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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tier List - Best PvE DPS, Helaer, Tank Rankings in Season 2 Mythic+

5/4/2023 11:12:18 AM

The first massive update is rolling up in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion! It’s time to update the final WoW 10.1 Tier Lists for Season 2 - here we rank all ranged DPS, melee DPS, Healer, and Tank specs for Mythic+ dungeons!

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Season 2 DPS, Healer, Tank Rankings for M+

Patch 10.1: Embers of Neltharion for Dragonflight introduces alterations to several classes, including modifications to their talents and abilities. Notably, classes like Druid and Priest have undergone significant changes, whereas classes like Rogue have only experienced minor adjustments. As we begin Dragonflight Season 2 on May 9th, each class will receive a new collection of tier gear that comes with unique bonuses. These bonuses often modify the functionality of specific abilities. Dragonflight 10.1 Patch also brings a host of changes to Mythic+ dungeons, including new affixes and a new dungeon rotation.

These updates will undoubtedly influence how players approach PvE content in Season 2, and will require them to adapt their strategies accordingly for remaining competitive in Mythic+ dungeons, and raids. So it is essential to stay up-to-date with the class meta, and we’ve sorted out these new WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Rankings accordingly for you.

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Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Ranged & Melee DPS Ranking Tier List

There are many class changes involved to DPS in Dragonflight patch 10.1, with major revamps for these DPS specializations: Balance Druid, Feral Druid, Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman, and Devastation Evoker. With the class changes and new M+ affixes in mind, we rank all melee and ranged DPS specs as below:

  • 1 - Retribution Paladin (S Tier)

  • 2 - Fire Mage (S Tier)

  • 3 - Demonology Warlock (S Tier)

  • 4 - Elemental Shaman (S Tier)

  • 5 - Enhancement Shaman (S Tier)

  • 6 - Havoc Demon Hunter (S Tier)

  • 7 - Subtlety Rogue (S Tier)

  • 8 - Frost Mage (A Tier)

  • 9 - Beast Mastery Hunter (A Tier)

  • 10 - Marksmanship Hunter (A Tier)

  • 11 - Shadow Priest (A Tier)

  • 12 - Feral Druid (A Tier)

  • 13 - Arms Warrior (A Tier)

  • 14 - Fury Warrior (A Tier)

  • 15 - Outlaw Rogue (B Tier)

  • 16 - Balance Druid (B Tier)

  • 17 - Destruction Warlock (B Tier)

  • 18 - Unholy Death Knight (B Tier)

  • 19 - Windwalker Monk (D Tier)

  • 20 - Devastation Evoker (D Tier)

  • 21 - Affliction Warlock (D Tier)

  • 22 - Arcane Mage (D Tier)

  • 23 - Frost Death Knight (D Tier)

  • 24 - Assassination Rogue (F Tier)

  • 25 - Survival Hunter (F Tier)

Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Healer Ranking Tier List

Dragonflight 10.1 brings about significant alterations, particularly in the area of healing. The Leech stat's worth has been reduced by 25%, while both player stamina and enemy damage have been raised by the same percentage. The objective of this modification is to ensure that healers remain significant in the game, with numerous modifications made to healing spells to counterbalance the changes. Among all healers, Mistweaver Monk receives major revamps. With the class changes and new M+ affixes in mind, we rank all healer specs as below:

  • 1 - Restoration Shaman (S Tier)

  • 2 - Discipline Priest (A Tier)

  • 3 - Preservation Evoker (A Tier)

  • 4 - Restoration Druid (A Tier)

  • 5 - Holy Paladin (B Tier)

  • 6 - Mistweaver Monk (C Tier)

  • 7 - Holy Priest (C Tier)

Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tank Ranking Tier List

Tanks have been actually through some decent amount of balance, and they are actually close to each other with no winner or loser. In Season 2, we think all Tank specs are viable, you can do most types of Mythic+ and heroic raids, and even the Guardian Druid being the worst tank could be completed in M+ 20+. Sometimes, our beloved tanks the ones we loved the most are not making it to the top of the lost, but that doesn’t matter. With the class changes and new M+ affixes in mind, we rank all tank specs as below:

  • 1 - Protection Paladin (S Tier)

  • 2 - Brewmaster Monk (A Tier)

  • 3 - Blood Death Knight (A Tier)

  • 4 - Protection Warrior (A Tier)

  • 5 - Vengeance Demon Hunter (A Tier)

  • 6 - Guardian Druid (B Tier)

This is our Dragonflight 10.1 Class Tier List for Mythic+ at this stage. With the advancement of Season 2 and the upgrade of player character equipment, the class meta will be updated! Stay tuned!

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