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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tank Tier List & Rankings - Best Tank Specs in Season 2 Dragonflight 10.1

5/4/2023 11:30:12 AM

Today we are going to be presenting the WoW Dragonflight 10.1 tank tier list, ranking best tank specs in 10.1 Season 2. There's been limited tuning with these specs and big tuning patch just got released this Friday, tuning changes can happen at any time.

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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tank Tier List & Rankings - Best Tank Specs in Season 2 Dragonflight 10.1

Paladin (S-Tier)

This tank just got nerfed, the nerfs received on Friday were massive, central uptime is reduced by about 20% and now provides 15% less max HP at full stacks. Sentinel was their strongest defensive cooldown. Paladin also received a minor defensive nerf all around, on top of this, Paladins have a weaker tier set than the rest of the tanks. Despite all these nerfs, Paladin is still by far the best tank, as the season develops, Paladins will scale to have similarly high sentinel uptime with fire stats. Paladin’s tier set also gives them a good amount of extra grand Crusader procs and will feel quite nice to play. As with season 1, Paladin’s utility and their ability to deal with any type of damage has been proven to be extremely overpowered, little to no weaknesses when faced with any type of damage unlike Warriors with bleeds, Bears with magic or Blood DK with high physical damage. They also do extremely high damage in all situations and have no real aggro problems. Anyone who has played or rolled into Paladin would know just how powerful avengers shield interrupts off healing blessing of sacrifice and spell wording were. Especially for those who plug, Paladin was an extremely popular tank that made keys much easier than any other tank. None of this has really changed going into season 2, and because of that, this tank will remain in the very top of S tier.

Warrior (A-Tier)

Warriors have seen some major ups and downs from beta till now. Warrior is one of the best tanks when it comes to pure damage and tankiness. We've seen the spec throughout most of MDI and race the world first until Paladins got over buffed. With their new tier set is very strong, Warriors will now smack into bolster and Into the Fray giving them 100% block uptime while having much higher haste. This tier set also bumps up your damage by quite a bit, making a Veer rotation also much smoother. A lot less rage will be needed for keeping up block and the increased taste will make them feel what and mashy. There aren't too many nasty tank encounters like we've seen in Temple of Jade Serpent and Ruby Life Pools or Algeth’ar Academy. With that said, we don't think Warrior will be as good as Paladin just because of how much support Paladin provides, but they are a solid pick for 10.1 which puts them in a good A tier. Warriors will once again be the high damage tank that takes minimal damage with not a lot of self-sustain. If you enjoyed warrior in season 1, Warrior will be a bit stronger than before.

DH (A-Tier)

Demon Hunters are receiving the biggest tier set of them all. The new tier set will solidify the Fiery Brand Build, meaning no more Last Resort Cheat Duff build. The entire tier set of Vengeance revolves around soul generation and having very high vibrant up time. The more souls generated, the more Firebrand gets put out thanks to the force head. And with the Firebrand talents, you can extend and spread a ton of brands, making you extremely tanky and capable of dealing with very high damage. There is currently a strange interaction with applying brand on a pre-existing brand, allowing you to re-spread an extended brand. It's a bit complicated and might get changed, but currently the way you play it is you build a 4 set rock and then you try to apply it on a freshly applied brand or a longest existing brand. This little mini game of playing around your brands is interesting and adds to the simple vengeance gameplay. For the PTR testing, Vengeance has been doing some of the highest damage, survivability feels a bit awkward because of the reliance on building a Firebrand proc to get the pole started. The biggest weakness Vengeance had of gaps in between defensiveness is now made up for by having brand up all the time. Similar to Warriors, they won’t be quite as good as Paladin because of how much support Paladin provides. But we can't comfortably put Vengeance at the top of A tier, this tank has seen the biggest glow up by far, then just has felt awful to play in most of season 1. But with season 2 coming around, Demon Hunter players should look forward to playing your spec next season.

Bear (B-Tier)

Put Bear in B tier, it feels a bit lacking compared to other tanks. But it's not bad, especially if other Druid specs fall out of flavor. Mark of the Wild is extremely good buff if there are no other dudes in your group. There should be some changes or reworks because of how out of place bear talent tree feels compared to other tanks. But until then there is a solid, simple and basic yet effective tank that can work just fine. 

Brewmonseter (A-Tier)

Monk has not changed a lot and remains relatively a strong, but Niche tank. There's still quite a bit more difficult to play even over tanks and will feel squishy to most who played it, will play almost entirely the same as season 1 with the exception of charred passions looking to be stronger with Counter-Strike because of the tier set. It still does very high damage especially proud damage on AOE. Monk is anywhere between a low A and high B tier, very capable of doing extremely high keys, but might not see as much popularity. It's also very rough for the average player to play monk at the same level as the rest.

Blood DK (B-Tier)

The tier set revolves entirely around Vampiric Blood, but works very strangely with talents fat buff of Vampiric Blood like Umbilica's Eternus and improved Vampiric Blood. This has been changed over the PTR psycho and will likely see more updates, but currently does not work well. Umbilica’s also did not get readjusted after the 25% healing nerf recently, meaning it's been nerfed heavily. DK still suffers from the lack of damage and its unreliability in very high fortified keys where it can just randomly get one shot. As long as Blood DK design continues to exist as a high self-healing tank, it will never be the best in very high end. DK has always been a solid tank that requires no healing, it’s recommended for those who enjoy a plug tank that wants a lot of control through grips and a lot of self-healing. With all that said, DK belongs in B tier, but might even feel like an A-tier tank to some players, this class suffers the most from key and damage level scaling, giving it a bad impression at the top. It may be weaker compared to other tanks at the highest level but should perform just fine if not great for the rest of players looking to play Death Knight.

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