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Best POE 3.21 Crucible League Brutal Tornado Shot Berserker Guide: Skills, Equipment, Pantheons, Jewels, Gems, Items, Flasks

5/1/2023 10:21:40 AM

Our construction for the day is the dreadful Brutal Tornado Shot Berserker. Archers have been a shining example of success for Crucible precisely because of this factor, as you are all aware.



  • Bow: Sorrow Horn

Look for a rare bow with least 500 physical DPS and 7% critical strike chance.

  • Bow: Rift Arch

When you have more currency, upgrade to a bow like this.

  • Body Armor: Agony Pelt

For this build you need an evasion body armor like this.

  • Body Armor: Dragon Sanctuary

When you have more currency, look fot one that also allows us to apply 1 more curse.

  • Ring: Blood Loop

If you already got you body armor with “an additional curse”, grab a ring like this.

  • Helmet: Fate Cowl Great Crown

As a budget helmet, look for one like this.

  • Helmet: Storm Crest Great Crown

If you want to invest in more damage, grab a helmet like this.

  • Gloves: Golem Hold Stealth Gloves

Searing Exarch Implicit: Chance to intimidate enemies for 4 seconds on hit.

  • Quiver: Spirit Flight

  • Boots: Atziri’s Step Slink Boots

These boots are awesome for this build, they grant a lot of evasion, life, movement speed and chance to suppress spell damage.

  • Flasks: Divine Life Flask

Try to get a divine life flasks with instant heal, for the suffix look for immune to freeze.

  • Flasks: Quicksilver Flask

It’s good to use a quicksilver flask to increase clear speed, for prefix: chance to gain chance on critical, for suffix: increases movement speed.

  • Flasks: Jade Flask

A jade flask is awesome for your survivability, it grants a lot of extra evasion, “chance to gain charges on critical strike” and “increase evasion during flask effect”.

  • Flasks: Diamond Flask

A diamond flask is awesome for this build. It grants extra critical strike chance, “chance to gain charges on critical strike” and “increased critical strike chance”.

  • Flasks: Granite Flask

A granite flask is awesome for this build, it grants more armor, “chance to gain charges in critical strike” and “increased armor”.

  • Flasks: Dying Sun Ruby Flask

When fighting pinnacle bosses you won’t need the quicksilver flask, so that’s a great idea to replace it with Dying Sun for the 2 extra projectiles that grant extra damage.



  • Strength: 155

Easy to acquire, you already get almost all of it from your passive tree.

  • Intelligence: 111

Hard to acquire, look for it on your rare items, you can also pick the +30INT node on your tree.

  • Dexterity: 212

Super easy to acquire, just with your passive tree.



  • Bow: Tornado shot - Maim - Brutality - Impale - Vicious Projectiles - Chain.

This is your Tornado Shot setup, you use it to fastly clear maps.

  • Armor: Ballista Totem - Barrage - Brutally - Focused Ballista - Impale - Vicious Projectiles.

When facing bosses, summon those 5 Barrage Ballistas to deal tons of damage.

  • Helmet: Frenzy - Manaforged Arrows - Power Charge on Critical - Berserk.

Frenzy grants Frenzy charges and power charges, it will be automatically used when you use your Tornado Shot, Berserk burns your rage for a lot more damage, use it on bosses.

  • Gloves: Vaal Molten Shell - Blood Rage - Mark On Hit - Sniper’s Mark.

Molten Shell gives you a shield that absorbs damage, keep it in your left-click shortcut so you’ll activate it while walking. Blood rage grants attack speed, life leech and generates frenzy charges. Sniper’s Mark causes enemies to take more projectiles damage.

  • Boots: Vaal Grace - Determination - Precision (Lvl 10) - Dash.

Vaal Grace is a temporary buff that increase your evasion. Grace grants more Evasion. Determination grants more armor. Dash is a great movement skill. Precision grants more accuracy and critical chance.



  • Large Jewel 1: Bramble Cut Large Cluster Jewel

1 added passive skill is Devastator, 1 added passive skill is Fed the Fury.

  • Medium Jewel 1: Dusk Silver Medium Cluster Jewel

1 added passive skill is Eye to Eye, 1 added passive skill is Repeater.



Ascendancy Order:

  • 1. Crave the Slaughter

  • 2. Aspect of Carnage

  • 3. Rite of Ruin

  • 4. Flawless Savagery


  • Major God: Arakaali

  • Minor God: Abberath


Bandits (Act 2)

Killing all bandits you will be permanently granted: 2 passive points for your skill tree. If you have helped any by accident: sell 20x orbs of regret +1 onyx amulet to any NPC.


Leveling Skills

From 1 to 33 use Ground Slam, buy sapphire rings from Nessa in act 1, in the end of act 1 you face a hard boss that deals cold damage, and those rings will give you cold resistance. Then use Cyclone until level 75 when you will respect your tree and start using Tornado Shot.

Main Skill:

  • You need to use Heavy Strike until you reach the first town, there you can grab Ground Slam as a reward from Tarkleigh. (Gems: Ground Slam, Ruthless).

  • Reaching level 8 you can also support your Ground Slam with Maim and added fire damage. (Gems: Ground Slam, Ruthless, Maim, Add fire damage).

  • Reaching level 16 activate Herald of Purity and Summon Skitterbots for more damage.

  • Reaching level 18 replace added fire damage with mell physical madage.

  • Reaching level 33 replace Ground Slam with Cyclone, also replace Ruthless and Maim with Infused Channeling and Pulverise. It’s also a good time to equip your reaper’s pursuit.

  • Also on level 33, remove Skitterbots and add Blood and Sand and Precision to your auras.

  • If you have a 5 or 6L equipment, you can complete the Cyclone setup, it’s ok if you don’t have 6 links, it’s luxury, you will be fine with 4 or 5links while saving POE currency to link the last slots.

  • Also on level 38, don’t forget to create your Totem setup, it will be a massive help agains bosses.

  • Around level 66 replace Herald of Purity with Determination.

  • Reaching level 75 respec your passive tree and start using the Tornado Shot setup. It’s ok if you don’t have 6 links, it’s luxury, you will be fine with 4 or 5links while saving currency to link the last slots.

  • Also on level 75, replace Blood and Sand with Grace, remember to keep your Precision at level 10.


Leveling Items

  • Tabula Rasa is the ultimate leveling item, providing a 6L body armor already t level 1.

  • Lochtonial Caress can also be used as soon as level 1.

  • Goldrim is another level 1 equipment.

  • Another level 1 item you can equip is Wanderlust.

  • Reaching level 10 you can equip 2 Gorebreaker for a great damage boost.

  • Reaching level 13 equip Limbsplit for more damage.

  • Reaching level 18 equip Wideswing for more damage for more damage and area of effect.

  • With 2 Praxis you won’t have to worry about mana for a long time.

  • Reaching level 33 equip Reaper’s Pursuit for more damage.

  • Reaching level 58 equip Kaom’s Primacy for more damage, use it level 75 when you’ll start using Tornado Shot.



You say the build is cheap, but there are some expensive recommended items there, how?

  • Those items are only recommended and not mandatory, maximize a build with the best possible items and 6L takes a good amount of POE currency, use budget gear and 4L to farm your currency.

I’m lvl 40, and I’m dying a lot, why?

  • Take a look at your elemental resistances, they are really important for your survivability, after lvl 40 try to keep at least 50% of each, the maximum is 75%, try to reach that when you reach end-game.

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