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Dragonflight 10.1 Raid & M+ Healer Tier List - Season 2 Best Healers for Mythic+ WoW Dragonflight

5/4/2023 5:20:36 PM

Here’s the tier list for raid and Mythic+ best healers for season 2 in WoW Dragonflight 10.1 patch. With the 25% healing nerf they just received for the new season, this is mainly focused on Mythic+, but it should carry over to raid for the most part. This tier list is going to be probably more for people around that same level. Most of these healers can do most types of content definitely up to heroic raiding or +20 keys, some just might be a little bit easier than others based on their tier sets responses the damage and HPS output.

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Dragonflight 10.1 Raid & M+ Healer Tier List - Season 2 Best Healers for Mythic+ WoW Dragonflight

We rank the best healer specs for Mythic+ and raid in season 2 Dragonflight 10.1 from S to C tier. S means god tier, A is awesome, it's right below God's, they just have a little bit more weaknesses or it's not as easy to put out healing maybe not as much utility. B is good, same thing but just a little bit less, they're good overall. C is meh, behind these by quite a bit. There's some significant differences between C and S. D is send help, obviously they need to rework, something needs to change from tuning because they're way farther below these other healers. We're going to see them in the highest keys completed and definitely in raid, they're just great healers, have great output, bring a lot of utility, it's going to be awesome. 

Resto Shaman (S-Tier)

Resto Shaman will be the best healer in season 2, they're easy to do damage, easy to pump out your healing, you have a lot of responses to incoming damage like healing tie totem, spirit link totem, ascendance ancestral guidance, their utility is wild, bloodlust, group stuns, knockback hex for and corporeal. So many things in your tool kit and the HPS and just the healing output is looking really good along with their damage output which has been insane with acid rain. You also have an insanely fast interrupt, so for mythic+ that's super important, it's one of the fastest in the game especially it's always helpful if you have a group that's not interrupting what they should be. You have no issues with mana and tier set looks interesting and fun, it plays into Riptide, putting Riptide on a target and then Healing Rain going on that target and then it heals the target with tide waters which is based off a percentage of your spell power. It's really cool healer plays into their healing toolkit really well, they're just phenomenal, you have so much you bring to the table. So they're the best healer in Season 2 Dragonflight 10.1.

Preservation Evoker (S-Tier)

Put them in S tier as well, they're as good as Resto Shaman, they're easy to do, easy to put out damage, they put out decent numbers for damage as well, has really good HPS, they have great responses to damage, they're just really good. Great mobility, they've got interesting utility to help with groups like rescue, that's super helpful sleepwalk within corporeal being able to cleanse diseases, and especially being able to cleanse bleeds which will be a big part in Mythic+ specifically with cauterizing flame. If a group doesn't have one of Mythic+ and most people haven't raid, but it's nice to have. You've got a knockback, knockup, just a solid healer from Mythic+ and raiding. Tier set seems interesting and it's a little bit more depth to the class overall, it causes spirit bloom to add a hot based off of feeling over 8 seconds, dream breath buff and then some empowered spells. This healer is just solid, it got a lot of responses to big incoming damage and with the healing nerf. So we're going to need that for the next season.

Resto Druid (S-Tier)

It is going to be high A tier, they're fantastic, they’ve got good responses to large AOE damage, got insane utility like hibernate and cyclone, corporeal tear which is a big thing for Mythic+, also they're just really good in raid always. If you get a disease cleanse, battle res, great mobility, decent damage, if you execute it well although, it's a higher skill cap there especially if you're doing higher dungeons even when raiding can be more difficult depending on your group especially if you're pugging. The damage can be a little bit more difficult to execute versus your Preservation of Evoker, Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin is a solid option, HPS wise though, it's not quite as much as these two are putting out especially with this healing nerf. Great option though, they're high A tier, they are important for raid but definitely for Mythic+ as well.

Holy Paladin (B-Tier)

Holy Paladin is going to be in B tier. It offers great healing, has amazing responses to huge chunk damage but struggles with damage compared to other healers, and the amount of work you have to do compared to other healers just seems like so much, just to put out good damage numbers. They've got really great utility though, they've got sack, blessing of protection land hands, we got to see disease dispel turn evil which is going to be good for Mythic+ which is a big reason why they deserve to be in B tier and why they're not lower. Their tier set looks decent but Holy Paladin struggling raid compared to other melee healers. The new raid seems very punishing from testing, it's a melee in general and having more melee healers will affect them being higher up on this list especially when you could bring a Resto Shaman, a Preservation Evoker or Resto Druid instead. They also don't have a Battle Res, they don't have bloodlust and why they're belong in B-tier is Ret Paladin is really good, Prot Paladin is insane especially for Mythic+ and we're seeing that for Raid 2 just how it is incredible and if you're bringing more than one Paladin and you're bringing a Ret Paladin and most likely if not another Prot Paladin for raid, they're just insane. So put him in the high B tier.

Disc Priest (A-Tier)

Put him below Resto Druid but in A tier, they bring a lot of utility again, don't have bloodlust though, don't have battle res that play into that but bring power infusion which is huge unless Shadow Priests are really good. Disc Priest has got a stamina buff, disease spell, massive spell which is always important, great damage, in a healing they have a higher skill cap than some of these other healers, but when executed while they are insane, you also don't have poisonous spell, don't have an interrupt from Mythic+, but you're going to see this in some higher Mythic+ dungeons for sure, definitely for raid. Tier set looks good too, it buff start damage really helps out their power radiance which is cool. This has great HPS output too and really solid damage, damage is probably one of their biggest things, that's why they're definitely above Holy Paladin.

Holy Priest (C-Tier)

They're solid, if you're bringing a priest, you're bringing a disc priest. Same utility as that you've got disease spell, AOE fear stamina buff, still don't have that arrest, don't have bad bloodlust, very easy to pick up though, one of the best healers for beginners, doesn't seem to put out the same amount of like healing or damage though, some of these other ones. They just don't do as much as their disc counterpart in that area. Tier set actually looks pretty fun, it plays into like prayer of minion jumping to different targets and then buffing your damage and healing of holy word by quite a bit. The Holy Priest could change later on but confident in putting them towards the bottom. 

Mistweaver Monk (B-Tier)

Mistweaver Monks are known for their unique healing style, which combines melee combat with the use of powerful healing spells and abilities. They also possess a range of crowd control and defensive abilities that make them highly versatile in group content. We can put him in the B tier. 

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