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WoW 10.1 Best Class to Main - Top Classes & Specs to Play in Dragonflight Season 2

5/3/2023 11:24:30 AM

The new patch is launching on different servers, if you are going to switch your characters, which class to main? Here is a list for WoW 10.1 to give an idea of the best main classes to play in Dragonflight Season 2.

WoW 10.1 Best Class to Main - Top Classes & Specs to Play in Dragonflight Season 2 PvP and PvE

Let’s go over some best classes and specs for WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Season 2 PvP and PvE, which are great options to main and sometimes as alts if you want.  

1. Rogue 

Rogue is always going to be one of the best classes to use as a main or alt, Outlaw spec is super high octane with a really high skill ceiling with how many procs it has and the practicality of Sub Rogue made it much more appealing. Rogues are kind of always more or less needed in some capacity in whatever content, they are just good, Rogue is going to be a no-brainer. 

2. Paladin

When it comes to DPS, the best option is probably Paladin. Ret Paladin spec is insanely good, it just does amazing damage, it's packed with ability although it doesn't have the best mob control in terms of stops in CC, everything about this spec is just awesome, and not only is it packed full of damaging utility, it's also incredibly tanky, and last but not least it's also a great choice for anyone who wants a pretty standard rotation. You just press your cooldowns and you're doing damage you then just have a priority list of buttons to press that need pressing whenever they come off cooldown. 

3. Warlock 

Warlock has so many good things, the first one is the utility, making the raid and boss easier is more reliable with Warlocks, Affliction gets some buffs is that the specs are actually good on probably all boss fights, warlock is going to be good with at least one spec for the fight. The utility kit is nice to help you with the fight mechanics, Demo spec is probably the most complete out of all the Warlock specs where you have access to different tools that can augment your playstyle in terms of different fights that you're gonna have. 

4. Windwalker 

Windwalker is slightly different from Ret in that the utility it brings to a group really comes in the form of control things like Ring of Peace, Leg Sweep, and Paralysis is very good for Mob control and it also has a simple yet effective rotation, you manage your marks, you press your cooldowns and you're just doing damage, it's another great choice.

5. Priest 

Priest is a great pick for PvP class in Dragonflight Season 2, it's the most standard healer in the entire game, Holy Priest is just unbelievable, and discipline is fun, it's quite difficult but especially in PvP, you have to work quite closely with your teammate. Paladin and the Priests both have the opportunity to DPS and both have the opportunity to heal, especially with the changes coming to the tanks, Paladin will be able to tank too.

When it comes to other classes, Demon Hunter is fast-paced, it is like a magical Rogue, you have the mobility, and you have the self-healing when it comes to kind of absorbing and leaching, especially if you're playing tank mode but even in Havoc, you can still have that healing ability. Shaman seems to be relatively strong despite all the healing nerves, it's going to be a lot of fun to play an M+ and in the raid as well, it's a pretty solid pick. Compared to Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration are much better. But Shaman has not changed that much since Shadowlands, the healing is a little bit underpowered and when we're talking about Mythic Plus, it's not performing amazingly. 

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