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POE 3.21 Atlas Tree Strategy Guide - Best Atlas & Map Strategies for Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible

4/4/2023 11:19:41 AM

In this guide, we are going to update the best POE 3.21 Altas Skill Tree Strategies and Plans that cover the Crucible league start leveling & currency farming, mid-league mapping, and late-league boss killing.

PoE 3.21 Best Atlas Passive Skill Tree Strategy Guide (Early, Mid, End Crucible League Farm)

Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible League brings a lot of changes including a new mechanic for the Atlas Passive Skill Tree. We are about to see over 30 maps being re-added to 3.21 Atlas Passive Skill Tree, meanwhile, 30+ maps are being removed, followed by map tiers and locations have been shuffled, some league revamps for the beach, and certain items have been added to the loot lists of some maps. In addition, nerfs and buffs from character skills will also change our atlas passive skill strategy in the new Crucible league. Now let's take a look at which nodes on the POE 3.21 Atlas passive skill tree you should focus on for the most efficient farming and running in Crucible League.

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POE 3.21 Best Cruible League Start Atlas Passive Skill Tree for Map Farming

This 3.21 atlas tree strategy helps you progress through the atlas quicker so that you can start farming properly for whichever strategy you prefer in Cruible league:

POE 3.21 Best Atlas Passive Tree Strategy For Crucible League Start

Stage 1 (Kirac & map progress) - (32 pts) A must to take at the start, easier to progress the atlas

Adjacent Map Drop Chance

Shaping the Mountains 

Shaping the Skies

Expert Reconnaissance

Shaping the Valleys

Shaping the Seas


Stage 2 (Harginger) - (45 pts) Harby gives you currencies to roll or change your map, making your maps rare also gives you more maps

Ominous Arrival

Additional Harbinger Shards

Unspeakable Offensive

Stage 3 (Shrine) - (56 pts) Shrine helps you to survive better and deal more damage as the maps become more difficult

Drawn to Power


Stage 4 (Harginger Boss) - (60 pts) The harbinger boss is actually quite painful, but it gives tons of good currency shards for you to progress your atlas easier

First Wave

Note: Skip harby boss if you feel it's too difficult for your build to handle

Stage 5 (Legion part 1) - (85 pts) All-rounder is good content that gives almost everything you need at the start, currency, maps, emblems to unlock 5-ways, etc.

Constant Battle


Protracted Battle

Chain of Command


Stage 6 (Legion part 2) -(99 pts) There is no need for general as they only drop splinters

Logistical Support

Pillaged Treasures

War Supplies

Stage 7 (Stream of consciousness) - (114 pts) Maximize the chance of encountering legion

Dimensional Barrier

Loved by the Sun

Trade Embargo

Black Thumb

Straight and Narrow

Ethics Review

Ominous Silence

Rungal Remission

Secular Focus

Note: From here onwards, you can add anything you want, we suggest adding the Eater of worlds nodes so that you can continue farming without respec-ing too much

Stage 8 - (123 pts) Increase Quality

The Shadow of Hunger

Note: By the time you have reached here, your remaining points should be unique maps and invitations left, so you might need some farming space to complete them. 

POE 3.21 Atlas Passive Tree for Delve and Early Mapping

Here are the league early-on atlas passive tree strategy and  the main nodes to unlock for Delve and Early Mapping:

POE 3.21 Best Atlas Passive Tree Strategy For Delve and Early Mapping

  • Mad Devotion & Delve Mission Chance -> Packed With Energy & Guarded Hoards - From the starting zone, get Mad Devotion and always go up to pick up the Delve nodes first, and then up pardon us up into Delve Mission chance pack with energy. 

  • Shaping the Seas & Shaping the Valleys - Pick up the Shaping the Seas and Shaping the Valley nodes that will give us higher map chances of a higher tier map dropping early on, in particular when you're doing your early Maps this is useful. Then if you want you can level up these Kraic missions as well. 

  • Shaping the Skies - The other thing that we also want to grab is the Shaping of Skies as well because it's very useful and then coming back up.

  • Trail of Glory - The other one that you also want to get early on is Trial of Glory which allows the Labyrinth Trails in your maps to have a 20% chance to award an Improved Offering to the Goddess your maps have a +4% chance to contain a Trail of Ascendancy.

  • Labyrinth Trail Chance - Usually, we'll go in Labyrinth Trail Chance to increase the map chance to include Trials of Ascendancy and then basically this will provide an improved offering of the Goddess which would be the gift of the Goddess is the Target and that's what you would offload, so you definitely want to get that early on.

  • Kirac Missions - We get the Kirac missions early on and we'll respec out of these because what these will allow is early map completion. Basically, the Kirac missions will give you both correct missions and scouting reports and a lot more higher frequency drop rate of scouting reports and Kirac missions. The benefit of that will be you'll be able to roll with the scouting reports Kirac missions there's a particular scouting report that allows you to roll for maps that you haven't yet completed, so if you would ask us like "how I get my early map completion?", this is how we do it a combination of Shaping in the Seas, Shaping in the Valleys, and Kirac missions.

  • Mining Byproducts - Then we can focus on the fun part of farming Alls and Delves, so then we come up and pick up Mining Byproducts and so this gives you you know a 10% chance to also gain equal amounts of azerite some people use this to strictly farm Azurite to sell resonators.

