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How to Get Ilvl 447 Gear in WoW Dragonflight Seson 2 - Dragonflight Patch 10.1 Solo Gearing Guide

5/5/2023 3:19:18 PM

The upgrade system has been massively reworked and it can seem overwhelming at first glance. This guide breaks it down so it’s easy to understand and ends with a step by step process to get fully Mythic geared by week 3. Also check out the 447 crafting advice below the weekly recommendations.

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Week 0 - Patch Launch - Week of May 2nd

  • - Farm generic Flightstones. You can hold up to 2000 and with nothing much going on, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up. To prevent being short the next few weeks, I highly recommend you focus on this during week 0. You can leave one time sources unclaimed and unopened to be used when you’re short the following weeks.

  • - If you are going to swap from a two-hander to a one-handed crafted item, you might want to start looking for an offhand to use.

  • -Blizzard has clarified that the first spark is now available on week zero. Make sure to get your spark immediately. If you plan on crafting a one-handed weapon week 0, you can go ahead and hold off until you get your Mythic Crests.


Week 1 - Season 2 Launch - Week of May 9th

  • - Get your 10 Heroic/11-15 Crests (you get 100 from a full Heroic clear, so you would need 4 timed and one untimed key to reach cap this week)

  • - Get your 10 Mythic/16+ Crests (requires 13x timed keys)

  • - Craft your BiS Spark Item to 447(4x Mythic Crests)

  • - Collect Mythic +19/20 gear(ilvl 431) and Heroic Raid Gear(ilvl 431+) and upgrade only 5 of these pieces. (10x Heroic, 5x Mythic Crests)

  • -Collect Normal mode set pieces and “very rare items” and upgrade using Normal Crests. I do not recommend upgrading past Normal Crests as you can remove the Crest cost of an item slot by getting a drop in M+. For example, if you have a 424 Normal mode set chest and get a 431 chest from M+, you can upgrade that set chest to 431 without using any Crests.

Assuming no final Heroic bosses:

  • Heroic Crests spent: 10/10

  • Mythic Crests spent: 9/10

  • Total 441/447 pieces: 6 plus one vault piece


Week 2 - Week of May 16th

  • - Get your 10 Heroic Crests. This will be a bit more annoying. If you don’t want to upgrade before the raid, you can do Heroic for 100 of the fragments then finish off with keys. However, you can also get a 5 stack and quickly run 8 12s and then use the last 5 runs to upgrade the key to a 17.

  • - Get your 10 Mythic Crests.

  • - Craft your second BiS Spark Item to 447(4x Mythic Crest)

  • - Collect Mythic +19/20 gear(ilvl 431) and Heroic Raid Gear(ilvl 431+) and upgrade 5 more of these pieces. (10x Heroic, 5x Mythic Crests)

  • - Downgrade 2 Mythic Crests. This will let you upgrade 1 additional item to 437.

Assuming no final Heroic bosses:

  • Heroic Crests spent: 20/20

  • Mythic Crests spent: 20/20

  • Total 441/447 pieces: 13 plus two vault pieces and a 437 piece.


Week 3 - Week of May 23rd

  • - Get your 10 Mythic Crests.

  • - Upgrade any remaining 431 slots. Depending on your RNG with vault and loot drops from bosses, you may need to clear Heroic for 100 more fragments to upgrade your last slots.

  • Congrats, on week 3 you have all pieces at the item level of the first 3 Mythic bosses.


Season 2 "How do I craft my 447 gear" Guide

  • To craft a 447 piece, you need an Enchanted Shadowflame Crest of the difficulty you wish to craft it at. The materials for the Mythic version, the Enchanted Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest, requires 80 Chromatic Dust, 15 Vibrant Shards, 4 Resonant crystals, and, most importantly, 2 Dracothyst.

  • Dracothyst are the wild cards. There are two ways of obtaining them but we only know one way - a transmute with alchemy. The other way is from combining BoP shards that did not drop on the PTR and we do not know their source. While it’s safe to assume they have some sort of reliable generation, the transmute indicates that they will probably be somewhat rare.

  • Dracothyst are also used in a variety of other recipes, including the new raid phial cauldron, two PvP embellishments, the popular new Adaptive Dracothyst Armguards, the cauldron that acts as an Altar of Decay and a new Engineering tinker. Alchemists who wish to make money should hop on the train as fast as possible and start transmuting these. They will be in extremely high demand over the next two weeks as people craft 447 gear on May 9/10 and again on May 16/17. If you read this guide, you may also want to consider buying them now rather than when the general populace learns of them on Tuesday. After the initial burst of people crafting 7-10 of them with their stored transmutes, the production will slow to a trickle.

  • In addition to your Enchanted Shadowflame Crest, you also need to get a Spark of Shadowflame. Then, just like in S1, you send in your work orders and pray for that Inspiration proc.


