to faster hit recovery, nerfing mind blast might just be the root of the problem. Even early on in PvM, it's the Assassin's most oppressive skill while there's been many suggestions on how exactly to do this the easiest solution that seems to address nearly all of them is just to add a 2 second cast delay to the skill. Even without perpetual stun from the skill the damage on mind blast is insignificant in PvM, but devastating when spammed in PvP. This skill should have never been so easy to spam, as most skills with such utility had cast delays in the first place. If 2 seconds seems like too long at first, consider that the Shadow Master can be manipulated to cast this skill quite frequently as well. While it's great that the Devs thought about this problem in patch 2.4, most of the PvP Community is dissatisfied with the change and recognizes that mind blast was the true problem all along.

Other changes that could be good for Diablo 2 Season 5 at some point in any future patch (listed by a player from the Youtube comments):

- Any item can spawn eth.

- Bring back the ebug.

- Small implicit damage reduction on heavier armors. Maybe percent DR on heavy, but integer reduction on medium, or just a smaller percent on medium armor. Integer DR on medium armor could be too good for ES Sorcs.

- Higher base dmg on elite weapons, this is so runewords can be untouched first, and melee rw's can be implicitly buffed as a direct consequence.

- Make Zod rune live up to its name a bit more. indestructible+eth idea has been thrown around a lot, but what about something like +skills, or just a fat +all stats bonus

Random unique changes:

- Make Earthshifter live up to its name, maybe more IAS and better proc spells, or just add CB or something.

- Templar's might, more ED, and a massive boost to some physical paladin skills, like smite, charge, zeal, might on equip would be flavorful, but that would coincide with might on Tyrael's.

- Any unique with % to make monsters flee should either have it removed, or just have something that synergizes with that effect, like open wounds, slow, massive poison damage, etc.


- Remove flat ele damgage from caster item affix table, you're never going to swing a Diablo 2 rare wand or staff in the off chance you're using one.

- Scale up ele damage rolls so the best rolls are around 1000.

Of course, these are just some of the possible changes that we could implement in Season 5. The developers may surprise us with something completely different or unexpected. We will have to wait for an official announcement from Blizzard to confirm the exact details of Season 5.

When is Diablo 2 Season 5 Patch 2.8 - D2R Ladder Reset Season 5 Start & End Date

While Blizzard has not officially announced the start date of Season 5, we can make some educated guesses based on the previous seasons. Ladder Season 3 was a notably short season that only lasted about 2 and a half months. Season 4, on the other hand, might actually last the full four months since it coincides with the release of Diablo 4.

Based on this pattern, we can expect Season 5 to start sometime in September. It would then end in December 2023 or January 2024. However, this is not a guarantee, as Blizzard may decide to extend or shorten the current or future seasons depending on various factors, such as player feedback, development progress, and technical issues.

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 5 start date: September 2023 (GameWatcher estimation)

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 5 end date: December 2023/January 2024 (GameWatcher estimation)

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