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POE 3.21 Best Budget Cemetery Farming Strategy (Atlas) for Divines & Brother's Gift in Crucible League

5/1/2023 4:00:42 AM

Want to farm 5+ Divines and Brother's Gift Div Card per hour in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible League with minimal cost? Then try this Cemetery Farming Strategy now!

POE 3.21 Best Budget Cemetery Farming Strategy (Map, Mechanics, Atlas Setup)

In this guide, we're going to see a cemetery farming strategy in a budget, because none of us have infinite currency, and at the same time you can get 5+ divines per hour by using a build that is not finished yet. Now let's dive into how the strategy work. 

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We are just farming a single map and adding all of the mechanics that we consider are the best for this farming: 

Map: Cemetery Map Because of: Brother's Gift Div Card

The map is going to be no one less than the cemetery map and that is because in this league it was introduced a new Div card that's similar to the Brother's Stash but this time is the Brother's Gift and with a single card we get five dimension or five Divine Orb s and it's huge.  Actually, we think that this is the second best that we can farm currently, it is not really rare and at the same time it does provide some nice value.

Cemetery Farming Mechanics:

  • Abyss - It is found a lot of monsters and a lot of these monsters are rare - remember that the rare and Magic monster have special modifiers or amplifiers or juice.

  • Breach - It's sponsored monsters, in this case, there are more magic monsters. The Breach mechanics close all the screens with these mobs and you have to quickly clear them. 

  • Harbinger - It serves as superpose. First, it fits your inspiration learning or a Headhunter if you already have one, and then it has it's a mechanic that adds a lot of monsters - some of the monsters are rare and some of them are magic, and also it has some good value you could in the best case in order to drop a Mirror Shard, but in most of the cases you're going to be dropping some fragment charts.

  • Divination - Then we're going to be using a Divination Scarab to put in the shade the drop rate of the brother's gift. We also can get in this Muddy Brown stash but we can compare 5 divines against five exalts. With this Divination Scarab, we are increasing all the chances for the Div cards.

  • Mirror of Delirium - Then we are going to be using the sextant for the Mirror of Delirium because the Delirium also adds a lot of monsters in your Maps, but it adds a lot of Rarity as an extra bonus for all the mobs that are affected by the delirium fog.

  • Blue Influence - Finally we are adding the Blue Influence to our map since we don't want to be spending so much time loading.

We did take some measurements and with the incubators, we covered we kill in this strategy around four thousand and a half mobs, you're going to be in the future comparing the amount of mob circline inner Maps, because aside from buffing the quantity rates if you kill more monsters that are like another multiplier for maps. 

Cemetery Farming Setup & Cost


  • The full setup for these scarabes

  • Polished Harbinger Scarab

  • Rusted Breach Scarab

  • Polished Abyss Scarab

  • Polished Divination Scarab


  • Breach 90x72c

  • Divination 34x1d

  • Abyss 50x100c

  • Hard 50x175c

We took in single consideration that these scarabs weren't that much expensive and also considered that the whole strategy needs to be in the budget that we already talked about.


  • Mod - Map Bosses are accompanied by a mysterious Harbinger, Map Bosses drop additional Currency Shards, and Harbingers in your Maps drop additional Currency Shards

  • Mod - Your Maps contain a Mirror of Delirium

  • Mod - Your Maps can contain Breaches, Your Maps contain an additional Breach

  • Mod - Your Maps contain an additional Abyss, Your Maps can contain Abysses


  • x10 Hard = 200c

  • X20 Abyss = 60c

  • x10 Mirror = 250c

  • x22 Breach = 154c

For these Sextants, we really like the section for the hardware engine, it adds noticeably more fragment drops. Then we are aiming for extra Breaches.


  • Map Device: Abyss 2C

We are also using the abyss craft in the map device because we are investing in the abyss at the age of three and for only 2C we're getting an extra Abyss so that's pretty good. The other options aren't that appealing to us.

Cemetery Farming Atlas Tree Setup

Here is the full Atlas Tree Setup for the budget Cemetery Farming Strategy:

POE 3.21 Cemetery Farming Strategy Atlas Tree

Main Nodes

  • We are fully investing in Harbinger because we are adding Hardware into our Maps, we have all the nodes on top head right here that's perfectly fine for the magic find and getting more stuff out of your maps, all the Quan Wheel 2 and the miner will too.

  • Then we are blocking the mechanics we don't want to spawn to increase the chance for the boxes, the shrines, and extra abysses that can naturally spawn in your maps.

  • Then from the Breaches, we are trying to get as much density in each of the breaches as much as we can. Once you clear more of most of the mobs, the density you are in spawning more mobs because the thing is slower. We want the hand to open as fast as we can and try to clean as much as we can and just move on with the next hand or Abyss and continue doing our map and not interrupting so much by these slower options.

  • Then for the abyss, we are getting enough nodes to spawn a lot of monsters for which one of these pits that we're going to be doing in our Maps.

  • Then, we are getting the blue influence with the all-stars that are good, it's perfect than the red influence if you want to be picking so much loot from the bubblegum currency that the red drops.

  • Finally, we are getting the Seance combo that's a lot of corn extra quantities in the mobster is possessed or they're touched, and they always drop stuff. 

Using this strategy, we can get 5 divines per hour on average. If you want to quickly farm PoE currency and Borther's Gift Cards with the least cost in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible league, try this method!

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