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Rocket League Champions Road Event 2023: Challenges, Rewards, Golden Trophy & More Items

8/3/2023 9:49:35 AM

Rocket League enthusiasts, prepare to rev your engines and dive into thrilling new horizons! In an unexpected turn of events, Psyonix has unleashed a brand-new event called Champions Road, taking the Rocket League experience to unprecedented heights. Read our Rocket League Champions Road event guide, we talk about the challenges, rewards, Golden Trophy, and more items to get.


Rocket League Champions Road Guide 2023: Challenges, Rewards, Golden Trophy & More Items

While few of us will ever get to experience the thrill of competing on the Rocket League World Championship stage, everyone can get a taste of the spotlight at the Rocket League Champions Road Event. The Champions Road event starts on August 2 and ends on August 17. This is where legends are crowned and dreams become a reality. All you need to do is complete challenges to earn Rocket League items, open Golden Trophies to collect tradable rewards, and unlock your Rocket League Champions Road rewards! You can earn some pretty interesting rewards for the next 2 weeks. Next, we dive into how to get all rewards for the Rocket League Champions Road 2023!


Rocket League Champions Road Event Challenges & Rewards

Get 25 Shots in Online Matches during Champions Road 2023LET'S GOOOOOO! (Banner)
Get 15 Centers during Champions Road 2023RLCS Crystalline (Banner)
Score any special goal type: Aerial, Backwards, Bicycle, Long, Overtime, Turtle, Swish Goals, or a Pool Shot during Champions Road 2023RLCS Crystalline (Avatar Border)
Gain 3 XP Levels during Champions Road 2023Rocket League World Championship Trophy  (Topper)
Get a Save and Win in 3 Online Matches during Champions Road 2023Tireless Tryhard (Player Title)
Get 5 Assists in Online Matches during Champions Road 2023Siiick Reads (Topper)
Win 2 Online Matches in a row during Champions Road 2023Ez Sweep (Topper)
Score 10 Goals in Online Matches during Champions Road 2023Octane Shmeedian (Decal)
Win by 3 or more goals in an Online Match during Champions Road 202310-Senz (Wheels)
Get 10 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches during Champions Road 2023Pro-Tek (Wheels)
Play 20 Online Matches (Repeatable 5 Times)Golden Trophy '23 (Rare Reward Item)
Win 10 Online Matches (Repeatable)XP Level Up (Experience Award)

Popcorn Goal Explosion Reward

In addition, as a special treat for the fans, players will have the opportunity to obtain painted reproductions of the Popcorn Goal Explosion. All you have to do is tune in to the Rocket League World Championship, link your Twitch account to an Epic Games account, and collect your in-game award.

Apex Wheels Reward

Throughout the event, players may take advantage of the Popcorn Goal Explosion, and from August 11-13, they can also get drops of painted and unpainted Apex Wheels. Don't pass up your chance at these thrilling prizes by missing RL Champions Road 2023!

Rocket Pass Premium Code

Prepare to share your most impressive videos. Participate in the Champions Road Clutch Plays Competition for a chance to win a Rocket Pass Premium code and an RLCS World Championship t-shirt. Getting the most Twitter or Reddit likes or upvotes will put you in the running for one of the top three spots. The Rocket League Community Team will make the final decision. You must be a follower of the Rocket League Twitter account to be included in the giveaway.

Rocket League Golden Trophy '23

A brand new golden crate on Rocket League Champions Road event, the Golden Trophy ‘23 crate will give you items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Vindicator item series. In order to get a Rocket League Golden Trophy 2023, you'll need to play 20 online matches and earn a maximum of 5. 

Rocket League Champions Road Items 2023

In the item shop, there are also some new Rocket League items that can be purchased with Rocket League credits. When worn, these things will make you feel like you're playing for the World Cup trophy every time. The RLCS Crystalline Decal not only looks great, but can be applied to any vehicle in your Garage.

Rocket League World Championship Bundles

  • RLCS Crystalline Animated Decal

  • RLCS Crystalline Rocket Boost

  • RLCS Crystalline Wheels

  • Pandemonium Player Anthem

Rocket League Champions Road Game Modes

A bit more to this RL Champions Road 2023 event, there will be different game modes in it Heat Seeker.  The first mode, 2v2 Heatseeker, will go live on August 2nd, and it features a Rocket Ball that automatically aims toward the opposing goal anytime it is hit. However, there is a catch: if the other team gets to touch the ball at all, it will instead shoot back in your direction.

Then, on August 9th, there will be a change of pace with Boomer Ball. In this setting, your actions will have a much greater effect. One of the fastest and most thrilling matches you'll ever play, thanks to the combination of enhanced ball and boost speed, as well as infinite boost.

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