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PoE 3.21 Best Bow Build - Top 5 Best Bow Builds in Path of Exile Crucible 2023

5/4/2023 9:44:10 AM
Tag: POE Builds

Is 3.21 Crucible League a Bow League in Path of Exile? The meta has slightly shifted, bow builds became much more accessible, and are even some pretty strong League Starters. This is another PoE 3.21 League starter guide for the Crucible League. Today, we go over the top 5 best PoE 3.21 Crucible bow builds 2023.


POE Crucible Bow Build Guide 2023 - Top 5 Best Bow Builds In Path Of Exile 3.21

In Path of Exile, a bow build can be a very powerful and versatile option for both clearing maps and dealing single-target damage to bosses. Bow League Starters are better than ever because bows are getting 2 extremely significant changes along with a small one now. A bow build in PoE 3.21 offers a powerful and flexible playstyle with many options for customization and optimization, making it a popular choice among players. Next, we dive into the 5 meta Crucible bow builds in Path of Exile 3.21.


1. PoE 3.21 Best Bow Build (Lightning Arrow Champion)

Lightning Arrow Champion starting with a bow skill can be really cool, but also really difficult for new players. So keep that in mind if you're newer to Path of Exile that attack-based skills are a lot harder to scale than something spell based. Lightning Arrow build is going to solve quite a bit at doing math-like mechanics. Also, Lightning Arrow Champion brings great clear speed, and great tankiness, while keeping enough single-target damage to clear the game without heavy gear requirements. To play this character, we're going to be weapon-swapping adrenaline as a Champion which basically means we're going to be using a corrupting fever, life tap, and a second wind in our offhand. Swapping to it using corrupting fever and gaining adrenaline.


2. PoE Best Bow Crucible Build (Lightning Arrow Artillery Ballista)

This is Lightning Arrow Artillery Ballista build. First and foremost, it puts down blisters which are artillery oysters. Now these blisters are going to do a ridiculous amount of damage, mathematically, it's pretty much the best bow skill maybe some of the new violets shot, and lightning arrow shadow guns and metaphor arrows can beat it out. But before those were announced, it actually was by far the best numerical PoE 3.21 Crucible League starting build for the bow. It just does a ton of damage, it's very consistent, and it's a totem, so you can put it down, run away all sorts of stuff like that. It's only been buffed which is fantastic. You get all of the perks of an artillery ballista build, you get all the juice all the single target but you also get the lightning arrow to boot. It's going to be a very effective clear skill and it's only been substantially buffed in the new patch due to the fact we get plus two arrows. So overall all the clear and all the single target that you would want.


3. PoE Best Carry Bow Build 3.21 (Shotgun Galvanic)

Galvanic Arrow Raider is a shotgun dps that has very high singer target dps and smooth clean speed. It’s only lv75 and no full ascendancy. A very strong carry league-starter PoE. To play this best Path of Exile bow build 3.21, use your movement skill to quickly move around the map and avoid damage. Use Shotgun Galvanic to clear large groups of enemies, aiming for critical strikes to take advantage of the skill's secondary effect. Keep your Herald of Thunder active to apply the shock status ailment to enemies, which will increase your damage output. Use your Vaal skill for additional burst damage or survivability in tough situations. Last but not least, keep an eye on your life pool and use your defensive skills (Immortal Call) to avoid dying. All in all, Shotgun Galvanic is literally the best carry box build for league starters!


4. Best PoE 3.21 Budge Bow Build (Ice Shot Deadeye)

Ice Shot Dead Eye is well-rounded budget bow build for PoE Crucible League. This build has a really nice balance of clear speed, damage, survivability, budget, and quality of life. Mapping feels really nice, in fact, most bosses are fine. You generally stay pretty safe, this doesn't include Uber losses though. If you're planning on killing Ubers, this build's probably not the one you want. It's not a great experience, the damage is decent and you can take a hit or two but you're going to have to play really well. The most annoying thing is that you're pretty elite reliant for sustain. So invulnerability phases where you can get hit are super scuffed, you can probably fix this by running multiple life lasts but that's way too many buttons. Also if you're planning on doing Sirus, don't get hit by the high beam unless you have corrupted blood immunity or shock mitigation because those two things combined will kill you really fast.


5. PoE 3.21 Best Bow League Starter (Tornado Shot Bow Build)

Are you looking for a busted bow build in Path of Exile? This PoE Tornado Shot build not only can map efficiently but can also beat all in-game bosses including their Uber variant. This is the best PoE 3.21 Crucible Bow build that is designed to put ball belts back into the map. The skill fire secondary projectiles from each primary projectile and what most people do not know is that secondary projectiles each deal full damage and an enemy can be hit by multiple secondary projectiles originating from different primary ones. This means that theoretically tornado shot damage can be multiplied by its arrow count and that's why it's generally considered the best bow skill in the entire game. Defensive-wise, this build not only has 100% spell suppression but also has a 70 000 evasion rating. You end up running like 50 maps without getting hit once.

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