Aberrus Sets

There are three major changes to acquiring set pieces in 10.1. The first is that the final boss will drop an omnitoken that can be used by any class for any slot. This can be used to offset bad luck in case your raid lockout gets very few tokens of a certain type. The second is that upon reaching one of three criteria a player will be able to purchase a set piece of Heroic ilvl for themselves. You have to either complete the raid on Heroic difficulty, acquire 2000 Mythic rating, or reach 1650 in Arenas. Finally, as the raid progresses, Blizzard will be reducing the number of tokens that drop per boss and offsetting that with more gear. Imagine, for example, that instead of getting two useless tokens from Broodkeeper, you got three Grieftorches instead.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible has nine bosses. Blizzard is bringing back the scaling item level based on the difficulty of the encounter and they are also bringing back special very rare items with increased item levels. There is a table at the bottom of the document that has the item levels for every boss.

  • Bosses 1-3: Kazzara the Hellforged, The Amalgamation Chamber, Assault on the Zaqali

  • Bosses 4-5: The Forgotten Experiments, Rashok

  • Bosses 6-7: Zskarn, Magmorax

  • Bosses 8-9: Echo of Neltharion, Scalecommander Sarkareth

Set drops from the following bosses:

  • Legs: Rashok - 444 Mythic ilvl

  • Hands: The Forgotten Experiments - 444 Mythic ilvl

  • Chest: Zskarn - 447 Mythic ilvl

  • Helm: Magmorax - 447 Mythic ilvl

  • Shoulders: Neltharion - 450 Mythic ilvl

  • Any slot: Scalecommander Sarkareth - one token for any slot at appropriate ilvl (thanks Hursti!)

Special very rare items:

  • Screaming Black Dragonscale: Trinket with primary stat, crit. Leech for all classes. 447 Mythic ilvl.  Drops from Kazzara.

  • Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame: Agi 2h polearm for monks, druids, and survival hunters. 450 Mythic ilvl. Drops from Rashok.

  • Neltharion’s Call to Chaos: Trinket with Crit and a primary stat proc. 457 Mythic ilvl. Used by Warrior, Paladin, Demon Hunter, Mage, and Evoker. Drops from Neltharion.

  • Neltharion’s Call to Suffering: Trinket with Vers and a primary stat proc. 457 Mythic ilvl. Used by Rogue, Priest, Death Knight, and Druid. Drops from Neltharion.

  • Neltharion’s Call to Dominance: Trinket with Haste and a primary stat proc. 457 Mythic ilvl. Used by Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, and Monk. Drops from Neltharion.

  • Voice of the Silent Star: cloak with special stat stealing proc for all classes. 457 Mythic ilvl. Drops from Scalecommander Sarkareth.

Crafting Changes(embellishments, phials, potions etc.)

There are new consumables and embellishments, changes to existing ones, and some new crafted items in 10.1. The changes are quite extensive but the TLDR is that Lariat is nerfed at the beginning of the season, items that provide stamina give more stamina, items that have damage procs were increased (some significantly), and potions are no longer BoP. Look at your spec’s updated sims because your embellishments are very likely to have changed. A full list of balance changes can be found here while a full list of new crafted items can be found here.

Great Vault Changes

10.1 brings a couple changes to the Great vault. With the raid containing one more boss, the number of bosses required to unlock slots in the Great Vault has changed slightly. It now takes 3 bosses to unlock the first slot, 5 bosses to unlock the second slot, and 7 bosses to unlock the third slot. Additionally, there is no more cheesing of vault slots. Killing a boss on a difficulty will unlock all previous bosses loot for that difficulty. For example, if you kill boss #6, it automatically unlocks bosses #1-5 loot for your vault slots.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons

Blizzard is changing the way that dungeons scale and is also removing the seasonal affix. There are several new affixes being added to the rotation and others are being removed. Additionally, all the old dungeons are being removed from the rotation and 8 new ones are taking their place. You can find information on the new dungeons and affixes here.

Zaralek Cavern and the Loamm Niffen

For raiders who are only concerned with player power, the new 10.1 zone doesn’t offer much. After the Season 2 starts you won’t spend much time here other than to collect flightstones between keys. However, during that lull in Week 0, you should spend as much time here as possible farming 2,000 flightstones. Any one time rewards (weekly quest reward bag, rep rewards) you should leave unopened and unclaimed until you need them.


10 Tips for Patch 10.1 in WoW Dragonflight

Patch 10.1 for World of WoW Dragonflight launched May 2nd for NA and the 3rd May elsewhere, so here are 10 (actually 12!) useful tips for you to help you hit the ground running on patch day!

  • -Collect the 6 new glyphs. Unlock new trait - ground skimming..

  • -Save vigor for entry. A few charges will get you through smoothly. Don’t forget the other entrance/exits.

  • -New dragonriding mount.

  • -Crafted gear: Spark of Shadowflame. Will get 1 every 2 weeks throughout season 2.

  • -Gearing: For min maxers.

  • -Gearing: Make use of the discount. Discount for alts when main had higher Ilvl gear in a given slot.

  • -Gearing: Save Flightstones. Don’t open bags of, or use items that grant flightstones till you need to.

  • -Weekly Vault: Change to boss loot.

  • -Mythic+: Give the changes a try, bad affixes removed, big nerfs, new dungeon pool.

  • -Guilds: Cross faction, invite your cross-faction alts and friends.

  • -Sniffenseeking: Decent rewards, small time investment, chance at some early loot.

  • -Hunters: Check out the new pets, rodents, cobras, rays & more.

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