  • Item Quality & Sulphite Infusion - Then we'll pick up these item quantity nodes and there is one more delve node which is Sulphite Infusion that will give you 200 Sulphite if you complete white tier, 350 Sulphite for the yellow Tier, and 500 Sulphite if you complete red tier maps. Free Sulphite without having to do any of the nodes.

  • Other NodesThe other advantage of having all these nodes is you also get map speed bonuses from down here elements all Elemental resistance bonuses, and increased damage bonuses, basically it can make map running extremely efficient.

POE 3.21 Best Early-Game Alch & Go Atlas Passive Skill Tree for Low-Budget Builds

This is the very basic skill tree you can go for right after you complete your atlas in the Crucible league, it should not be difficult and It should scale with your character at low budgets, also if you have additional skill points, just add them to increase quality. 

You might have issues with sustaining your maps, so there are 2 options here, either take singular focus or do other maps while hunting for your favourite ones: 

POE 3.21 Best Alch and Go Atlas Passive Skill Tree

  • Shrine - This will definitely be your bread and butter for almost every single map because of the "Domination" map device option. The shrine's buff will boost your character both offensively and defensively.

  • Strongbox - Just generally more monsters in the map, simply click kill and go mechanic.

  • Eater of World - This is the best for now already, with the changes to the altar, getting more altars is super profiting. You can even stand a chance to get Divine Orb rewards from bosses.

  • Smuggler's cache - Easy way of earning currency from the rogue marks/contracts/blueprints, only picking up those contracts that are deception.

  • 1 league content - The best is Legion for now, the changes to Legion nodes on the skill tree make it super worth it to run with 0 investment. Almost every map you run will have a Legion, say 75%+ chance? However, if you want to try others you can of course do so. Just make sure to take all the nodes for them, as you want to maximize the value of running maps with these contents.

POE 3.21 Best Mid-Game Atlas Skill Tree Farming Strategy for Alch & Go Farming

This is the mid/high budget Alch & Go farm strategy that focuses on the Top hat + quant circle (for more loots and mainly map sustainability), Essence, Eater of world / Searching exarch, and 1 league content. This strategy requires you to be at mid or high budget, anything else is just trying at your own risk because the monster is much stronger. 

For Eater of Worlds (79 pts):

POE 3.21 Best Mid-Game Atlas Skill Tree Farming StrategyMain nodes and tips you should focus on for the strategy:

  • Chisel your WHITE maps to 20% and rare them to at least 20% pack size

  • You will need to unlock at least 11 favourite map slots to sustain your maps

  • Choose searing exarch over Eater of Worlds for more consistent currency, but ultimately still your choice

  • If you would prefer some excitement over currency then go for Eater of Worlds. 

  • Upon entering the map, focus on killing the boss 1st before doing the rest of the map, this will eliminate the boss reward option from the altar and you will only choose minion rewards, so throughout the rest of the map after killing the boss, every eldritch monster will have a chance to drop the reward you have chosen

  • Regardless of which content you are farming, Essence will already profit a good amount if you can complete it, that being said, beware that the Essence monsters can be very strong, so if you are struggling from it, getting one shot, or too tanky, just move on and ignore it, it's not worth the time to challenge them.

  • Legion is actually pretty bad for city square, so if you would like to do Legion, recommend Atoll instead, 

  • If you have additional points or would like to reduce some essence nodes, we would suggest taking the shrine nodes. 

POE 3.21 Best Endgame Atlas Skill Tree Farming Strategy

With this end-game atlas tree for growing Hordes and Pack size farming,  we basically focus on gaining lots of quantity from the atlar rewards, stacking them to the fullest. And after completing the map, you will go back to do either harvest of the expedition for maximum profit. Harvest will give you tons of life force due to the chance that you will get x2 rare monsters. The Expedition will give you more chances to drop logbooks from runic monsters because runic monsters are rare monsters too.

For Harvest:

POE 3.21 Best Endgame Harvest Atlas Skill Tree Farming Strategy

For Expedition:

POE 3.21 Best Endgame Expedition Atlas Skill Tree Farming Strategy

Here are the main nodes and points you should focus on: 

  • Hordes Keystone - It is to use growing hordes keystone to make all our maps at least above 50% pack size for a very high chance to have x2 rare monsters.  

  • White Maps - Chisel your WHITE maps to 20% and rare them to at least 20% pack size. 

  • Increase Packsize - With the increased pack size, we will have more eldritch monsters, more altar rewards, and generally better sustain.

  • Player Reward Option - You want to encounter as much altar as possible and take the PLAYER reward option most of the time, as it will allow you to stack the quantity %, the difference might be quite significant with more quant stack up. So with the high amount of quant and high amount of pack size, the juice of harvest/expedition is really good.

  • Harvest - Buy sextant that duplicates lifeforce (Blue or purple plants, don't purchase yellow plants)

  • Expedition - Buy sextant that increases the number of runic monster markers (expensive and still quite RNG base)

  • Best Maps - City square, Crimson temple, Use better tier of scarabs, polished, gilded.

Since Crucible League has not yet been released in Path of Exile, we only present the best atlas passive skill tree strategies for early farming and leveling here. More POE 3.21 atlas plans for mid & end-game will be updated here after the game is released, so stay tuned!

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